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Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014, About: Could Revis wind up back in New York?
Not really a big mouth and he does play hard and well,but the team has to worry about his MEvis attitude. As good as Revis is,the Jets would be better off with a Verner who won't want to redo his contract every year.
Posted Wednesday December 25, 2013, About: Gang Green's next head coach?
Sporano was a joke. Morhinweg is an accomplished OC. As a long time Jets fan,I hope Idzik is a capable talent evaluator,which Rex is not. And yes more emphasis needs to be placed on the offense. However I do feel Rex is a good coach. The team needs better offensive talent. After Sanchez,Holmes,Reed and maybe Cromartie are off their books and with 9 draft picks,the team should be able to bring in better talent.
Posted Wednesday December 25, 2013, About: Gang Green's next head coach?
What does that matter? Different owner and front office. The next hire was Bill Parcells. And that doesn't matter either. For stability sake I hope they keep Rex. Hopefully some better offensive talent will be brought in.
Posted Wednesday December 25, 2013, About: Gang Green's next head coach?
AMEN!!! Vince Lombardi couldn't win more with the offensive "talent" the Jets have. Keep Rex, give Geno some weapons through the draft and free agency and then see what happens. The problem isn't the coaching it's the personnel.
Posted Monday December 16, 2013, About: Unhappy owner is a bad sign for Rex
Whether Rex goes or not,the best case scenario would be for the Jets to bring in some offensive help. Nobody on their O scares any team. Hopefully Geno will improve with a year under his belt AND better skill players to help him. Sanchez,Holmes and sadly Ed Reed cannot be on the team next season. Fortunately,The Jets will have lots of cap space. Hopefully,they will use it well.
Posted Friday October 18, 2013, About: Jets rookie: NFL babies Brady
Actually he is a very good player having a very good rookie season. He will be in the league a long time barring injury.
Posted Sunday June 16, 2013, About: Kellen Winslow Jr. signs with Jets
Please recognize sarcasm. Low risk move by the Jets,but they still need WR help.
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Jets job Geno Smith's job to lose?
Who's the idiot? Check quote 16 and see who the author is. If you have to name call perhaps you should get your facts correct.
Posted Monday May 13, 2013, About: Jets job Geno Smith's job to lose?
As a long time Jets fan,I hope David Garrard can play and starts. Geno is the future. I wouldn't want him rushed into the starting line-up. The Jets should play solid D and Garrard does not turn the ball over. As far as Sanchez goes,maybe he can be salvaged,but probably not in New York.
Posted Thursday May 09, 2013, About: Holmes has already picked a Jets QB winner
As a long time Jets fan,I hope Garrard can play. If so,Sanchez should be released and Geno not touch the field this season. Best case scenario is Sanchez,if not released,flourishes under the new OC(see Alex Smith). The Jets defense should be solid....I hope.
Posted Wednesday May 01, 2013, About: Why Blackmon could be a goner
Apples and oranges. Blackmon has substance abuse issues. Geno seems to be ignorant and a bit immature.
Posted Saturday April 27, 2013, About: Jets unlikely to keep Mark Sanchez
Sanchez will probably be released after June 1. If he shows development,Geno will start with Garrard the veteran back-up. Even without Revis their defense will be solid. They will contend for a playoff spot late into the season.
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Jets 'especially high' on LSU's Barkevious Mingo
I find it interesting how much criticism the Jets get. True the last 2 years have not been great,but what about the 2 before that. Things have a way of turning fast in the NFL. What were Seattle, San Fran and Washington just 2 seasons ago? In the Ryan era they have always had a solid defense and I suspect they will again. If they get low turnover QB play,they will be respectable. I hate to see Revis go,but with 3 draft picks in the first 39 they have a chance to rebuild quickly.
Posted Sunday March 17, 2013, About: Darrelle Revis reportedly would welcome trade to Miami
EVERY team would give up a 7th round pick who is the best at his position and will only be 28 years old when the season starts. Also his salary for 2013 is relatively low.
Posted Friday March 15, 2013, About: Jets interested in adding Kolb
The Jets will be the 2013 Super Bowl Champions!!!
Posted Thursday March 14, 2013, About: Potential snag in Revis-to-Bucs
ACL tears are not what they used to be. Many players have come back after the surgery to be as good as they once were or better. Revis' work ethic alone will make him as good as ever. The 13th pick in the draft is a bargain for a talent like Revis. Frankly,the Jets should keep him. You win by keeping great players,not getting rid of them.
Posted Tuesday February 19, 2013, About: 'Speechless' Revis says future in Woody's hands
How silly!!! Revis would start on EVERY team in the league. I guess Adrian Peterson was slow last season also. Every defensive player uses his hands.
Posted Saturday February 09, 2013, About: Lattimore confident he'll shock the world this fall
His attitude,determination & ability will make him successful. A smart team will take him and be happy down the road,maybe not next season but many seasons after.
Posted Friday February 08, 2013, About: Jets ready to cut ties with loquacious linebacker
Scott was came to the Jets because he knew Rex's system. He never was a great player,rather someone who had benefited from playing next to Ray Lewis in Lewis' prime. And now he is slow and old. Cutting him and others will help with the cap,the locker room and the image of the team. More is needed but this is a good start.
Posted Monday January 21, 2013, About: Woody distancing himself from Tebow trade
As a life long Jets fan,I feel that Woody is probably the biggest hindrance to the team's success. Of course he wanted Tebow. And Rex never did. Hopefully,new GM Idzik will bring some order and Woody will retreat to the background.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: Why Tebow could end up in Chicago
Manning will be in the Hall of Fame,Tebow will not. Of the 2 teams that had any interest in him after the 2011 season,1 will release him and the other,Jacksonville,has already said they have now have no interest.
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