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Posted Sunday July 31, 2011, About: Samuel odd man out in Philly?
First, I don't think any of them should be moved to safety. Second, I wasn't saying you use Asante like a typical safety if you do. I meant that he could be used as a freelancer. Asante's biggest skill is reading QBs and jumping routes. When it works it's great. When it doesn't he can be beat. If you set him up as a designated freelance ballhawk, then you let him take chances and force turnovers while removing the risk if he guesses wrong.
Posted Sunday July 31, 2011, About: Samuel odd man out in Philly?
No, they're just doing the unthinkable...actually using FA for what it's supposed to be used for. They're not building a team with free agents, they're fixing a couple areas of need. The Eagles have put together a solid core, but really needed to improve their pass rush and secondary. So, they picked up Babin and Jenkins to boost their pass rush, and Nnamdi and DRC to bolster their secondary. The other additions are all about depth.
Posted Sunday July 31, 2011, About: Samuel odd man out in Philly?
I think some of you must be heavily medicated. A 3rd round pick for Asante Samuel? The only thing more ridiculous was the notion the Eagles would cut him. They never let a valuable asset go without getting a nice payoff. The Eagles won't exactly be desperate to be rid of him. Cap space is not an issue. Before all of this started, they were something like $30 million under the cap. On top of that, they chose not to keep any of their own FAs (not a big loss really. Mikkel was the best of the bunch and he's on the down side), freeing up a lot more room. As for 3 highly paid CBs, not so fast. Nnamdi and Asante, yes. DRC is still on his rookie contract and his cap hit is under $2 million I believe. As for the other pickups, the Eagles got good deals on them. Cullen Jenkins is only $4 million this year, and Babin isn't a huge hit either. VY is on a one year incentive laden contract, so that's not a big hit. Actually, trading Bunkley makes signing Jenkins almost a wash this year in terms of cap space. So, maybe Asante will be traded, but the Eagles certainly will not feel pressured by the cap to do so at a discount...certainly not given the teams in need of a CB. Who knows, maybe they'll keep all three. Asante has already said he wants to stay in Philly, and DRC has said he'd be willing to play nickel back (and we should expect to see quite a bit of nickel this year). Oh, and if you move anyone to FS (which I'm not recommending), move Asante and use him the way the Ravens use Ed Reed or the Saints used Sharper. Don't involve him in the run game, let him freelance in the secondary and jump routes at will.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Fitzgerald: 'Don't write me off just yet'
Actually, Leinart is the one who got Fitzgerld hurt. The guy really hung Fitz out to dry with that ugly pass.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Steelers to consider dumping Big Ben for Dixon?
Actually, their defense should be substantially improved. Save Troy for the moment, their also getting back Smith, a D-lineman many non-Steeler fans don't pay any attention to, but who is a vital part of their front seven. He helps open up holes for the LBs to take advantage of. So, with Smith back, the front seven should be back in full force. Now, back to Troy. The reason the Steelers defense fell apart without Troy is that their CBs aren't as good as they used to be. Troy, with his incredible athleticism and playmaking ability was able to cover up that weakness most of the time, going so far as to basically do the CB's job if the CB failed to do so. With Troy back, the secondary is dramatically improved. In addition, they finally realized that letting McFadden go was a mistake, and they reacquired him in the offseason. So, not only is Troy back, but they should be somewhat better at CB to boot. I'm not worried about the Steelers defense.

I am worried about their offense, however. Their O-line already raised some questions, and then they lost their tackle. They picked up Flo to fill in, but he didn't look so hot in that first preseason game. Maybe he's just adjusting to a new system and a new group of linemen, or maybe there was a very good reason that Dallas dumped him. Then there's the loss of Holmes. He may be an idiot off the field at times, but he made some big plays on the field. I think Wallace has a lot of potential, but I don't know how they make up for the production they lose with Holmes. Hopefully they can get the running game going, but the O-line hasn't been able to open up a lot of holes consistently for a little while. Oh, and then there's the QB situation. Ben is out anywhere from 4 to 6 games (most likely 4). Dixon had a great game, but that was just the first preseason game, and it was against the Lions. Who knows if he can keep that kind of performance up against tougher competition. Then again, it might not matter. Tomlin seems determined right now to start Leftwich, and he didn't look all that good against the Lions. So, while the defense doesn't concern me, the offense does.
Posted Monday August 16, 2010, About: QB controversy breaks out in Denver
This article is reaching a little bit. It's stretching things to refer to the situation as a QB controversy when you're talking about the backup QB.
