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Posted Wednesday October 19, 2011, About: NFL Power Rankings - Week 6
McNabb is grossly inaccurate. He never hits a receiver in stride and that severely limits their YAC.
Posted Thursday September 29, 2011, About: Big Ten and the Next Best 3, Week 5
Can't wait for that NEB-WI game!!!
Posted Sunday September 25, 2011, About: Top 10: Quarterbacks
Good lists overall, but I feel that you have to downgrade Manning because of the neck injury. Honestly, would you take Manning over Rodgers or Rivers right now? Of course not.
Posted Tuesday July 19, 2011, About: Little over 2 years and gone
Well done!
Posted Monday November 01, 2010, About: Handy Dandy HTML Guide
Posted Thursday October 28, 2010, About: 2011 NFL Mock Draft, 1.0
How can all four NFC North teams end up in the top 16? One has to win the division and get a pick no better than 20.
Posted Thursday October 14, 2010, About: Top 10 College Football Games This Weekend (Week 7)
Ohio St. will crush Wisconsin. WI hasn't played well in weeks and are nowhere near the caliber of OSU. OSU 31 WI 20.
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Da Bears?
The Lions went 4-0 in the 08 preseason and then well, you know.
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: While the Falcon may have fallen, the Eagle has emerged.
Don't be so anxious to start a QB as limited as Vick. Be patient and let Kolb develop and you have a chance at having a very good QB. If the Eagles start Vick, they are starting a so-so qb.
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: Im calling it!
Keller has some serious trouble telling where the first down marker is.
Posted Sunday August 29, 2010, About: Aaron (Arrogant) Rodgers.....The man that would be Favre
Rodgers was actually one of the three QBs voted in along with Favre and Brees. Rodgers would have went to the pro bowl with or without Favre "bowing out", dumdass. And the Packers made the playoffs because they had a 7-1 second half and were a miracle catch as time expired from being 8-0. Oh and as far as education in Wisconsin, I do believe that Wisconsin has one of the better state college systems in the country as well as consistently scoring in the top 5 in the nation in standardized test scores. Calling people in Wisconsin stupid is just utterly ignorant. And I'm not really sure where you're going with the whole Nazi argument...
Posted Sunday August 29, 2010, About: Aaron (Arrogant) Rodgers.....The man that would be Favre
Aaron Rodgers is like the anti-Favre. When Favre would get sacked he would ridicule his o-line, Rodgers says he held the ball too long. Favre skips camp, Rodgers goes to every OTA, mini and TC's and always says he has room to improve.

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