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Posted Tuesday February 21, 2012, About: Best 4 teams in college football history
Texas, Ohio State, Michigan
Posted Monday January 30, 2012, About: Why no big name coaching hires?
Why work 100 hours a week when you can just show up on the weekend and talk to people and still rake in the dough?
Posted Friday January 13, 2012, About: Leigh Steinberg files Chapter 7 BK - Huh?!
its a combination of Alcohol and his business partner screwing him.
Posted Thursday January 05, 2012, About: End of Year Cowboys Assessment
They need to concentrate on getting younger and better in the O Line and the Defensive front 7. The coaching staff needs revamping also ... cause thee players definately didnt get better throughout the season.
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: Jerry Jones
yea ... sit back and relax and enjoy the next 10 years of mediocrity Cowboys Fans.
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: Jerry Jones
I thnk a SB run by the Texans is whats needed to wake jerry up.
Posted Wednesday January 04, 2012, About: JJ chooses Jones for GM
He is just an old cranky man set in his ways. This will continue until Jerry kicks the bucket.
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: Mock Draft Already
Mine is Bobby Carpenter
Posted Monday December 19, 2011, About: an alarming Cowboys' stat!
Yep ... Belicheck is a friggin genius. Wish we had a coach like that.
Swagga ... at least you have the Ohio STate Basketball team.
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: Harrison Suspended one game...
Harrison isnt gonna stop until he hurts someone. Then that guy is going to sue Harrison and the League's pants off.
Posted Tuesday December 13, 2011, About: What's Wrong With the Cowboys?
Have you seen ratliff play this year?

Neither have i.
Lol ... im a suns fan. So yea ... we always play second fiddle to the lakers.
Whats so hard about tackling with your shoulder?
im sure Jimmy Johnson watched that game yesterday and just laughed at Jerry again ... kinda like he has been laughing since Jerry got pissed and fired him.
And with JJ still the GM you can continue to watch your team be mediocre and not win SBs.
I predict this game puts patrick peterson in the map. I think he runs at least 1 punt back for a TD and Tony Romo throws him a pick 6. Classic letdown game for Dallas.
Posted Thursday December 01, 2011, About: Green Bay Packers - Greatest Packer team ever?
As soon as this packers team puts 10 ppl in to the Hall of Fame you can say its the best ever. Aint gonna happen.
Posted Tuesday November 29, 2011, About: Should We Pay College Athletes?
What we have is working now ... really good players get paid under the table. You just have to not be stupid and get caught by the NCAA. Anyone with common sense and a big account of money can do it.
Posted Tuesday November 29, 2011, About: JACK DEL-RIO FIRED........WHO'S NEXT ??
Im guessing the KC head coach gets his head lopped off too. Wisenhunt in Az might be gone soon too. Spags in St Louis might be done. Unless carroll finds a QB and starts winning he isnt long for seattle either. (Carroll will be headed back to one of the big college FB schools ... and if im ucla i might have contacted him already behind the scenes.)
Posted Tuesday November 29, 2011, About: JACK DEL-RIO FIRED........WHO'S NEXT ??
It will be some spare ... that franchise was lucky to have del rio for so long. They wont go hire a high dollar coach .. so im guessing a retread or some coodinator we have never heard of before. That team is so outta there once they get a stadium deal in la.
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