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Chargers pressuring holdouts
For the love of God, they did honor their contracts. They are restricted free agents this year, and they'd have been unrestricted free agents had it not been for the altered rules of the uncapped year. Do you people even read the stories before you blindly follow the lead of the team's front office? Both of these guys played out their contracts last year without causing any problems for the team, despite the fact that the team never attempted to negotiate extensions for either player. Why? Because AJ knew the uncapped year was coming and figured he could use the rules to his advantage and force them to continue playing for the Chargers this year at a huge discount. The players refused to completely submit, and AJ threw a tantrum and reduced their tender offers. That's something that every team is able to do under the circumstances, but only AJ actually went through with it. So, now AJ has backed them into a corner and created the very rare case in which it makes more sense for a player to sit out. Wow, what a brilliant GM. This is a text book case of being penny wise but dollar dumb.
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Chargers pressuring holdouts
and how exactly would he end up playing for free? Neither player is under contract. They played those out. So, neither player can be fined by the team for not showing up. If they do eventually sign their tenders and show up, they'll be paid the same amount per game that they would have been had they signed them already. Putting them on the roster exempt list means they won't be able to be active for the first 3 weeks after they sign, and won't get paid for that time, but that still leaves them with the same amount of money per game that they are eligible to play.
Posted Sunday August 15, 2010, About: Chargers pressuring holdouts
Neither player is being offered any real money. A one year $600,000 tender offer to a pro-bowl starting WR and a two-time pro-bowl starting LT isn't an offer, it's a slap in the face. While I'd normally agree with you that holding out is a dumb move, in this case it's completely rational. Why risk suffering a serious injury that could dramatically limit your future earnings potential for such a pathetic one year offer with no guarantee of future money? AJ backed these guys into a corner, and then he threw a tantrum when they didn't immediately cave in to his irrational demands. We're talking about two young, talented players that help make that offense go. Those are the kind of guys you keep around. Sure, with Jackson you add a clause in his contract that protects you if he does something else dumb off the field, but you keep him around if he keeps his nose clean. McNeill has had no problems off the field. AJ, however, is doing everything he can to ruin the organization's relationship with these players, and could very well turn San Diego into a place that players with options choose to avoid.
Posted Saturday August 14, 2010, About: Paterno refuses to name QB frontrunner
Watch it bud. When your team's coach has more wins than any other coach in history, then you can talk trash. Until then, just sit back and enjoy another losing season clippers fan. Besides, you can joke all you want, but when the other coaches have as much respect for the man as they do, you might just use that as a clue. Some senior citizen jokes are fine, but if anyone has earned the right to decide when and on what terms he leaves it's Joe Paterno.
Posted Saturday August 14, 2010, About: Pats, Brady closing on deal?
Both accurate and humorous. Well done. It's simple really. All 17 points the Raiders scored came at the very end of the game, when many of the "players" on the field won't be in the league once the season starts. Campbell didn't look bad, but had nothing to do with their "win". On a sarcastic "gee, what a surprise" side note, despite all the hype by Al Davis and the local beat writers, Heyward-Bey had exactly zero receptions. The Raiders really need to sit that guy and start Murphy and Shillens (pretty sure I messed that name up). Cowboys O-line did look a little shaky, however, with both Free and Columbo getting beat. With that being said, the Cowboys better hope no one gets injured, because their backups certainly aren't pushing their starters. Too early to tell how the line will gel, however.
Posted Saturday July 24, 2010, About: Glenn Beck apologizes for calling Urlacher 'neo-Nazi'
You know, once upon a time in the Senate, you were as likely to find a Democrat and Republican hanging out together after hours as a couple of Republicans or a couple of Democrats. There was a sense of collegiality that overrode political beliefs. It also helped both sides come together at times to get necessary legislation passed in a timely manner. When Teddy Kennedy died, he probably had almost as many conservative friends as he did liberal ones, despite the fact that his conservative friends often campaigned against him (even when they were actually running against someone else). No more, sadly. Redistricting has led to increasingly polarized political districts, which in turn has led to increasingly polarized politicians. The more extreme they are in their views, the better they do in the primaries. That's what counts most, as most general elections are pretty much predetermined these days. Because of that, the sensible middle in politics is at the very least an endangered species. Even worse, the rhetoric being used only serves to further polarize the general public. It's become quite the ugly self-feeding cycle.
