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Posted Monday January 27, 2014, About: 'Unconferenced' Pro Bowlers fear injuring teammates
Yet another year that I didn't watch it. This thing is a complete joke.
Posted Friday January 03, 2014, About: Judgment day still looms for Dolphins
What kind of magic plan could they have to get into the 2014 playoffs? 2015 playoffs, maybe.
Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013, About: Chargers LB arrested in San Diego
Agreed. The officiating this season has been a complete disaster. That Leavy guy needs to have his legs broke.
Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013, About: No one is safe in Miami
Maybe they should have taken that trade offer for Branden Albert. Ireland needs to go.
Posted Tuesday December 31, 2013, About: NFL admits blown call on Chiefs' missed field goal attempt
That was far worse than the no call on the field goal. Either he was short of the first down and didn't fumble, or he made it to the first down marker and fumbled. Those officials should never be allowed at a game again.
Posted Saturday December 28, 2013, About: CJ2K: 'No way' he'll take a pay cut
This guy is a piece of crap.
Posted Tuesday December 17, 2013, About: Andy Reid thinks Jamaal Charles should be NFL MVP
I agree. Peyton hasn't done jack without an all star cast.
Posted Wednesday November 27, 2013, About: Mark Sanchez wants to return to Jets in 2014
"And I wanna eff Angie Dickenson" - Corrado Soprano
Posted Wednesday November 27, 2013, About: Steve Weatherford gets tested for drugs after two 65+ yard punts
They must drug test Oakland's kicker a lot then.
Posted Friday November 22, 2013, About: Tony Gonzalez uncertain for next week
Not at all. He is always at the top o the major TE categories ever week. I'd like to see him retire a Chief, even if for only a one day contract.
Posted Saturday November 16, 2013, About: Arrested Falcons RB Jason Snelling denies eating marijuana
Should be legal nationwide.
Posted Monday November 11, 2013, About: Incognito could be suspended again
He did that himself.
Posted Monday October 28, 2013, About: Kansas City Chiefs continue historic turnaround
I don't hear that argument against Denver. You can only play who's on your schedule.
Posted Saturday October 19, 2013, About: Tony Gonzalez doesn't want trade
He will always be a Chief.
Posted Saturday October 19, 2013, About: D.C. radio stations refuse to run Oneida Nation ads
Cry me a river. Does any other ethnic group get the benefits they do?
Posted Saturday October 19, 2013, About: NFL fined Ndamukong Suh to send a message
Might as well make it flag football.
Posted Saturday October 19, 2013, About: Two D.C. stations refuse to run anti-Redskins ads
Good. They shouldn't change their name. It's a slippery slope and next you know the Indians, Braves, Chiefs and any other team name that someone finds offensive will be up for change as well.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Falcons will not trade Tony Gonzalez
That's completely false.
Posted Wednesday October 16, 2013, About: Seattle wants its noise record back
Seattle had to design their stadium to hold noise in. It has overhangs while Arrowhead doesn't. Arrowhead is an old stadium that is completely open. Go ahead and try Seattle. If you somehow surpass the record, KC will take it right back.
Posted Monday October 14, 2013, About: Jamaal Charles being treated for foot blisters
He's been getting treatment for the last month or so. Not really sure why this is considered news though.
Posted Saturday October 12, 2013, About: Chiefs fans to try to break noise record
They had the record previously at 124db. They only have to exceed 136 to break it.
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