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Posted Monday July 22, 2013, About: Santonio Holmes hopes to be ready by season opener
Thank God the REDSKINS got rid of this guy years ago......he has done for the Jets about as to be expected.
Posted Monday April 29, 2013, About: Nassib 'wounded' by Bills' pick of Manuel
You have to really wonder if the BILLS are kicking themselves once they saw how far all the other QBs fell. They could have traded out of the 1st round completely or picked up Jarvis Jones and still gotten Manuel....or Barkley....or Nassib......or even possibly Geno.
Posted Thursday February 21, 2013, About: Cowboys want to 'reward' Romo
GO COWBOYS!! PLEASE RESIGN ROMO to a 10 year contract so he can lead them over and over to mediocrity.

I also would be sad if my REDSKINS couldn't consistently get a chance to punch him in his pretty little face 2x a year.

Worst case scenario for me is that the COWBOYS would be smart enough to trade him away to a desperate team for a 1st round pick.
Posted Thursday May 17, 2012, About: Witten feels Cowboys' window closing
Redskins management moves have been pretty crafty.....when you think that when RG3 is entering his prime.....The Giants may be the only team remaining with a viable QB.
Posted Tuesday April 03, 2012, About: Griffin-to-Colts heats up again
Wilbon used to be a writer I respected....then he just devolved into this hack.

The fact that he actually praised McNabb's angry meaningless rants last week shows what he has become.
Posted Wednesday February 29, 2012, About: Redskins ready to pay steep price for No. 2
This is complete fluff generated by the Post "Insiders" (sarcasm) or leaked by Shanahan to help his buddy Jeff Fisher out.

Nothing has been agreed on......FREE AGENCY will determine the true value that the RAMS receive for their # 2 pick.
Posted Monday July 25, 2011, About: Jets, Redskins to fight over Holmes
Redskins haters are idiots.... Why would a team with 35-40million in cap space, many holes to fill on a roster, a minimum in cap to spend in the deepest Family class in NFL History not spend money and acquire alot of players? Shanallen smartly purged the roster and only signed stopgap free agents with short affordable or voidable contracts and made cap space for this Exact scenario!!! A huge draft class plus good young veterans entering their prime = a quick improvement. The Skins will be laughing all the way
Posted Wednesday June 15, 2011, About: Moss might fit in Chicago
As a redskins fan....i love moss.....but I gotta admit...its time for the team to move on and groom young talent and take the lumps that come with that....thats why we call it rebuilding. Shan-Allen get that this needs to be done which is why the roster was slashed last year and an influx of youth this year. I cannot wait until Free Agency begins because the Redskins will actually get to add youthful veterans entering their prime rather than the 6yr vets they had to add last year.

Moss should goto a team that is contending this year....he is no spring chicken.
Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: Vick: 'Don't count me out'
I think it would be funny for him to get healthy enough in time to play the REDSKINS again.....and they'd injure him for the rest of the season.

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