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Posted Tuesday September 14, 2010, About: Sanders out for season?
I really hate to see a player get injured. Indy will be hurting seriously down the road. I actually like Sanders I wish he could have been in Pittsburgh back there with Troy Polomolu.
Posted Thursday September 09, 2010, About: Tomlin won't guarantee Big Ben's job
Lets look at things this way.....if you were in his shoes (Ben) and you were in a club full for hot chicks basically throwing themselves at you what would you have done? Most of you are gonna lie and say you would have done nothing, half of you are gonna lie and say that you would have just tried to get phone numbers, the rest are gonna be honest and say that they would have tried to hook up with as many of them chicks as possible. I view the situation like this he makes decisions on the field that are important, off the field he should have been thinking the same way, if you see a bear trap in the middle of the living room floor are you gonna step in it? When you are a celeb or an athlete or a president or someone of influence you have to use the same decision making tatics because there are people that are out to score a payday any way that they can. I am not saying what he did was right it was a bonehead move I am just being real about the situation......
Posted Thursday September 09, 2010, About: Tomlin won't guarantee Big Ben's job
Ok, I am just gonna go for it.....Dennis Dixson, big strong, and athletic. If you look at him closley you will see that he can move like (or better) than Slash did and has the same build as Big Ben. He can take a hit and also has a nice arm. Dixon will find his momentum ealy against Atlanta. As a Steeler fan I am not worried an now to Big Ben, I am a fan but I am a bigger fan of the TEAM as a whole and if Dixson is on a role let him keep rollin then if need be bring the Vet for the final touches. Bottom line is he needs to be ready to work when he is called. "The Key word is WIN thats Whiskey, Indian, November" -Major Payne That is just what we will do this year!!!! HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!!!
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Sources: Shaq talked to Euro teams
Ok let's look at this from a business point of view if someone signs Shaq it will be for many reasons....Shaq will still draw fans in some places that have a need for someone to help fill the stands,or that is lacking a big man,or the city needs a way of attracting attention to themself, or some team just want him because the owner is a fan. Just random teams that fit this: (Chicago,ATL,Oaklahoma,Memphis,Washington,Detroit,Toronto,Seattle,Indy,...) . We all know Shaq is getting old and is not the dominate center he used to be but if used wisely he can still be effective get a good 30 min out of him but spread it out over the whole game. Shaq would need to let go of his ego and take on the role of veteran off the bench and help mold the next center for that team. He can make money off endorsements (Jordan style) and live more than comfortably for the rest of his life. If he plays this right and for the right city he can still go out as one of the greatest but reality is no one is gonna give him 10 mil (except maybe the Cavs now that they have no star player and still need to fill seats).

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