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Posted Sunday September 04, 2011, About: Heat to pursue Nene
Someone needs to teach these writers how to write properly. "Though the Heat AREN'T very optimistic about THEIR chances". Jesus.
Posted Thursday September 01, 2011, About: Frustration, questions mark K.C. preseason
Everyone on here is so quick to knock the Chiefs. Fact is, they started last pre-season 0-3. They proceeded to start their season 3-0 and go on to win their division. It's hard to say "Yeah, this team sucks," when Charles and Jones have seen about 5% of the action that they'll see during the regular season and Cassel is given 15 passes if he's lucky. So, if anyone has a cogent argument as to why this preseason is any different from last years for the Chiefs, when all the stats are essentially identical - please, enlighten me. Otherwise, stop pontificating about them and see how they perform after the first snap of the REGULAR season.
Posted Tuesday December 14, 2010, About: Celtics oblivious to win streak
Also, the Celtics don't need Shaq to win. Sure, he helps - but he's not necessary. If Rondo was out - we'd have a different situation to discuss. He's the focal point of the offense because he keeps the tempo and provides the ball movement that dominates teams. Nate Robinson is a good player, but with him as the starter - I wouldn't feel so great...at least not compared to Shaq sitting on the bench.
Posted Tuesday December 14, 2010, About: Celtics oblivious to win streak
Forget the comparisons between the Knicks and Celtics. The Celtics are clearly the superior team. However, that doesn't mean the Knicks aren't living up to the hype. Amare is playing incredible basketball and providing the on-court leadership the Knicks have lacked over the past decade. They won't continue to be this hot all season, but considering that the East notoriously lets teams below .500 make the 8, 7 and sometimes 6 seed in the playoffs - the Knicks will be a playoff team.
Posted Monday November 01, 2010, About: Jones now willing to drop Phillips?
Yes and no. Jerry isn't concerned with how the players are managed. He's concerned with how the team as a whole is managed - whatever is most profitable and garnering the most attention. He calls the shots from a business and branding point of view - but he's not going to manage the players individually. That's the job of the head coach. Wade Phillips simply doesn't have the stones to take these young players with tons of talent and turn them into potentially dangerous players with discipline. It takes a lot of butting heads with these players - and Wade just isn't that guy. Bring in a ball buster. A ball buster with a vision. That's how the Cowboys win. I mean, this season is over regardless - just because Romo is out and Kitna can't play consistent football. Next season though, a good coach with stones and most of the same players - yeah, sure, they could win the super bowl. Too bad it won't be in Dallas.
Posted Monday November 01, 2010, About: Jones now willing to drop Phillips?
They Cowboys need somebody who can give them discipline. That's their huge issue. This is a young team with some raw talent that just isn't being coached properly. During the game, when the Boys were down 14-3, the camera was showing Wade with a few of his players behind him. Wade was looking concerned, of course. The players were all talking and laughing hysterically with each other. That was really indicative of a problem, for me at least. If I'm the coach of a 1-5 team who was supposed to be a Super Bowl contender, who's losing 14-3 at home - I would turn around and tell those guys to shut up and prepare to get back on the field. The mentality in Dallas is terrible. Bring in a coach like Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden - then we'd see a totally different Dallas Cowboy football team.
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: Secret to Chiefs' resurgence?
I would rethink that statement. KC beat the Chargers by dominating on defense and frustrating Rivers into throwing on-field tantrums. We all know the Chargers are a good team that simply has its struggles in September. The Chiefs certainly didn't help them get off on the right foot. Then KC beat the Browns. The Browns, granted, are not the greatest team in the world - however, they just came off a win over the Bengals - one of the better defenses in the league. Seneca Wallace is a solid QB with good decision making skills for the most part. Hillis is becoming a monster back - its not a team to stick your nose up at - at least not like the past few years. And then KC beat the 49ers - who just challenged, to me, the best team in the NFC, the Falcons. A VERY solid performance by the niners - who the Chiefs blew away 31-10. Yes, their offensive coordinator changed from week to week - but that didn't really play a role in their win. The had 7 points of total offense and one blocked punt for a freak-TD. Their defense is what kept them in the game - which did not have a personnel change. The Chiefs earned 31 points against the same D that held the Falcons to 16. A TOUGH 16 at that. So, don't be so quick to dismiss the Chiefs based on the fact that they've been a weak team over the past few years. They have a great defense and as far as the offense goes: they have two solid backs - (before their BYE week they had the most rushing yards of any team in the NFL) and Cassel was let loose against the Niners - finally. He's not the best QB around by any stretch of the mind, but he's good enough to put up solid numbers from time to time - and he'll rarely lose the game for the Chiefs, if ever. Look for KC to win this division. I'm guessing an 11-5 team.

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