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Posted Sunday March 02, 2014, About: CC Sabathia shrugs off 88 mph fastballs
It is a progression all pitchers go through. Throw flames when they are young, then have to learn to really pitch as they age. Some make the transition successfully, some don't. Jury is out on CC.
Posted Thursday December 26, 2013, About: Red Sox heading in the wrong direction
Boston has some of the worst sportswriters in the nation, and Tomase is at the bottom of that pile. The reason he is still employed is he writes for the Herald.
Posted Saturday December 14, 2013, About: Did Yankees president tamper with Mike Trout?
Seems like the Red Sox and the Yankees have at least one thing in common: they both have presidents who suffer from foot in mouth disease
Posted Wednesday September 11, 2013, About: Rays' season slipping away
Last night, former Red Sox and Yankees pitcher Derek Lowe said that he always liked pitching in the Trop because he always felt he had a home game advantage with the fans.
Posted Tuesday September 10, 2013, About: Dodgers won't play for home field
I think the Dodgers have the best road record in the MLB.
Posted Sunday September 08, 2013, About: Has Jacoby Ellsbury played last game for Red Sox?
Oh, the Yahoos who call him "Mr. Fragile"! Even a bruised navicular is very painful, as I can attest by personal experience. Even walking on it is painful. Yet, "Mr. Fragile" played with a broken navicular, running hard, batting and sliding into multiple bases. You armchair warriors sure are tough from your armchairs! In the time he has been out, the Red Sox should clearly see that JBJr., as good as he is, is not a replacement for Ells. I hope the Front Office offers him a competitive bid to match his competitive play on the field. We will greatly miss him if they don't.
Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Alex Rodriguez meets with MLB officials
This is covered in the case Garrity v New Jersey. Essentially, an employer may impose administrative sanctions on an employee, up to and including termination, if that employee fails to cooperate fully in an employment-related investigation. Anything disclosed by the employee under the Garrity rule may not be used in a criminal investigation.
Posted Saturday July 13, 2013, About: Alex Rodriguez meets with MLB officials
The 5th amendment only applies to criminal investigations. The Supreme Court ruled a long time ago that it does not apply to employment investigations.
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: Lingering bad blood between Youk and Joba
Boy, if this is a story, we are starving for the lack of baseball!
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: Matt Williams speculation heats up in Toronto, Colorado
The Baseball Genius, Bobby Valentine, is available...
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: Matt Williams speculation heats up in Toronto, Colorado
Hey, the baseball genius, Bobby Valentine is available!
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: 'Zero' chance Ellsbury signs early
Second bad season in a row? He came in second in the MVP voting last year. As the season is winding down, he is now fully recovered and is showing what he can do. Do you even watch baseball?
Posted Saturday December 11, 2010, About: Yankees fear they may be losing Lee
Very true! For the sake of the rest of the AL East, I hope the Yanks get him. For his sake, however, I hope he goes back to the Rangers for fewer guaranteed years. In any case, he will be making insane money. Even if he accepts a shorter deal from the Rangers, he is going to make more money than he could ever spend, so what's the point? With the offers out there, he can afford to go where his heart is.
Posted Friday December 10, 2010, About: Crawford signing bothers ... Liverpool
The Beatles came out of Liverpool..
Posted Friday December 10, 2010, About: Rangers offend Lee with non-offer offer?
Ryan knows pitchers and he knows what he is doing. He was a truly elite pitchers into his 40's. Lee is no Nolan Ryan. Let Lee know that he is welcome back in Texas, but let the Yankees get stuck with the 7 years.

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