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Posted Saturday June 02, 2012, About: RGIII tells Williams to shut up
does anyone else think the NFC east is going to eat him up?
Posted Saturday May 05, 2012, About: Angels fans turn on Albert 'Boo-jols'
huge hispanic population in Cali, and a new TV deal for the Angels, yeah he was supposed to perform better(and he will), but this was all about ratings, same as the Arod deal, think of all the milestones and records these two guys are supposed to break, it just sucks for the YES neowrk that Arod is tainted and no one cares bout anything he does anymore....
Posted Monday February 14, 2011, About: Bautista bluffing Blue Jays?
Hughes did finish rough last season, it was prolly due to a lil dead arm effect, he couldnt finish batters with 2 strikes, as for the has beens your right, but guys like mitre only have to pitch decent enough to get it to the pen, guys like mo, soriaano, felicano, robertson and joba should make it a short game for the yanks....and the rays lineup is prolly better then most people think, 1 upton 2 damon 3 longoria 4 manny after that you got abunch of decent hitters, and their rotation isnt that young, guys like sheilds and neimen have been around for a while, and Price is a monster....if i was a jays fan i'd be real scared of thar rotation, a lot of guys pitched innings they've never seen before i think they take a step back this season, if anything the O's are more likey to surprise
Posted Monday February 14, 2011, About: Bautista bluffing Blue Jays?
thats cute, but anyway you put it those two teams cant and wont compete against the rays, sox and yanks....Yanks ptiching isnt nearly as bad as people think it is, sox look amazing if they stay healthy and the rays just have so much young talent that losing Pena and Garza was no big deal, and damon and manny will hold down the OF till Jennings develops....sorry toronto and baltimore are both under .500 this year...
Posted Monday October 11, 2010, About: Angels to take run at Crawford
just wondering who gets more money, Werth or Crawford, especially if the Yanks dont get involved(i cant see them going after a LF and Cliff Lee), especially since Gradner, granderson and swisher are already in thier OF, i think one goes to the Sox the other the angels
Posted Saturday July 03, 2010, About: Slugger Dunn on Angels' wish list
Doubt the Angels will pull the trigger, the only moves this team has made are for B-list players rather than spending decent money are legit stars. Did they really think they could lose player like Lackey, Texiera, Vlad, K-Rod and Figgins and replace them with Fuentes and Matusi?? I keep hearing Artie is the best owner in baseball, i'am staring to doubt it, they just happen to have the best manager in baseball, no one has done more with less for as long as he has.(Exept Gardenhire)
Posted Saturday July 03, 2010, About: Wedge, Showalter on O's short list
Agreed, but Buck has a way of turning young talented teams, into champions. I really cant believe he hasn't managed in years.
Posted Saturday July 03, 2010, About: Sources: Phillies want Cliff Lee
Only problem is Blanton is horrible. The trade to the NL was supposed to make him didn't, and i believe that they pretty much traded away their system in the Blanton, Lee and halladay deals

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