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Posted Thursday August 19, 2010, About: Big Ten's two divisions start at top
The geographical alignment (West / East) is the most logical way to set up the new Big 10 (12), it is also competitively balanced when you look at recent conference records.

Check out my blog on this topic that contains the conference standings going back 10 years.
Posted Friday August 06, 2010, About: Feeley: Bradford has makeup to be great
Word! He's likely to be the last rookie with this kind of contract too...
Posted Friday August 06, 2010, About: Nocioni possible for Worlds a return
I had to do it; but I will concede that Nocioni was a far better player
Posted Wednesday August 04, 2010, About: Nocioni possible for Worlds a return
As a Bulls fan, I have to say I miss Andres Nocioni. He was like a scrappier version of Jud Buechler...
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Will Bradley try to rebuild Team USA?
I agree and think Bradley should be back for 2014. However, Ricardo Clark and Robbie Findley should not be a part of this rebuilding process...
Posted Wednesday July 28, 2010, About: Hinrich may serve as steadying factor in Washington
Once the Bulls drafted D-Rose, Hinrich became obsolete. They tried to play him at the 2 last year, but he couldn't shoot like a 2. Yes he plays good defense and is a floor general, but he is simply too expensive to be the Bulls back-up PG.

However, I believe he remains one of the top 20 (at least top 30) PGs in the league and I am sad to see him back in the same position he was in last year (backing up a potential star player).
Posted Tuesday July 27, 2010, About: Piniella has some advice for waffling Z
Makes Soriano's contract seem like a bargain.
Posted Sunday July 25, 2010, About: Rose wants Bulls to sign McGrady
I would rather see the Bulls add Shannon Brown or even Josh Howard.
Posted Friday July 23, 2010, About: Hawks clear room ... to sign Niemi?
If they can work out a deal with Niemi, the Blackhawks will have retained all of their top tier talent from last year. The only signifcant losses are Ladd and maybe Burrish.

While their depth (which was FAR AND AWAY the best in the league) took a hit, to say that they will be lucky to make it out of the first round is just ridiculous.
Posted Friday July 23, 2010, About: As Durant goes, so goes Team USA?
Top dog is definitely going to be Durant. Don't take this report too seriously though, D-Rose will be the starting point guard. Javale McGee, Eric Gordon, O.J. Mayo will not be participating...
Posted Friday July 23, 2010, About: Girardi cans Cubs talk for now
The job will be going to Ryne Sandburg. Cubs attendance has dropped significantly in 2010 and it will continue to fall given this year's pathetic product on the field.

The Ricketts family will rely on the storyline of "Ryno's Return to Wrigley" to bring Cubs fans to the park. I wouldn't be shocked if they try and get Greg Maddux on board as a pitching coach too.

It's too bad because this team is going to need a couple of years to purge the bad contracts it has on the books (Zambrano, Soriano, Fukudome) before they will be competitive again, and I don't think Sandburg is going to be able to survive it.
Posted Friday July 23, 2010, About: Tebow, Broncos have Elway on their side
This won't be the first time that Kyle Orton (and his neck beard) wins the starting job over a highly-touted Florida QB.
Posted Thursday July 22, 2010, About: 'Drama queen' Favre: Can't trust anybody
If he needs to "lose a little weight", maybe he should attend training camp instead of throwing fade routes to 16 year olds.

Of course, I would be happy if he just retired too. Bear Down!
Posted Thursday July 22, 2010, About: Blackhawks may need more from Toews
The guy is 22-years old, I only see his production heading in one direction!
Posted Thursday July 22, 2010, About: Rose on Chicago: 'Never' leaving
I hope he wasn't wearing a Yankees cap when he released this statement...

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