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Posted Sunday March 30, 2014, About: Vince Carter thinks he deserves new Mavs contract
Ray Allen comes to mind...
Posted Thursday November 15, 2012, About: Can Toronto lure Cox now?
Why does writing something stupid on his eyeblack have any impact on his ability to play shortstop. Yunel is the best shortstop, as well as infielder overall, since Tony Fernandez. I think that the whole city of Toronto would rather a politically correct team, then a winning team!!

And also, the starting rotation last year had one rookie (Hutchinson), one 2nd year, unproven, player (Drabek), another dude with all the tools, but head problems (Morrow) and a guy that had only pitched 2 years in the majors (Alvarez)...Romero was the only known commodity. If you think all of these guy healthy would've got them to the playoffs, then.......
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Van Gundy warns NBA: Fans may not be there
I think that you miss the point of professional sports. People buy season tickets to watch the best athletes in the world. Even if you live in Minnesota, Toronto, or New Jersey, you have a chance to watch the best basketball players in the world. Any chance that I get to see LeBron play, I'll take, because he's the GOAT. But besides LeBron, there's at least one player on every team that I'd love to see play in person.

My point is that this is the Entertainment business, and the NBA can provide both the hardcore, and the casual fan with more entertainment value, than any other top professional sport. The problem with trying to equate college ball with the NBA is that the talent is not even close. There are maybe 5 to 10 college players that I'd really like to see live, while I'd really love to see around 60 different NBA players play live.
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Braun takes the high road, won't slam Reyes
But you won't remember who won the batting title?
Posted Friday September 30, 2011, About: Braun takes the high road, won't slam Reyes
Really?? You'll remember who got swept in the first round?
Posted Saturday April 09, 2011, About: Rookie gives Raptors reason to wheel Bargnani
The problem is not what position Bargnani should play, its how to hide him on D. Obviously he is not strong enough to bang with the good centers in the league. He can get away with guarding guys like Bosh, Love and David Lee. Putting a couple biggs on the floor with him and having him guard the SF is crazy; he just doesn't have the athleticism. Bargnani D-ing up guys like Pierce, LBJ, Melo, Gerald Wallace, Taj Gibson, Maggette, Wilson Chandler......not gonna happen
Posted Saturday April 09, 2011, About: Friend: Police made up Iverson report
I think it was MJ who said "there's no 'I' in team, but there's an 'I' in win." Is DWade better than MJ 'cause he was selfish?
Posted Saturday October 16, 2010, About: Could MJ score 100 today?
I haven't read that book, but I seem to remember the raptors beating the bulls that if 10% of their losses came from an expansion team then this argument seems weak.
Posted Thursday September 23, 2010, About: Noah the hangup in a Melo deal
If you include the Mets, I think that the baseball thing is close to a draw. The problem with the pizza thing is that only people from NY like that garbage, while people all over the country like Chicago's. But I think the real tipping point should be Blackhawks vs. Rangers.
Posted Sunday September 19, 2010, About: Iverson not heading to China?
I'll give you Stockton, Isiah, Nash and Kidd, but Iverson is definitely above KJ, Price, and Mark Jackson. Iverson had many years where he was totally dominant. He is now obviously beyond his prime but he can still contribute more to any team than any of the bums at the end of the bench.

As far as saying that those other current players are better than AI; it seems strange to compare someone who has over a decade of results, with guys that have less than 5 years and currently in their prime (except for John Wall-absolutely absurd to put him on any list).

Remember when MJ played for the wizards? He was a shell of his former dominant self and there were probably 100 better players in the league. That did not take away from his earlier dominance as he is still viewed as the greatest player ever.
Posted Saturday August 07, 2010, About: NBA may block Isiah hire
He is by far the best player on their team, so he should get the most money possible. This is how it works in a cap system; The best players in the league get max contracts, not he top 20 but more like the top 30 to 40.
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Turkoglu on Raptors: 'Something wrong' there
It's too bad that turkoglu didn't try last year...and its even worse that the Raptors gave up on him so quickly (therefore got little in return as his stock was the lowest its ever been.) It seems like recurring theme to hold onto or overpay players when they are overachieving, and then trade them when they have no value.

Vince Carter-bag of pucks
Chris Bosh-trade exemption??
Jose Calderon-$50 mil based on 20 good games
Andrea Bargnani-$50 mil based on potential
Amir Johnson-big bucks based on potential
TJ Ford-for a broken Oneal
Lineas Kleiza-had a good season in europe so might as well give him 20 mil
Posted Tuesday July 27, 2010, About: Colangelo lashes out at Bosh
Vince had some great seasons with the raptors and up until the season when he started tipping the plays to his opponents, he was definitely a player to build around. Demanding a trade, and then not trying, demonstrates his lack of heart. Before he committed those atrocities he was one of the best franchise players in the league (remember when he rimmed out the last shot of the series vs Phily that would have sent the raptors the ECF.)

I'm not saying that he is a player to build around now, or that he doesn't have many flaws, but when he was in toronto he was one the best players in the league and definitely the guy to build any franchise around.
Posted Monday July 19, 2010, About: Jordan questions LeBron's move
You forgot:
Gambled on his own team/thrown out of the league/got his father killed
Accused of raping a hooker

How come Pete Rose isn't in the hall of fame but MJ is the best ball player ever?

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