Posted Saturday July 24, 2010, About: Glenn Beck apologizes for calling Urlacher 'neo-Nazi'
Personally, I'm what I refer to as a classical liberal, meaning that I believe in the preservation of all rights....whether you're talking about the right to keep and bare arms or the right of any individual to not have someone else tell them what they can or cannot do with their own body. Having grown up in central PA, however, most of my friends tend to be somewhat conservative or libertarian. I love a good debate, and I'm willing to listen to almost anyone and any point of view, provided there's some rational backing for their arguments. Most of the people on Fox,however, are simply horrendous, and they offer little if any reasoned thought behind their arguments. Beck is the worst. He acts as if he's Jesus, MLK, and George Washington all rolled into one. As for conservative pundits I like listening to, my favorite would have to be George Will. Buckley was top notch too. The one thing I can't stand are these pseudo-patriots who seem to think patriotism is limited to times when your guy wins. That's not the way a democracy works.
Posted Wednesday July 14, 2010, About: Prediction: Kolb to flirt with 4,000 yards
Look, as an Eagles fan, I hate the Cowboys. Having said that, I can understand someone saying they are the division favorites this year. I don't understand, however, how someone could say with any hope of being taken seriously that the Eagles and Giants will be battling each other to avoid being the last place team while the Cowboys and Redskins will be battling for the division title. The Redskins have made some improvements, but they're still the worst team in the division. Not as bad as it sounds given the division, but they still have the most holes to fill right now.
Posted Wednesday July 14, 2010, About: McDaniels honeymoon nearing end
Your joking right? I don't have any specific positive or negative feelings about the Broncos, so I'm free to simply say what seems right to me. When McDaniels came to the Broncos, he came to a team with one of the top scoring offenses, and a poor defense. So, McDaniels' response was to try and shop his 26 year old pro-bowl QB in favor of Cassell. He failed, and at the same time ruined his relationship with Cutler before he even had a chance to really develop one. He made a smart move bringing in Nolan, however, and he picked up some older defensive free agents to patch up some holes. The defense did perform a lot better, but now the the offense failed to put up enough points, and eventually began putting the defense in really bad positions. So, after the crash and burn, McDaniels upped the stakes by trading away Marshall and letting Nolan go. He then replaced Cutler and Marshall with draft picks who are, at best, developmental players. With all the talk about Tebow, we tend to ignore the fact that Thomas played in an extremely run heavy offense in college, and he comes in with very little route running skill. All told, these moves don't seem very rational considering the condition the team was in when McDaniels took over.
Posted Wednesday July 07, 2010, About: Henderson headed to Hurricanes?
It was certainly the right thing to do in this case. Then again, had he not done it, he would have invited a whole lot of attention from the media about whether or not (or to what degree) he misled Henerson during his recruitment.
Posted Sunday July 04, 2010, About: Inside new SNF opening
Actually, I'm a huge Chuck fan. Other than that, however, I'd have to agree with you.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: Henderson dumping USC for Miami?
If I were Henderson, and they tried to make me sit out a season, I think I'd file a lawsuit. If he was in fact misled as a part of his recruitment, and that misinformation was the deciding factor that led to him signing a letter of intent with USC, then he could claim that he was in essence defrauded by Kiffin. If NFL players can file suit against the NFL to prevent themselves from being suspended, then I don't see why this kid couldn't be able to file suit to prevent himself from being forced to sit out a year under the circumstances.
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: Eagles may scramble for backup QB
Yes and no. I'm a McNabb fan, but I understand why they made the trade. There were three QBs on the roster, each with only one year left on his contract. Kolb already said that if he didn't get a chance to start soon, that he wouldn't sign an extension. I can understand that. Every QB wants a chance to start. So, they had three real options. Sign McNabb to an extension (still a high quality QB, but on the downside of his career I believe, and a bit injury prone lately) and lose Kolb (the QB they've been grooming to be McNabb's replacement). Let McNabb play out his last year and then let him walk (and get basically nothing out of it), and then give Kolb the start the next season. Then, there's the decision they made. Trade McNabb for whatever you can get (in this case, a 2nd round draft pick, and a 3rd or 4th the next year), and see if Kolb really is as good as they think he will be. This Vick business endangers their depth a bit, but Garcia already said he'd be interested in coming back to Philly as a backup if they traded Vick. I don't think Garcia would change his mind if they released Vick. Anyway, I don't think this issue affects the intelligence (or lack thereof based on some opinions) of the trade. A team has to make the best decision it can based on the circumstances they're faced with.

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