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Posted Saturday January 04, 2014, About: Unique clause triggered in Gibbons deal
Worst Manager in baseball. Shocked he didn't get fired mid season, even more so that he didn't get fired before the new year with that clause in the contract
Posted Wednesday June 26, 2013, About: Thunder trying to land No. 1 overall pick
I still think a Cav's/Thunder trade of the #1 overall pic, along with a vet the CAv's want to unload for Jones, Lamb, and OKC's 2 first round Picks, would be fair, and a win win. OKC gets the top pic, a young star big man they need, Cleveland gets 4 first round picks this year and 2 young pieces to help the rebuild.
Posted Wednesday May 22, 2013, About: Stunned Cavs open to dealing top pick
Trade the pic to OKC. #1 overall pic, along with a vet they want to unload for Jones, Lamb, and OKC's 2 first round Picks. Win win here, OKC gets the top pic, a young star big man they need, Cleveland gets 4 first round picks this year and 2 young pieces to help the rebuild.
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Stackhouse: Collins should be assured contract
There is absolutely no need for the commish to step in here. Teams will be all over this guy, he's a back up center on the tail end of his career, this announcement basically guaranteed him a new contract, and one for more money then he probably would have gotten before. It's 2013, no one really cares anymore about these things, like some in the media comparing him to Jackie Robinson, the 2 situations couldn't be further from the truth. Pro sports are all about money, Collins just guaranteed himself a spot in history and a boatload of cash, and which ever team signs him also knows their going to make a mint off of this.
Posted Tuesday April 30, 2013, About: Time to count out the Jays
What a surprise, you import all those players from that really bad Miami team last year, and you end up with similar results. Not a big shocker there. And there is also a pretty good reason why not too many teams were offering to pay the price for Dickey, just too unpredictable.
Posted Monday April 15, 2013, About: Avs should clean house, follow Elway model
Maybe the Denver Post should clear house, since the author of the article thinks that Quebec City, where Sakic played 6 Pro Seasons, and became team Capitan, is part of Denver.
Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: NHL out until 2014-15?
This would be a great time for a Mark Cuban, or a bunch of Canadian Businessmen to spearhead a new League. If they did it right, started out reasonable in good markets, with the NHL not on the ice, and half the league in dead markets anyway, even once they return the new league could give them a run for their money.

A 4, 5 team division, leagu, with Something like a Montreal, Quebec City, Boston, Hartford, New York Divison and a Toronto, Detroit, cincinnati, Hamilton, Philadelphia, division making up the Eastern Division, and a Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, Salt Lake city, Saskatoon, division, and a Minnesota, Milwaukee, Houston, KC, Chicago, Division making up the western Division.

If Pro Football leagues can start up during strikes, and the WHL was able to do it as well, why not Hockey? You'l have enough fans upset with the NHL Strikes, and all your teams in hockey markets it could be a great receipe for success.
Posted Wednesday June 27, 2012, About: What's behind the NHL's snubbing of Shero
I'd say what was behind it this year was the very strong pool of players, in which several better players also did not get in.
Posted Friday June 15, 2012, About: Starting QB in Seattle now a three-man race
If your going to have a guy like Jackson in the mix, they would have been better off signing Leinart as a fa instead, he exceled under Carroll at USC, maybe they could have found that mix again in the pros, but worst case scenerio they would have had a QB equal to or slightly better then Tavaris
Posted Monday August 22, 2011, About: Top untapped NHL relocation markets?
Orlando? Really? Because the Panthers are doing so well in florida, and the Magic is such a large market team in the NBA. Seattle I could see, but if they couldn't keep the Sonics because of arena issues how would they attract an NHL team? Vegas would be pointless as well, but I guess you could move the Coyotes there, it wouldn't be much of a difference though. Houston could do well and should be an option, but KC, Quebec City, Hartford, Portland and Hamilton shouild be the top 5 for the NHL.
Posted Monday August 22, 2011, About: Fan rebellion after Panthers ticket hike
Is the news story hear that the price of thie tickets went up, or that there are fans of this team?
Posted Monday June 06, 2011, About: Zambrano's last act for Cubs?
Zambrano for Hughes
Posted Wednesday June 01, 2011, About: Did Tiger visit Toronto hospital?
It makes a lot of sense since there was a second vist. The first would have been to give his name and take a number, then about month later his number was called. It wouildn't be fair to us Canadians though that he would get special treatment and only have to wait a month to see a Dr., but I guess that comes with being a Pro Athelete.
Posted Wednesday June 01, 2011, About: Winnipeg tickets among costliest in Canada
They will be fine for the first 3-5 years for sure because thats how many years worth of tickets you have to buy. So your not just guying a season ticket your essentially buying 3-5, since thats how many years you have to commit. The fans will also be happy just to have the team back for the first few years, that should help them fill the seats while their building their team, then if they do it right, the product on the ice will bring the fans in. If the team falters after that then the fans only need to remember what happened the last time they had a club, and I'm sure that thought will keep the building full as well.

Their 2 disadvantages will be that a sell out for them, is 75% capacity for the rest of the league, and like Edmonton it wont matter how rich their owner is, their going to have a hard time attracting top tier free agents.

As far as the economy goes Winnipeg is growing, and growing very quickly, they will have no problem gettting coprorate money in. As long as the league keeps a cap in place they should be fine.
Posted Monday May 30, 2011, About: Danks rips Jose, Ozzie rips press
Why is the title of the article about Danks, when one line was about him and the rest about Ozzie? Plus isn't Danks a starter not the closer?
Posted Thursday May 26, 2011, About: Leinart getting bad rap
Seattle would make sense, back with the coach he had all his success with, plus their a team that is pretty thin at QB depth.
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Signing Pujols the worst path for Cubs
Makes sense, why would you want to sign one of the best players ever who happens to play a position that you don't have an alternative for yet for next season.
Posted Thursday May 12, 2011, About: Lackey: Everything in my life (stinks) right now
I'll trade lives with him.
Posted Monday May 09, 2011, About: Why MLS allows artificial fields
Thats a hard argument to make when all the teams in England play on real grass, and there is no shortage of rain there. Now some of the lower tier teams will have a terrible pitch and would be better served with the fake stuff, but those are teams with smaller stadiums then the MLS ones. These 3 teams should be able to afford to install the proper drainage to enable them to have real grass.
Posted Monday May 09, 2011, About: Flyers ready for 'C' change?
I'm sure they will be signing either Vokoun or Bryzgalov to start next year, unless they decide to move a star like Richards or Carter to get Thomas from the Bruins.
Posted Thursday April 28, 2011, About: Salty's future cloudy with Sox
They have to get Varitek catching Buchholz. Until Salty and Clay are straightened out they should be in the same game at the same time. I'd give Varitek Beckett and Buchholz, and let Salty have Lester, dice K and Lackey.
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