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Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Just ask Herm Edwards, he saw it the way I did
he could of blasted mccoy. if he doesnt want to get hit then stay in the damn pocket. simple enough..
Posted Wednesday May 18, 2011, About: All-NBA over 30 team
clearly LEFT hasnt watched basketball this season...SHAQ? you must be Danny Ainge or something...Shaq was a non factor the majority of the season and ALL of the playoffs...tsk tsk.
Posted Friday October 22, 2010, About: Trent Dilfer is better then Dan Marino.
4. The NFL shouldnt suspend players NOT CONVICTED of a crime.
Instead of fussingabout Favre flirting maybe do something about the players who have 5 kids w/ 5 different women! That is a bigger problem.

5. Randy Moss is a jerk. Nothing new. Teams shouldnt risk so much for idiots like him and TO...they will be gone before you can build anything around them.

4)....the allegations are that he sent them nude photos and was harrassing them...not flirting with them. harrassment is a serious offense in any work enviornment...
5)....moss is a beast. nothing more needs to be said really. we dont know what really happened or didnt happen with contract talk. football fans loved him when he won championships and helped tom brady have a record setting year...
how about that giants eagles field goal screw up
Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: NFL teams with the most hope for the future.
vikings as next year when they sign vick and extend moss, they'll be stacked.
Posted Friday October 01, 2010, About: LeBron does it again
i think instead of formulating opinion off of other people opinion, perhaps actually reading the interview transcript would allow you to better understand the questioning. a&page=LeBronRace-101001
Posted Friday October 01, 2010, About: recent dumbest quotes in sports!?!?!
left, perhaps you can get your facts straight in regards to the lebron should give up your next turn, and during that time educate yourself...then proceed to make another TD.. a&page=LeBronRace-101001
Posted Friday October 01, 2010, About: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins this Sunday.
ouch...and my vote goes to the right...nice try left.
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: NBA - THE team that will win the championship next season
oh...yea..and didnt it take kobe a last second AMAZING buzzer beater to beat the heat last year? a team with pretty much only WADE...point being...pure reasoning makes someone wonder what more they could do with the same team along with bron and bosh...
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: NBA - THE team that will win the championship next season concept...chemistry...oh like the east all star game where wade and bron put on a show and both did their thing.....chemistry...ohhh the olympic team where bron started..played stellar D...was a hawk on the boards..still put up good numbers...AND wade came off the bench and absolutely destroyed teams, averaging 2nd most points in the entire tourney....

why do people question chemistry like they havent seen these players play together before. lets not for a moment let our pride to whatever team you root for, get in the way of the fact that these guys are in their prime..they are VERY good...and mismatches will be prevalent in the heats favor.

people like to discuss bosh and the center position. how many DOMINANT centers are in the NBA...seriously...even Tim Duncan transitioned his game to being more of a shooter...kinda big man. Gasol....he's good...because he's big..and has good footwork for a big guy. is he shaq in his prime..hell no. Dwight Howard...he's a monster..but until he developes a better arsenal of interior moves, he can be managed to a certain extent. bottom line is IF the center position was such an issue....wouldnt teams of exploited that LAST YEAR. right? like...wouldnt the heat of been a mismatch against any team with a decent big man. wouldnt teams of game planned to attach the heat's big men? no...that wasnt the angle. If i remember clearly..the nastiest big man in the league, howard, with the magic...had a HARD TIME against a heat team led by only wade. What happens when you have wade bron...and bosh who draws your big man out the paint? and bosh who happens to be leading scorer in raptor history...lets not act like he cant score people. what am i saying..yes the heat centers are returning from last season. so bosh can play the 4 primarily. throw in a 7 foot bod like anthony and i think the heat are stacked. my vote goes to right.
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: How would you build your team?
alex smith..the biggest waste of talent i've seen in quite some time. 49ers should have picked up vick when they had the chance.
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: Best Team
i HATE the pats...but damn they look good. i just dont see them losing the AFC east..

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