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Posted Wednesday July 27, 2011, About: Cards chasing four QB options
I am just sick........DRC and a high draft pick for Kolb, that is just bad, plus now they are gonna let Breaston walk.....what is wrong with this teams front office, they need off lineman so bad, yet they draft a running back, when they got 2 good backs in Hightower, and Wells, plus very good backups,..........if Kolb is a bust the whole front office must go
Posted Friday February 25, 2011, About: At his best, Kessel among best in the world
Why does everybody say Boston raped Toronto with the Kessel trade, as of now clearly Toronto has won this trade, Kessel has 56 goals to Seguin 10, as a long time Bruin fan and watch them pretty much every game, Seguin is not a sure thing, don't get me wrong, you can see the talent, but he needs the heart to go with talent, as for this years pick from Toronto it isn't gonna be a top ten pick the way Toronto has been playing.....I'd say it was a good trade for both teams, but no way has Burke gotten taken on this one, at least not yet
Posted Tuesday February 22, 2011, About: Why Bruins needed Kaberle, Peverley
Why does everybody say Bruins raped Toronto with the Kessell trade, last time I looked Toronto got a 30 goal scorer 2 straight years for Toronto while the Bruins got Seguin who basically has done nothing this year, and this years pick they will get from Toronto looks good but it takes 2 years for a player to help your team, not saying wasn't good trade for B's but I would not say it a one sided deal, they have gotten about 70 goals to the Bruins 10 goals so far
Posted Tuesday February 15, 2011, About: Kolb flattered by Fitzgerald report
Until the Bidwell family gets rid of this franchise, the Cardinals will never be serious contenders again regardless. Their refusal to pay and keep the good players has plagued this organization since they left ST. Louis....A pity and the NFL should take this team away from this family....

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Uhm I would think a Super Bowl appearance would be a serious contender, followed by a playoff win the next year, and a 4-2 postseason record last 3 yrs a serious contender, not saying they were not bad last year but this team does have some nice players and can easily win division next year and anything can happen in playoffs as we all know, plus in their division everyone is a serious contender
Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: B's call-up may force Seguin to bench
You cannot fault the Bruins for not sending him back to Juniors, what was he gonna prove there, at least now he knows what he needs to do to be ready next year, an really the Bruins were not expecting him to be a 30 goal scorer this year, at best Cam Neely was hoping for about 30 -40 pts from him and for him to show improvement but he is getting worse, specially in his own end,....but hopefully he can turn it around
Posted Wednesday February 09, 2011, About: B's call-up may force Seguin to bench
Not a 4th liner until recently? He played on the 4th line no more than a month ago and he also is decent at faceoffs having a better % than Krejci. He also hasnt stayed with the same linemates this season for more than a few games as Julin constantly moves him around the line-up and also switches him between all 3 forward positions almost daily.
Basically, the bruins don't know what to do with him. They have to keep him in Boston but don't really have room for him in the line-up. Everyone in Boston blasted Mike Milbury when he said Seguin should be sent back to juniors after the first 8 games but shockingly he appears to be right

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Seguin has had every opportunity to shine with this team and just isn't getting it done, he needs to toughen up a little, as for Milbury anything he says he just crap he is an idiot, I can tell you a million things Milbury says every Bruins pregame where he is clueless, the only good thing about Milbury is he is not afraid to say whats on his mind even though he is always wrong
Posted Tuesday February 08, 2011, About: B's call-up may force Seguin to bench
Ok I have read all these comments now you can hear it from someone who watched every Bruin game this year..Seguin you can tell is gonna be very good, he has amazing hands, but to me his problem is he gets knocked off the puck to easy and is really terrible in the corners, he needs to get aggressive very soft so far, as a huge B's fan I am worried about this kid, he also uses his stick instead of his body, as for you guys saying he has not gotten ice time its because he don't deserve it, and he has played center but not winning faceoffs, and he was not a 4th liner, until recently...he really doesn't deserve to play....soft, soft, soft, he needs to grow up
Posted Tuesday February 08, 2011, About: 'Strong possibility' Savard's season is over
As a bruin fan the rumors swirling are Edmonton's Dustin Penner, for the B's #1 pick and Mark Stuart a solid defenseman that is tough and has leader qualities....for me though the only guy that can bring the Bruins the cup is Jerome Inginla, if I was Boston I'd give Calgary their Toronto pick which could be #5 overall and 2 of their defenseman as the Bruins have some nice young defenseman NHL ready, and maybe a young forward
Posted Tuesday February 08, 2011, About: White Sox armed to deal with Yankees
John Danks is the ONLY guy in that group worth trading for. The other two are .500 pitchers on their best day. How much is he worth? Not your best prospects, not at all. That deal can be made in August, and if burnett and hughes do not come through, then he will not make a difference.

