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Posted Sunday February 27, 2011, About: Cardinals eyeing free agent pitcher?
Two words: Jeff Weaver!
Posted Friday November 05, 2010, About: Thomas still wants to deliver LeBron to NYC
WOW... let it go already!!
Posted Saturday October 30, 2010, About: Notre Dame losing grip on recruits?
LOL!! I'm with u on this!!
Posted Saturday October 30, 2010, About: Notre Dame losing grip on recruits?
ND is trying sooooo hard to get back to being relevant in college football again that they have lost sight of the values that had set them apart for so many years! Once Lou Holtz left it has been one horrible gaff after another!! They had a character coach when the had Tye Willingham... they blew that. They HAD a chance to get Urban Meyer... they blew that. And NOW under Coach Kelly, they allow a kid to get killed when he had NO place being on that lift! MAYBE... just maybe... if they went back to being an institution of integrity things will eventually turn around for them.
Posted Monday October 25, 2010, About: Source: 49ers owners losing patience with Singletary
Come back to Chicago bro
Posted Wednesday October 06, 2010, About: Might St. Louis be Girardi's kind of town?
remember... he WAS a Cardinal at one time! ;-)
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: La Russa sees merit in his departure
Well said!!!
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Titans coach: We aren't dirty
Sounds like McDaniels and Orton need some cheese to go with their whine!!
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: La Russa sees merit in his departure
Wow! so wat ur saying is that the only "real" players the Cardinals have is Pujols, Holliday, Molina, Carpy and Wainwright???
Posted Wednesday September 29, 2010, About: Fernandez still wants out of NBA
I know money isn't everything to everybody but it's pretty sad when $1 mil can't motivate u 2 go to work everyday! Play out ur contract and then u have the choice to do watever u want!
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Eva: Tony Parker wants to play in Big Apple
The title should read:

Eva wants Tony Parker to play in the Big Apple!

Parker will plain in San Antonio, New York, Chicago... Miami! As long as he's playing on a team that has a CHANCE at the playoffs and as long as they're paying him, he'll gladly play for whoever!
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Lovie's job on line in Chicago
WHAT??? This is SHOCKING breaking news!!
Posted Thursday August 12, 2010, About: Cutler: I'm going to throw some picks
the first step to recovery is admitting that u have a problem!!
Posted Saturday August 07, 2010, About: Speier joins Cubs managerial list
It doesn't matter WHO the Cubs hire... they will still suck. There have been some good managers to manage the Cubs and yet they still can't win in the playoffs. Look at all of the money they spent on big name free agents and still come up short. Look at the caliber of managers they've hired lately... it took Dusty what? two years to get Cincy back to winning?!?! Maybe new ownership will change things in Chicago but I seriously doubt it. There has never been a professional team that is immune to winning like the Cubs. Not a good place to get your first managerial job! And Ryno couldn't bring a World Series to the Cubs as a player... what makes him think he can do it as their manager??
Posted Saturday August 07, 2010, About: Rays manager wants new catwalk rules
not so funny when it happens TO you now is it???
Posted Thursday August 05, 2010, About: Martz on Cutler: 'Nothing to work on'
Here's wat it boils down to... if Cutler has another horrible season everyone will say, "I knew it"! IF Cutler has a great season everyone will say, "total fluke... no one ever saw that coming"! (well, with the exception of Bears fans) Everyone had Jay Cutler as the heir apparent... the Michael Jordan of football if you will when he was with the Donkos. The moment he went to the Bears he all the sudden becomes crap and worthless?!?!?

I get that he doesn't have the same weapons as he once did and that makes it tougher on him but is that on him if he is surrounded by lesser talent? Who knows, maybe forcing himself out of Denver to the Bears will prevent him from being a stud NFL qb. The fact is, he is a good qb... at least he was under Shannahan(sp?). Maybe I'm splitting hairs over this but I find it ridiculous how everyone sung the praises of Cutler and now he's a joke... can someone really drop from "future hall of famer" to loser so fast???
Posted Monday August 02, 2010, About: Turkoglu on Raptors: 'Something wrong' there
Everybody disses the Raptors
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Cook on Cards radar
Yeah... there's def a dip in defense with Uggla but I think his offense would make up for that in long run. But really... if the Cards can add a quality starter, that will take some pressure off the top three (Carp/Waino and Jamie) AND they add another bat to that lineup... I think THEY become the NL favorites!!
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Cook on Cards radar
Cook OR Westbrook will definitely help more than the combo of Suppan/Hawksworth/Penny/Loshe!! There is hope that Loshe comes back and can be at least effective but the bottom of the rotation has been a train wreck this year.

I would love for the Cards to go out and get another bat as well... Dan Uggla at second?!?! That would be a sturdy lineup that could make up for Ryan's inability to hit this year.
Posted Thursday July 22, 2010, About: Rose on Chicago: 'Never' leaving
Posted Saturday July 17, 2010, About: Orioles drawing trade interest
It's sad that year-in and year-out this is what the O's have become. I remember when they used to be a respected organization and now their the laughing stock of the AL. Oh, they tease their fans every now and again making them think that they might actually be worth the money fans pay to go see them and then they are right back to their old sucky selves. Not that it matters to me one way or another... I just hate it for fans of a team to suffer through this crap (except for the Cubs of course).

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