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Nightmares tonight....

Thanks Yoda....

Unless I mis-understand...playoffs won't be until 2014? This is we have this season (and NCG) and then next season (2013) with NCG, and then the playoffs starting season 2014...
Posted Monday June 18, 2012, About: Which athletes have made a deal with the Devil?
The opposite....the deal with the Devil was struck by Elin....everytime Tiger starts to get back, the wheels fall off and he has to start over again...

Did you see where the Browns were talking to the Rams about trading for Bradford? Poor McCoy, getting no respect at all....
They need either a RB, WR, TE, Defense...only thing they were better than the opp at was in the kicking game and that wasn't by much...
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Tebow to the Jets - Like or Dislike?
If MS is any kind of highly competitive athlete (which you would have to be to compete in professional sports of any kind), Tebus will, at the very least, push him to be better....good move on Jets...
Posted Monday March 19, 2012, About: Peyton SHOULD have gone to the 49ers..
They both went 2 deep into the playoffs....and Denver was only 8-8 with Tebus while SF was 13-3 with AS.....

On the surface look like SF would be better, but if Tebus can get the players and fans excited enough to win 8 and go 2 deep in the playoffs (losing to NE)...don't know. Good be good players just starting to jell? 1-3 with Orton...7-5 with Tebus...

Manning is going to make any team better.....
Good or bad on the field, Moss is poison in the locker room. Professional Sport/Business or not, one bad apple can impact the whole team....
Posted Tuesday March 06, 2012, About: FFTI II: Deep Run in the NIT vs. One and Done NCAA
I'll read and vote in a bit....but saw this and thought of you WWJ

Posted Monday March 05, 2012, About: The 2011-2012 most improved NBA player will be....
Other than his interesting use of capitalization, ziggy hasn't produced any past statistics to bolster the improvement. He just says he has improved, hasn't proved it with any salient facts or examples.

Would have had to go with DJ here. but a bit late I see....
Sorry...wasn't trying to start anything. Have a good evening and easy workweek.

:)'s called being a professional. :)
Yep....Ryan Leaf had a lot of confidence as well.... :)
Good TD Mondo....enjoyed this one.
Enjoyed it Bigalke...really out of my comfort zone. LOL
Thanks, that worked.
It's for the series where they all turn left. :)
I've submitted the argument 3 times and it won't take...ef'ng FN...
DJ...not sure about the Florida pick, but I admire your pluck....and damn sure better than LUS....
I have already picked OU/Miss State NCG.....

easy since there's no money involved.... :)
Posted Wednesday August 03, 2011, About: Predict the Schedule: Arizona Cardinals
This is difficult...they both predicted a loss against the Cowboys.......

AH....U.Wrex is predicting a victory over the Sam Bradford led for DJ
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