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Posted Thursday December 15, 2011, About: Steelers down as many as five Pro Bowlers
Please explain to me how you suggest someone should tackle WITHOUT leading with their helmet. Lead with their foot? Lead with their knee? Every time someone says "don't lead with your helmet" I cringe at the stupidity of the remark. Throw on some pads and a helmet (for the first time, I'm sure), and try it for yourself. Sure, you can "aim" for someone's shoulder or numbers, but if they move, as they tend to.... BOOM, helmet to helmet, fine, suspension. Your suggestion to 'tackle by wrapping them up," is known as an "arm tackle" among those who understand football. It is frowned upon and very ineffective.
Posted Monday December 12, 2011, About: Respect for Tebow the QB still lacking
I've never liked/rooted for Tebow, in part because of who he's played for (Gators, Broncos) and in part because I couldn't stomach the hype. But now, I have to admit, I'm on board.

I can mark that Thursday-nighter against the Jets as being the day I jumped on the bandwagon. I'm certainly not able to evaluate football talent at an expert-level, but I understand Tebow's limitations... elongated motion, inefficiency going through progressions, not that strong of an arm, etc. The thing is, none of these limitations cause me to DISLIKE the guy. He's never said anything that I thought was arrogant or offensive. He seems to give it his all on every play. He genuinely cares about the game and winning. He supports his teammates and always gives them credit. The list goes on... there doesn't seem to be a viable reason to "hate" the guy. However, there remains a fairly large group of haters.

This is what has created the "hate," in my opinion: The people in the media who evaluated Tebow pointed out his deficiencies (as they should) and thought that he could not be successful in the NFL (not an outrageous thought). However, some not only thought that he couldn't be successful, they proclaimed it from the mountaintops and dismissed any other opinion as foolish. Now, the talking heads in the media, especially ex-player TV commentators, have egos that are as sensitive as they are large. They became so heavily emotionally invested in their position that they began actively rooting for Tebow to blow it. The viewers could see it when Key and Carter talked about it... their disappointment after a Bronco win was palpable. Sometimes, they honestly looked like they were going to cry. When Tebow finally has a terrible game that costs his team the game, your are going to see lots of large smiles from these guys. They'll feel vindicated... "I TOLD you that he couldn't do it! See I AM smart!"

I haven't gotten caught up in any of that stuff. Which is why I have been able to watch Tebow play football and say, with all sincerity, that I am entertained. I don't need to take a "stance" on him. Frankly, people who do take a stance and try to create all of this drama are acting like chicks... trying to make a soap opera out of everything.
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: NFL teams eyeing Oregon's Kelly
"The success the Broncos are having offensively makes Kelly's unconventional offense more sellable." That's ridiculous. There's no way that anyone is seriously considering scrapping their offense to go to anything resembling what Kelly does in OR or what the Broncos are doing.
Posted Wednesday August 17, 2011, About: Newton should start season opener
Hey, could be the Skins: "Grossman or Beck" saga. Which is like getting ready for a car race and telling your fans, "I'm either going to break out the Yugo or the Geo... game-time decision."
Posted Friday August 05, 2011, About: Favre speculation boils in Miami
I tried to spark a roumor about Farve talking to the Redskins by posting comments on a few articles. Combine the Redskins' current QB situation with Snyder's propensity for ridiculousness and you've got probably the most likely (of the unlikely) scenarios in which Favre's back on the field.
Posted Thursday August 04, 2011, About: Magic wishes he hadn't retired early
1985 called... it would like it's understanding of HIV back.
Posted Wednesday July 21, 2010, About: NCAA's least likable conference
???The article was more or less stating that the teams in the SEC are dramatically more successful than teams from other conferences, which is what has contributed to envy-based hatred of the conference and its teams. I was simply pointing out that, from a financial stand-point, that is not necessarily true. While certainly well represented on the list, the top 5 contains only one SEC team. My comment then devolved into a Penn State vehicle and lost its way. Such is life in Happy Valley.
Posted Wednesday July 21, 2010, About: NCAA's least likable conference
SEC has one team in top-5 most "valuable" $$ programs. Don't get me wrong, they're well represented on this list (forbes), but I think it's cute when the SEC fans start mouthing off. Get ready for Joe and the Lions to roll through Tuscaloosa this year... (actually, PSU might be double digit underdogs). LIST:

Norte Dame
Penn State
Ohio St
South Carolina
Michigan State
Texas A&M
Oklahoma State

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