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Posted Saturday May 11, 2013, About: Tebow's future arrived Thursday?
Tim is pretending when he says he has nothing to do. Be a preacher, kid. That's all you've been so far anyway.

Tebow was offered the choice of starting in Jacksonville or dying in New York, by John Elway, when the Broncos traded him. Prayer meeting boy chose New York.

He blew is chance, and has shone he doesn't deserve another.
Posted Thursday April 18, 2013, About: Phil Emery has no regrets on Brian Urlacher situation
Butkus, yeah, but I'd take Singletary over Urlacher. Brian helped ruin the chemistry on the Bears last year, insulting Cutler, who had shoved a non-performing lineman (fully padded, of course) for blocking like styrofoam.

He lost me that day. Apparently, he'd forgotten the record number of sacks Cutler had gone through because of a sieve line for four years.
Posted Wednesday December 26, 2012, About: Forte likely to play; Urlacher might, too
The Bears really choked this year, and Urlacher became a boring whiner.

The idiot cuts down Cutler, yet kisses Lovie's butt like a lamprey. He play is deteriorating, he's hurt all the time...time to retire, Brian. Chicago fans are in for years of a bad rebuilding team.
Posted Saturday November 24, 2012, About: Cutler yet to be cleared
Since the great Steve Fuller, the Bears...McCaskeys...seem as football ignorant of the need for a good backup QB as their utter inability to even know what a good offensive line is.

Please, McCaskeys. Sell and get the HELL out of the business. You're an annual embarassment to the city and Bears' fan in general.
Posted Sunday July 08, 2012, About: Toomer: Romo is better than Eli
Toomer must be a moron: Romo couldn't carry Eli's jockstrap. Tony Romo is a first class choker.
Posted Tuesday September 13, 2011, About: Tebowmania is back, and here to stay
Bronco fans have turned stupid since Elway retired. They don't know talent, and they judge players by fans' prejudices and ignorance.

I'm glad I'm not a Bronco fan. Trade Orton to someone who appreciates him, and let Tebow run up and down the field with the occasional non-finesse long-ball.
Posted Saturday August 06, 2011, About: Tebow edgy, showing signs of tension
"Look at the hate Brady gets, yeah he's a pretty boy... but he's hella better than any other QB right now. Tebow would have been the most loved guy around back in the 50s.. but it's a different time now."

What a maroon. Brady is already a Hall of Fame, multiple Super Bowl winner and participant. It doesn't MATTER what people think of his hair, he shoves it up their butt by winning.

Poor Timmy has done zilch. He thought God was going to win him a championship in Florida, but apparently God got sick of Tim and his mom and Tim lost big.

Bible verses on your cheek? I'm damn sick of self righteous christian extremists. Your unlikely myth is just that. Timmy thought it was a done deal.

Now big, bad Orton is making him look like a possible third stringer behind Quinn. In fact, QUINN is making Tim look bad. Whose fault is that?

Does that mean Tim should pray more to Jesus so he gets better? Josh McDaniels last catastrophe is still in the making. What a whiner.
Posted Saturday August 06, 2011, About: Tebow edgy, showing signs of tension
If I spent 5 or 20 minutes with Tebow, the religious hubris would make me puke.

Wearing Bible verses on your cheek as QB of a possible #1 team? Then lose the game *and* a chance at the college championship?

Tim's had to grow up and get away from his religious extremist mom. The best thing he's done so far was finally refuse to do a mean-spirited anti-abortion ad his mom was dying to air last year.
Posted Tuesday December 21, 2010, About: Denver heeding fans: Orton out, Tebow in?
CommodoreFan: "Tebow is better than Orton. So the answer is...... "

Kyle Orton has been one of the top passers for two years. Too bad the rest of team, as they say in England, is ****, and the coaching petulant and rules-defying.

You don't know a damn thing about Tebow yet. You idiots got spoiled by Elway and will never be satisfied again. You don't deserve Orton; he should have a chance to get traded to a team with a future.

Let's hear some more ridicule about Jake Plummer's long hair, stupid Denver (boy, did Jake ever get the last word on Shanahan :). Let's run division-winning Jay Cutler and his fave receiver Brandon Marshall out of town. Both of them had "bad attitudes" and, despite Cutler making the Pro Bowl, "Cutler had never been to the postseason since high school."

And he never would have without being traded, since Denver has forgotten how to field a complete team. Sure, Tebow's the answer. Especially if the Broncos are on the two yard line a lot. Defense? Special teams? A running game? Wha'z that? Start to pray, Tim.

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