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Posted Saturday April 21, 2012, About: UFC 145 Pick'em
Jones Rd 2 Sub
MacDonald Dec
Schaub Rd2 TKO
Torres Dec
Hominick Rd1 TKO
Bocek Rd2 Sub
Browne Dec
Thompson Dec
Njokuani Rd1 TKO
Danzig Rd3 Sub
Wisniewski Dec
Brimage Dec
Posted Saturday December 17, 2011, About: Strikeforce: Melendez vs. Masvidal Pick'em
Melendez- decision
Cyborg- TKO round 1
Mousasi- TKO Rd2
Noons- Dec
Bowling- TKO Rd2 2
Wilcox - Sub Rd 2
Cole - TKO Rd1
Gonzales - Dec
Brown - TKO Rd 2 (Gonna be worse than the Rhianna beating)
Posted Wednesday December 14, 2011, About: Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva announced as TUF Brazil coaches
Don't really understand why they would fight eachother. Only way this fight makes any kind of sense for Belfort is if he loses to Rumble. If he wins he is taking a step back and getting further away from a rematch with A. Silva by fighting Wanderlei
Posted Monday December 12, 2011, About: UFC 140 Pick'em Results
Good Job Krypto.
Posted Wednesday December 07, 2011, About: MMA updates
Also breaking news from the great MMA Spartan. GSP is out for up to 10 months with a blown ACL. Diaz will now fight Condit for the Interim Welterweight title.
Posted Wednesday December 07, 2011, About: MMA updates
Posted Wednesday December 07, 2011, About: UFC 140 Pick'em
Jones - TKO Rd3
Mir - TKO Rd2
Ortiz - Dec
Ebersole - Dec
Hominick - TKO Rd 2
Philippou - Dec
Hallman - Sub Rd2
Watson - TKo Rd2
Soszynski - Dec
Lentz - Dec
Attonito - sub Rd1
Cholish - TKO Rd2
Posted Wednesday December 07, 2011, About: MMA updates
Speaking of money on dogs, I might actually make my first MAMA bet and put a little cash on Tito vs Lil Nog
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: TEBOW!!!
narrator, you are absolutley right about things falling into place for Tebow. I am not a Tebow hater and don't wish anything bad upon him, I just think he is getting way too much credit for some of these wins. Miami game- nice comeback, but special teams and defense played bigger roles, especially in OT (Tebow went 3 and out twice). Oakland - Campbell goes down and you had the big special teams play by Royal. Jets- amounted 3 points until that final drive, defensive pick 6 gives him that chance. He is making the most of the oppurtunities given to him but a dead last completion % and ypa doesn't make me stand up and scream he is going to be a great QB. Yeah he's winning, but so is Alex Smith, Matt Moore, and Sanchez the last 2 seasons and nobody thinks those guys are any good even though all are superior passers.
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: TUF 14 Finale Pick'em
I thought it could have gone either way. No way it should have been 30-27, but 29-28 for either guy seemed fair to me.
Posted Monday December 05, 2011, About: TUF 14 Finale Pick'em Results
Little easier to pick undercards when you have actually seen them all fight recently
Posted Saturday December 03, 2011, About: TUF 14 Finale Pick'em
Miller Rd2 Sub

Brandao- TKO Rd1
Dodson- Dec
T. Ferguson- TKO Rd2
Bedford- Dec
Brimage- Dec
Pague- TKO Rd2
J. Ferguson- TKO Rd2
Siler - Dec
Caraway- Dec
Posted Tuesday November 29, 2011, About: Week #13 Picks
He beat 3 terrible teams, a teams without a QB, and the Jets. Not impressed. Probably wins again this week too, especially if AP is still out. Ryan Leaf could have been winning these games.
Posted Monday November 28, 2011, About: The San Francisco 49er seasonal outlook.
Read comment #1 and realize you shouldn't be commenting on a 49ers thread anymore.
Posted Monday November 21, 2011, About: What fight would you rather see on Superbowl weekend?
Well Anderson is out with an injury until June so I'm gonna have to go with Diaz vs GSP. They just added Kos vs Condit on that same card too so it should be really good.
Posted Thursday November 17, 2011, About: UFC 139 Pick'em
Henderson Dec
Faber Dec
Le TKO Rd1
Kampmann Dec
Bonnar TKO rd2
Bader TKO Rd1
Soto Dec
Weidman TKO Rd 2
Torres Dec
dos Anjos Sub Rd 3
Bailey Dec
Brown Sub Rd1

Read more: yEDPnTM
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: UFC on Fox 1 Pick'em
Velasquez Rd4 TKO
Henderson Dec
Poirier Dec
Swanson Rd2 TKO
Johnson Rd2 Sub
Yamamoto Rd1 TKO
Semerzier Dec
Escovedo Dec
Pierce Rd3 Sub
Rosa Dec
Posted Monday October 31, 2011, About: Diaz vs St. Pierre Super Bowl Weekend.
It may be the nature of the business but he still kinda got screwed. Just missed out on 2 big pay days. First with Penn then a Super Bowl weekend main event for the belt. I agree it great for the fans because that card will be explosive for sure.
Posted Tuesday October 25, 2011, About: 5 TEAMS STILL IN THE ANDREW LUCK SWEEPSTAKES
Bradford started very well last year but his last 5-6 games last season and then obviously the first 5 this year he hasn't been all that great.
Posted Sunday October 16, 2011, About: Bones Jones vs machida announced for UFC 140 in Toronto
Posted Wednesday October 12, 2011, About: Bones Jones vs machida announced for UFC 140 in Toronto
Take some Pepto and get over it. Why is it so bad for someone to be a fan of someone you don't like?
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