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Posted Thursday November 21, 2013, About: Golson returning before an ND bowl game
Sportsfun is right, not only was he kicked out of school
for this semester, but also the summer session. He also
lost a year of elgibility for his transgressions. There are
not many schools in division one football that would of
had the backbone to kick their starting QB out of school
for the season, especially knowing that Rees is the next
option in. If they would have suspended him for next
semester and let him play this season, then yes your
claim would have legs, but as it stands, the boat you
are standing in is taking on water with no possibility
of a good ending. Nice try though.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: Injuries mount for Irish
USC has the scholly limits imposed on them, which I believe
is 15, so if you take those into account, then both schools
have had the same number of injuries. I'm not saying we
are in as bad of shape as USC but ND is not sitting really
pretty either. Whether they disserved or not they do have
the sanctions and it is now catching up with them pretty
hard right now, and it will take a couple more years to
even come close to leveling off.
Posted Tuesday November 05, 2013, About: Injuries mount for Irish
Right now, ND sits at 60 scholorship players able to play and
one of those is a back up kicker and one is a soph. long snapper.
And since we are not under any sanctions, I'd call that many
losses as pretty significant.
Posted Monday August 19, 2013, About: Irish LB reluctantly hangs up his jersey
Tin Man, In Diaco's system, this position is not a glamorous position
if you want to rack up a lot of pretty stats. It is based mostly on
correct responability in positioning and containing your area on the
edge. He funnels plays to his team mates to clean up the trash.
Not much edge rushing from this LB position that is up to the Cat Lb
and the inside guys get most of the tackles. Could end up being
a big loss since he was big and athletic, but this will move Jaylon
Smith into the lineup, who is not as big but more athletic. Smith
is just a true frosh so the experience could be missed.
Posted Tuesday July 16, 2013, About: Notre Dame transfer lands at Western Michigan
When the Golson news broke that he was kicked out of
school, Justin's name came across my phone that he was
involved also, but never heard anything after that to
confirm this. Take it for what it's worth.
Posted Thursday May 30, 2013, About: Brian Kelly wants Golson back in 2014
Sportsfun is right, if he has issues academicly, then it is totally
out of the coaches hands no matter what he thinks. And
Kelly said this in his first press conference this week.
Posted Thursday February 21, 2013, About: Weak spot in Notre Dame's 2014 recruiting class?
I personnaly would prefer to have 4-5 above average
receivers on the roster than to have just one stud
that requires the ball a lot more. I say run your offen.
around 4-5 options instead of having your offense
revolve around one superstar. This keeps everyone
involved and makes your playbook a lot less predic-
table and harder to defend. With Jones, Neil, Brown,
Danials all who proved they could play last year, and
throw in Ferguson, Hunter, Robinson and Fuller who
should provide viable options next year (esp. Ferguson)
So I really like ND's depth at WR even though there
are no superstars, there is a lot of atheletic ability
with good ball skills throughout this roster.
Let's just call this for what it is, today more than ever, this game
and for that matter life is all about the me mentality. A larger %
of the ND fan base has no issue with what just transpired over
the last 5 days. This is a business and everyone looks out for
themselves and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
Heck 20 out of the 22 recruits came out and said they under-
stand what Kelly was doing and don't blame him for looking,
and most said they committed to the school not a coach. Now
as far as Anzalone, his heart was in Florida from day one and
this just gave him an easy out to go to his dads old school.
So really I don't think there will be much mending with the
team and coaches, but as far as the AD and the fans who
knows. If Swarbrick did not know anything, that would be the
only person I would think would need some patch work, but
as far as the fans....well as has been said, winning heels
a lot of hurt feelings. This all has been blown way out of
proportion from the get go and I don't forsee any issues
going forward.
Posted Wednesday January 09, 2013, About: How many players are leaving 'Bama?
Congrats to Alabama, they played a flawless game last night.
If there is anything for ND to take away from this game is that
they now know where the bar is set for the players and coaches.
Unfortunately my team came out tight and played that way
for three quaters of the game, I could see it when they were
standing in the tunnel watching Alabama run onto the field.
I also want to commend Piratey, Van and Lepr. for coming on
here and taking their lumps like men. Like Piratey said, this one
game does not take away anything that this team did this year
at all. For anyone to go 12-0 with their schedule is a big deal
and should not be minimized by anyone, and if you do, then
you are only lieing to yourself. Also, Joe, way to be a class
act today, it was well appreciated.