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I disagree Floyd gives you close to 200 innings and can win 15-18 games for the Yanks...this kid is gonna put it all together eventually, for the last 3 yrs he has had bad starts and then came on and had really good seasons...its just that the bad starts make his stats look worse than they are
Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: B's concerned about Savard
As a Bruin Fan...I read all comments and do not agree with people saying he's gotten soft, he has always been weak in the corners when it comes to contact, that being said, he has not been scared since his comeback to go in the corners at all, I watch every B's game, and he was just starting to play better, making the usual slick passes, if anything he would have had a lot more points if that BUM HORTON could score (but thats another story)...anyway he might be fine, if you have been a Bruin fan you will remember when Bergeron came back from his serious concussion and got another slight one, and everyone thought he was done, and look at him now....You guys are entiltled to your opinion but just thought I'd put that out there, oh yea Savie also has dropped the gloves since he came back, and I don't ever remembering him doing that before
Posted Sunday January 16, 2011, About: Rangers eyeing White Sox pitchers?
This **** sucks they gotta stop these ads, its making me not want to visit anymore
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Soriano also on Sox's list
I think the Chisox are gonna trade Edwin Jackson then go get Soriano
Posted Sunday January 02, 2011, About: Julien benches top line
Who says that the Horton, Luce, Savie line is their top my eyes its the Krejci line with Ryder and Wheeler by far.......besides Luce who has done anything on the so called top line in last 10 games, Horton in invisible he had 7 goals in 1st 5 games and has done absolutetly nothing since and Savie is just starting to gain his old form after returning from injury and as for Luce yea he has 16 goals but 4 of them are empty netters
Posted Monday December 06, 2010, About: Reinsdorf to woo Konerko with $52 million?
Sign Paulie, then trade Quentin to Red Sox for Papelbon straight up, Red Sox want to unload Paps and need a Right handed bat to play left field, Quentin would kill it in Fenway
Posted Thursday December 02, 2010, About: B's releasing Seguin to WJC for cap relief?
What cap space Sturm I live in the town the Bruins practice and go to them when I can and Sturm isn't close to returning he still is not even close to skating at full strenght and then when he is ready he is gonna go down to Providence for a good 5-7 game stint...remember this guy is coming off 2 straight ACL Seguin is doing OK he has 5 goals in 22 games on pace for 20 goals not bad for a rookie
Posted Tuesday November 30, 2010, About: Hunwick deal a sign of things to come in Boston?
Uhm the Bruins have plenty of defensive debt...they just don't have the puck moving defenseman, they got 3 kids in the minors NHL ready now,
Posted Sunday November 28, 2010, About: Bruins to clear space for Savard
Thanx Schad at least someone out here knows what they are talking about
Posted Sunday November 28, 2010, About: Bruins to clear space for Savard
Where are you guys coming up with this Savie is one hit away from his career being can say that about every athlete in everty freakin sport, also if you guys are so called Bruin fans do you remember Bergeron his concussion was worse than Savie's and then he got another concussion and he is fine now he gets hit hard all the time.....You guys are talking like Savie is some smuck who is a bum uhm get with the program the guy is a bona fide #1 center in NHL
Posted Friday November 26, 2010, About: Blues looking to deal with Bruins?
2 things 1st why is Savie 1 check away from, Bergeron had a worse concussion and missed a whole season came back got another and now is for Ryder in my opinion the Blues can pretty much have him and Hunwick for a 2nd round pick, Ryder can put the puck in the net and the only reason the B's are willing to part with that is his 4 mil cap hit, I think they are gonna keep Wheeler he is big and versitile player.....just my opinion, oh and also I think if they could trade Thomas they would, but he has a 5mil cap hit and no contender can take on that money
Posted Friday November 19, 2010, About: Amaro shoots down Ordonez talk, mum on Quentin
Quentin would not fit in in Philly, he is a intense leave me alone type of guy and the Phils are a happy go lucky bunch of wild dogs, they will hate Quentin

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