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Posted Thursday January 03, 2013, About: Penn State leads voting for NCAA Football 14 cover
Kinda reminds me when us Browns fans got Hillis on the cover of Madden... only without the nationwide scandal involving PSU and Sandusky. That being said, if they win the vote it'd be incredibly disingenuous to deny the cover to PSU. If PSU does win I wonder if they'll consider donating a portion from the game to victims of molestation or something though.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Goodell's idea to eliminate kickoffs
Soccer Moms are manlier than Goodell, this is a ridiculous notion.
Posted Thursday December 06, 2012, About: Ex-teammate rips Hillis: 'Situation ... was toxic'
I don't know what happened with Hillis and management and all, but he did not handle whatever the situation was well. Cleveland fans are the only reason he made it on the cover of Madden... unfortunately I think it fed his ego a little too much. Oh well, thanks to him we have TRich now, I'll deal.
Posted Monday November 19, 2012, About: Willis McGahee to undergo MRI on right knee today
I still remember him blowing out his knee in the NCG in college...
Posted Wednesday November 07, 2012, About: Richt coaching through excruciating pain
Making it karma sutra at that point.
Posted Thursday September 06, 2012, About: Colorado school district bans Manning jerseys
No one is more hood than Peyton!
Posted Thursday September 06, 2012, About: Luck expects to be nervous in opener
Better to be lucky than good?
Posted Friday August 24, 2012, About: Steroid era just beginning
Is whoever wrote this article implying the steroids era for baseball will be the next 35 years? This is the most idiotic piece ever...
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: McCoy on Cleveland: 'No place I'd rather be'
I hope he sticks around. I don't think he got a fair shot to show what he could do with the team and he has shown nothing but class. Even if Weeden comes in and is a solid starting QB, NFL teams need a good backup and I think McCoy definitely fits that bill.
Posted Friday August 10, 2012, About: No guarantees beyond 2012 for Acta
I wish Acta could fire Dolan... anyone have a time machine to bring Dick Jacobs back?
Posted Tuesday July 24, 2012, About: CP3 on N.O.: 'I don't know why they love me back'
It's professional sports and the NBA, I just never assume in that thing called "loyalty". I'm a Cavs fan and I am long past caring LeBron left; just not worth caring about players to any great extent because they don't care about whatever city they play in beyond the paycheck.... generally.
Posted Thursday July 05, 2012, About: McCoy ready to fight for Browns job
I really hope McCoy gets a fair chance to earn the spot. He has shown nothing but class in situations where it would be easier to come out and ask for a trade and I respect him for that. If Weeden wins the spot straight up then ok, but I hate to think Colt is being hamstrung to an extent.
Posted Tuesday June 26, 2012, About: Can a 165-pound former point guard crack the Vikes?
Hmmm I'm 5'6"... place kicker was always my position.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Cribbs days in Cleveland numbered
Nah, just kick off from the 30 again and play football.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Perez on fans: 'I don't care anymore'
Perez is right but the issue is indicative of what's wrong with sports. I grew up during the 90's when the Indians were rockin' it and it was a blast to go to a game where you knew the team that was putting a solid product on the field. They had a good season last year and they are playing good ball this year (props to Acta), so I would hope more people would hit up the game. That being said, it takes a toll on a fan in Cleveland to not be able to recognize half the people who are in the game, probably recognize half of the other team for being with the Tribe at one point or another, while sitting back enjoying a $8 hot dog and a $8 beer. I hope the organization can find a way to promote itself and I hope the people of Cleveland come out to Jacob's Field again (see what I did there?).

BTW, I was at opening day for 16 freezing innings because Perez blew it, I don't have much sympathy for him.
Posted Monday May 21, 2012, About: Cribbs days in Cleveland numbered
Considering outside of maybe Phil Dawson Cribbs does more than anyone else on their team it would still be within the Brown's interest to keep him if it's reasonable.
Posted Thursday May 17, 2012, About: McCoy talks, remains determined to start
Colt has been a true professional through this when I have a hard time believing a number of other QBs would throw a **** fit. I hope McCoy is successful and is able to hold onto his starting job and be productive with the Browns... eventually they have to have a decent team right? Is it football season yet?!
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: At 44, Vizquel can't understand quitting
The Indians really shouldn't have ever let Omar go. I grew up watching him play with the Indians in the 90's and will always remember how special of a fielder he was, especially for the years he was paired with Roberto in the middle of the infield.
Posted Tuesday February 21, 2012, About: Oden's next career
Evidence the human body is not supposed to be stretched to 7'... I really wish he'd be able to be healthy and have any career in the NBA. I enjoyed watching him when he played at OSU, but since then his legs have just absolutely failed him.
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: Race heats up for 270-pound 2013 recruit
Reasons like this kid are why I was content playing soccer and being a place kicker for the football team.
Posted Monday December 12, 2011, About: UCLA interim coach contacted by Akron
Go go from SoCal to the 330 (Akron) would be a rather depressing move, but if he can get Akron to to win a few that'd be refreshing... I'm pretty confident UA's Men's Soccer team would beat the football team at football.
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