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Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Heat interested in Nene
PS - Do the Heat fans ever look back at drafting Michael Beasley and wonder what would have happened if they took the 2nd best player in the draft ... Russell Westbrook?

...or even the third best player ... Kevin Love?

...could have drafted a star point guard a few years ago. Missed out. Badly.
...could have drafted a stud power forward a few years ago. Missed out. Badly.
Posted Sunday March 27, 2011, About: Heat interested in Nene
Bulls fan here - Couldn't care less what the Heat do, but I find it funny that people assume the team can just get anyone they want. A real dynasty in the 1990's, and playing without a salary cap, the Chicago Bulls "could" have gotten anyone they wanted in free agency. There were always rumors that players like Ewing and Barkley wanted to sign with Chicago, but big time guys never did ... either because the Bulls didn't feel they needed them or because the players prefered the chance to beat them than to win with them.

Yet 15 years later, with a salary cap in place, the Miami Heat are just going to get everyone? Right ... A guy like Nene - or Hinrich as another poster mentioned - would be perfect fits for Miami. Nene, a quality banger ... and Hinrich a stud perimter defender with a decent 3-point shot ... would fit perfectly mainly because they don't need the ball to be effective. But just cause they'd fit perfectly, it doesn't mean they'll get them. And it also doesn't mean the team would win just because they had them.

I do - however - find it hilarious that a poster said that people are afraid of the Heat acquiring Nene because his addition would start off the Heat dynasty ... WTF! Wasn't the addition of James and Bosh supposed to start off that dynasty? Have the expectations of Heat fans fallen to such a level that you don't think you can without Nene?

Look - no one is afraid of the Heat acquiring Nene. People outside Miami are just realistic that it has about a 0.5% chance of happening - same goes with Hinrich. Both players make roughly $10 million. The Heat are over the cap. The Heat have 2 tradeable assets (James and Wade). Neither will be dealt. The Heat have an overpaid big man that doesn't like to play down low (Bosh) whose trade value isn't nearly as much today as his free agency value was last summer. After that, they have Mike Miller (overpaid), Mike Bibby (over the hill), Udonis Haslem (solid) and a few other players that have almost zero value to other teams. Add in the potential of a hard cap and the elimination of the MLE, and it just seems completely unrealistic for the Heat to have any shot of acquiring anyone of substance in the near future.

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