I will pull my best Van line here,
"Have you looked at our schedule next year, with all that we
have coming back and what all the other teams are losing, WOW
I guess we'll see you again January 6th 2014"
Posted Wednesday September 26, 2012, About: Michigan: Blame Irish for ditching series ASAP
The only teams they say they want to definately keep on the schedule
is USC, Stanford & Navy. They have to play 5 ACC teams starting in
2014 so this move is just a free up of the schedule and a wait and see
how they can formulate their schedules starting in 2014. Michigan will
be back in the fold, just not as often as in the past. Of the three B10
teams they play regularly Mich.St. Purdue and Michigan, those games
all time games played are like 84, 64, and 40 respectfully. So Michigan
is low man on the pole as fas as all time series.
Posted Thursday August 30, 2012, About: Montana offers harsh critique of Notre Dame
The local beat reporter heard Joe's comments and simply said,
He must have an awful big telescope to make these kind
of observations, b/c he hasn't been anywhere near the practice
field at all this year. This sounds like a case where someone is
not very fond of someone else. Whether it is a case of being
pizzed off at how his kid was dealt with by Kelly I don't know.
For a kid to be ranked 6th all time in high school football in TD
passes for the nation, to me , sounds like someone who has
a talent for throwing the football, but what do I know.
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: Notre Dame a finalist for star recruit Neal
Actually, if they leave early for the NFL, that does not
go against the graduation rate. Which makes these
numbers even more pathetic.
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: Notre Dame a finalist for star recruit Neal
The reason he has waited this long to commit, is b/c
he didn't start the recruiting process until his football
season was over. He wanted to focus on the season
and not have the recruiting be a distraction. Sounds
like he has his head screwed on straight.
Posted Tuesday October 25, 2011, About: Kelly: Notre Dame 'doesn't know how to win'
Nd has been use to loosing games like this since 1994, that
loosing mentality has been imbedded in their heads. Kelly
has made a lot of progress in a short time, but he has had
a real difficult time getting rid of this loosing culture. It
infected the team and the fanbase right along with it. Sitting
out at the stadium in these big games is nerve racking
with all the doom and gloom, waiting for the next screw-up
to happen from the fans. And guess what, we are never
disappointed, b/c it usually happens. Until Kelly gets rid of
the whats going to happen next attitude and replaces it
with a real confidence that we are going to set the tone
and never going to loose attitude, he or anyone else will
never succeed at ND. These kids play tight, and yes some
of that falls on Kelly, but a lot of it falls on the leaders on
this team, and right now I don't think there are any.
Posted Thursday June 09, 2011, About: South Bend recruit adds more speed to Irish
The beat reporter in South Bend said, he figures this kid
will be up to about 230lbs. when he gets to next season,
and compares him to Prince Shembo. I won't hold my
breathe thou, there are really not many div.I players that
come out of the South Bend area. But Washington High is
full of nothing but ex Irish players for a coaching staff, so
you never know.
Posted Friday June 03, 2011, About: One last Prestwood U-turn helps ND
Today is donut day across the country, and ND is actually
on eastern time, so it is 12:07am.
Posted Wednesday June 01, 2011, About: Fighting Irish land two commits
No luck what so ever, It seems that all the available
videographers are in Columbus filming some guy
standing next to one of his eight cars?
Posted Friday March 25, 2011, About: USC's Tyler misses his stretching, out all spring?
Actually, their roster is almost right at the 85 limit, so
their depth is not an issue at this point. B/c they
appealled the sanctions, the sanctions won't go into
effect until after the ruling. SC always gets the talent,
it will just end up getting a little more difficult to manage
once the sanctions do start to take affect.
Posted Thursday March 24, 2011, About: Notre Dame erases Floyd from program
Actually, the long arm of ResLife reaches off campus also,
if you are a student of the university. I also found out that
there was a third incedent that took place before these last
two. It was in May of 2009, and Kelly knew nothing about it.
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Notre Dame erases Floyd from program
No Massa was moved to WR & if he happens to put more
weight on his big frame, he then could be moved to TE.

As far as Floyd, once Res.Life makes a ruling on this, which
more than likely be a one year suspension because it is
his second offense in one year, I then look for him to
withdraw from school and enter the supplimental draft.
Res. Life has set the standard over the last few years for
infractions such as this, and they will follow the procedures
they have already set in this situation. They don't care
about the athletes in an athletic sense, just in the student
Posted Wednesday March 02, 2011, About: SEC coaches defend oversigning
LUS, The big 10 sets their classes at 25, but if a school
goes over that limit, then that school has to provide the
proper evidence that there are enough spots on the team
to justify the larger number. They can't go over the 85, and
they can't manipulate any scholarships already in school.
This is making each institution accountable for their actions.
They are answering to the league, not the individual schools.

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