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Posted Monday September 09, 2013, About: Will Pat Haden fire Lane Kiffin?
But who cares, at least for now.
Posted Sunday August 11, 2013, About: Have Johnny Manziel's off-field issues cost him Heisman?
Leave the the little kid alone.
Posted Sunday August 04, 2013, About: Chip Kelly: Eagles aren't getting rid of Riley Cooper
Gotta forgive people for being stupid.
Posted Saturday August 03, 2013, About: Chip Kelly: Eagles aren't getting rid of Riley Cooper
It will blow over. People always forget in time.
Posted Wednesday July 31, 2013, About: Eagles could cut Michael Vick or Nick Foles
Barkely doesn't fit with Kelly's offense. He'll be the first to go.
Posted Saturday June 15, 2013, About: Rex Ryan thinks he's better than given credit for
Ryan is a moron. He'll be gone after about 5 games next season.
Posted Tuesday December 11, 2012, About: Speculation swirls over Saban and the Browns
No way.
Posted Sunday October 21, 2012, About: Can Mack Brown survive third straight loss to Baylor?
Mack has health problems. Very evident during OU game. It has affected every part of UT program. He needs to address this.
Posted Sunday June 03, 2012, About: How Kobe helped, hurt Lakers
I'd still pick Kobe over LeBron. Of course, I'd lose, but Kobe is more complete.
Posted Monday September 12, 2011, About: Richt looks done at Georgia
Send Richt to Ole Miss and GA can have Nutt. End result would be the same.
Posted Wednesday August 24, 2011, About: Tebow overtaken by Weber
Tell Tim Tebow to his face that he just sucks. Sweet kid, but big enough to rip you a few new holes in your body.
Posted Friday August 05, 2011, About: Tebow edgy, showing signs of tension
Dude makes a dump-truck of money every day, just tossing the ball with his buddies. What are your salaries like, you jackasses, who make fun of him as a pro? Yeah, he's REAL stupid, and we're all smarter sitting here analyzing him when we couldn't throw a football 3 yards.
Posted Sunday July 10, 2011, About: Pacman arrested again
Po Pac-Man. He just be not very damn smart! He belong in prison.
Posted Monday July 04, 2011, About: Quality of play an issue as lockout drags
Hey Gould:

How are your times in the 40 yard dash going? Also, are you benching 300 with no problem? Seems like those would be of utmost importance for a kicker.
Posted Thursday June 09, 2011, About: McCoy's wife suggests culture of violations
Texas toast. Mack better get out like Pete Carroll did, while the gettin' is good. Horns are next big program to fall. Guaranteed.
Posted Thursday June 02, 2011, About: Gruden would take OSU gig if offered
PLEASE hire Gruden. He was a mediocre coach who got lucky with T.B., and is now a blow-hard with menacing stare. NOBODY would be scared if he got the OSU job. What recruit could take him seriously!?
Posted Sunday May 29, 2011, About: How Titans plan to improve Locker's accuracy
A few tazerings should be an easy fix if they need 2 or more passes completed.
Posted Thursday May 19, 2011, About: Rizzo talks Harper call-up
Harper has unreal talent. Arrogance and sense of entitlement that he lives by, though, will prove to be his downfall. Would like to root for his success, but he's just such a jerk.
Posted Sunday April 24, 2011, About: Time to worry about Jeter?
3 weeks into the season, and Jetes is washed up. Sounds about right for fickle sports fans.
Posted Saturday April 23, 2011, About: Beano: Urban Meyer to coach Ohio State in '12
Beano, you know that Barry Switzer is looking at that Ohio State job!
Posted Saturday April 23, 2011, About: Garvey joins group hoping to buy Dodgers
Get Stevie Wonder back into L.A.! Doesn't he have like 30 kids from different women there? No baggage at all!

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