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Posted Sunday April 10, 2011, About: Best Intentional Walk Pitcher
Meant to say:
What pitcher throws/has thrown the most ridiculous intentional walk?
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: MVP of the season?
U R living in fantasy land BUDDY!! Rose isn't even top 2 at his position! Lebron is by far the MVP 'cause he gaurds the best player on the other team; regardlessof position. Rose can play D against some guards, but c'mon....he's not gonna guard the best player on any team. LBJ will attempt to D-UP the best player on any team, regardless of position. I can't wait to see Orlando vs Miami in the playoffs. HOPEFULLY THE IDIOT MEDIA FOLKS WILL NOT HAVE VOTED BY THEN!!
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: Is Kobe Bryant better than MichaelJordan?
Is HEROIN better than CRACK?
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: White Men Can't Jump
There it is! Can't wait to hear the arguments for Chris Mihm.....
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: White Men Can't Jump
2010-Gordon Haywood #9 Utah (I'm not convinced)
2009-Ricky Rubio #5 Minnisota??
2008-Kevin Love (SOLID) #5 Minnisota
-Daniel Gallinari (close to SOLID) #6 New York
-Joe Alexander (garbage?) #8 Milwaukee
2007-Spencer Hawes (garbage) #10 Sacremento
2006-Andrea Bargnani (overated, but SOLID) #1 Toronto
-Adam Morrison (garbage) #3 Charlotte
2005-Andrew Bogut (SOLID) #1 Milwaukee
2004-Rafael Araujo (garbage) #8 Toronto
-Luke Jackson (garbage) #10 Cleveland
2003-Darko Milicic (garbage) #2 Detroit
-Chris Kaman (SOLID) #6 LA CLippers
-Kirk Hinrich (SOLID) #7 Chicago
2002-Mike Dunleavy (SOLID) #3 Golden State
-Nickoloz Tskitishvili (??) #5 Denver
2001-Pau Gasol (SOLID) #3 Memphis
2000-Mike Miller (SOLID) #5 Orlando
-Chris Mihm (garbage) #7 Chicago
Posted Friday March 25, 2011, About: White Men Can't Jump
I just don't understand why NBA GMs would take a less than 50/50 gamble, when they could easily get higher odds than that. It's not about white players only playing certain positions, it's about GMs making the a lower percentage play when there are higher odds available.
Posted Friday August 06, 2010, About: Can the Knicks please sign Shaq, Iverson, and Mcgrady?
Why does everyone hate any player that is past their prime? All three of those guys are valuable, but for some reason when a guy scores 30 points/game for a season and then later can only score 10-15, they are terrible people and don't belong in the league. Why don't people hate players that only score 10-15 points/game in their primes like; Anthony Parker, Shane Battier, Boris Diaw, Mo Williams, Manu Ginobli.....

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