Posted Saturday September 29, 2012, About: Barkley: Stoudemire-Anthony will fail again
@ G-B Actually Melo and Amare have had just over a season together.... they've only played 102 games together since Melo got traded to the Knicks. It may have spanned 2 seasons, but they havent played two seasons worth of games together. And actually they've played less than 102 games together, that just how many games they've been on the same team. With injuries etc. They've played a little over 82 games together. Never had a training camp together... can they get a chance?
Posted Monday March 28, 2011, About: Billups playing way out of Knicks' plans?
I understand the complaints about D'Antoni... but let be fair, if your roster changes every 4 months, how can you ask any coach and I mean ANY coach to be successful with a roster that has a revolving door. The man has 3 players on his roster from last season, and one had to come back after being traded. At the beginning of this year he had 4 players from last years roster and 1 who didnt play. He hasnt had a stable roster since he signed. This year alone Knicks have had 23 different players under contract
Posted Thursday August 26, 2010, About: Stoudemire to improve without Nash?
A lot of people are doubting Amare.. but the facts show that Amare avg 20 and 9 in his second year before Nash came to Pheonix.

Now when Nash came his points per game went up to 26. But Nash's assists per game also went up 3 per game----DIRECT CORRELATION!! When Amare was out that 1 season Nash's assists went down 2 per game. When Amare came back they went back up. Another year Amare only played 53 games and Nash's assists were down two as well. BOTH A DIRECT CORRELATION to Amare's absence

You can say Amare needs Nash all you want, but its obvious Nash needed Amare as well. They played off each other, but both can obviously get theirs on there own.

Pheonix used to give Amare the ball to go one on one on plenty of occassions and he was unstoppable, it was just more effective for him and Nash to play that screen and role game because they were so good at it and they were less predictable.

Amare's rebounding is slightly lower than they should BECAUSE of his athletic ability. Amare is able to defend smaller threes on the wing if necessary, which in turn causes him to be out of rebounding position sometimes. Pheonix likes to create mismatches and this is one way in which they used to create mismatches.

He avgs 9 reb for his career... same as Bosh but know one says anything about Bosh's rebounding.

If you want proof of all of this go to NBA and check the stats.

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