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I don't really believe the Lakers have any fear in them facing the Miami Heat. These guys are professionals, back to back Champions, and I'm sure are ready to face anyone who faces them in the finals, whether that being the Heat or anyone else.

And that is of course if the Lakers make it to the finals.
Now that is probably the most intelligent post I have ever read.

This is proof that our education system is failing in America.
Being a Lakers fan myself, I would rather have this team struggle in December/January, then in June. They will be fine, and they are still the team to beat.
Posted Wednesday January 05, 2011, About: 2011-2012 without the NBA
I remembered the lockout in 99', the effect it had on fans. It took a while for the NBA to win it's fans back. Now, once again they can't come to an agreement and just like 12 years ago, I'm sure the NBA will have another lock out. However, I think this time, the NBA will take a bigger hit from its fanbase.

In regards to how it will effect the players, I think a player that will take the biggest hit from this would be Kobe Bryant. Knowing Kobe's competitiveness, and now recently reaching the 10th all-time scoring leader in NBA history, this will slow down his attempt to become the leading scorer of all-time, not to mention that he is only getting older. Of course, injuries and how his knees hold up throughout the rest of his career also have it's say to whether Kobe can reach this goal.
Posted Wednesday January 05, 2011, About: The Heat are on a tear. Can they sustain this till the playoffs?
The Heat have a lot of pressure on them because of the big Summer they had. So, yes the Heat have turned up their play as of late, however, many other teams who will compete in the Playoffs are more then likely, playing the season like it's a marathon. That being said, I'm not sure if the Heat will continue to tear through teams as the playoffs near. I'm sure however that the Miami Heat will have difficulties beating teams such as Orlando and Boston in the East in a seven game series.
Posted Monday December 27, 2010, About: whose better? Lebron or Kobe?
Okay, so are you willing to agree that LeBron in his prime is better than Kobe in his prime?
Posted Thursday December 23, 2010, About: Top 5 NBA Players
Past Players:

1. Michael Jordan
2. Magic Johnson
3. Larry Bird
4. Hakeem Alojuwon (Mispelled last name)
5. Karl Malone

Current Players

1. Kobe Bryant
2. Dwayne Wade
3. Deron Williams
4. Dwight Howard
5. LeBron James
Posted Thursday December 16, 2010, About: What team should be relocated and where?
I have no problem throwing down with you, however I'm not passionate enough to stand by the idea of why calling a team the Las Vegas Kings is a good idea or not. If I were however, I would have already brought that up as a throw down, so I'm already ahead of you on that. Naming a team the Las Vegas Kings was only an idea that ran through my mind, nothing to take so seriously as you did. I mean, if this runs your emotions high, try a different type of medication. Good day!
Posted Wednesday December 15, 2010, About: What team should be relocated and where?

Didn't realize you were such an expert on an opinionated site. Last I checked, we are all entitled to our opinion as you are entitled to disagree. But telling a participant on this site to **** isn't only childish, but takes away any credibility on your part. If you disagree with any fannation member on any topic, then debate with that member rather than toss out insults. You will get more respect in that manner.
Kobe easily..... He can create any shot.
Posted Monday December 13, 2010, About: Will the NBA expand Internationally?
If the NBA goes International, they would have a separate league in Europe and possibly, have the Champion in Europe play the Champion in the United States for the World Champion. But that is as far as it would probably go.
Posted Monday December 13, 2010, About: What team should be relocated and where?
Sacramento Kings to Las Vegas.... Call them the Las Vegas Kings, which would be appropriate and this would remove a team from the state of California...which by the way have too many, and up north, they already have the Golden State Warriors.
Posted Friday December 03, 2010, About: You have got to be kidding me...........
This is a perfect example that really.... NBA Players don't care so much for their fans.... It's about money for the most part and it is what makes today's NBA a sad situation. Back in the 80's when I started watching basketball, the players shared the same hatred towards other teams that were their rivals. There was none of this hugging and kissing crap that took place last night unless it was for good sportsmanship, and that was as far as it went. I'm not a Cavalier or Heat fan, but witnessing this take place last night did in fact put a bitter taste in my mouth about today's NBA.
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: Can Lebron go back to cleveland if he really wante to ?
LeBron: Hey Pat (Riley), can I have a word with you?

Pat: Sure LeBron, what's on your mind.

LeBron: You know Riles, I don't think this Miami thing is working out so well. So I was wondering, would it be alright if I can just go back to Cleveland?

Pat: Sure LeBron, why not! Sorry it didn't work out. Good luck in Cleveland.

LeBron: Thanks Riles. Now NBA fans will love me again.
Posted Tuesday November 23, 2010, About: Aldridge: Dampier to sign one-year deal with Heat
Well, I always thought that since LeBron signed with the Heat, that both LeBron and Wade would be cancelling each other out. With a 6-4 record, I still believe that to be true. Sure, Wade is hurt, but when is Wade not hurt. It's well documented that Wade has had a career of injuries and I don't believe that will change now, but I hope it would because the guy is one hell of a talent. The loss of Udones Haslem is an issue, but I wouldn't put Erick Dampier as the life savior to the Heat's big man issues. I think Dampier is a nice back up, but that is it.

Not certain if Mike Miller was the best three-point shooter over the last 3 seasons however, if so, it's Irrelevant. The Heat have more problems than just shooting and there lack of scoring has little to do with missing Mike Miller. It has more to do with settling for perimeter jump shots and not working the ball in the middle. But again, who do they have as a scoring threat in the 4 and 5 positions other than overated Bosh! Nethertheless, teams with great point guard play are killing the Heat by breaking down their defense. You can give the Heat till January to get things together, but their opponents still won't show any sympathy on the court.

Truth is, the Heat have holes all over the place and it's going to take more than a couple of months or a whole season for that matter to fix these problems. They simply need better pieces which they can't afford and it stands true that three players don't make a team. It takes 12.
With about a month into the NBA season, it will be hard to tell who will win it all in June, but I can tell you this...If Boston and L.A. were to meet in this years finals, I wouldn't put a stamp in it for Boston just quite yet. Sure, I can understand that Shaq may take a personal stake when Kobe is at his opposition but lets be real here. In a one-on-one battle, Shaq couldn't hold Kobe's jockstrap, and I'm sure Shaq would be willing to admit that.

But again, if this were to happen, it would not be about personal vendettas between players. What it comes down to is talent and team chemistry along with coaching, athleticism and position-by-position battles which are key factors. From a talent perspective, both teams are about equally talented however, the Lakers have the edge when it comes to athleticism, which currently the Boston Celtics are having problems with other teams this season. With position-by-postion battles, the Celtics have that at the point guard and small forward position. But the Lakers have them in all other positions to include bench depth and coaching.

So, if both the Lakers and Celtics were to meet in the finals this coming year, the Celtics winning the whole thing is far from being a wrap.
Posted Monday November 22, 2010, About: Aldridge: Dampier to sign one-year deal with Heat
Desperate times in Miami! Question is, will it work out?
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: Who's going to be the Most Improved Player?
If not most improved player, then should definitely get the nod on sixth man of the year if he continues his play.
Posted Thursday November 18, 2010, About: Who's going to be the Most Improved Player?
I like Shannon Brown's Chances
Posted Wednesday October 13, 2010, About: If players were restored to their prime...
Interesting question.... I like the 76'ers.... The trio of Iverson, Dr. J, and Charles Barkley would be sickning.
Posted Wednesday August 11, 2010, About: Shaq to the C's?
You know, if Shaq and the Celtics can co-exist together throughout the season, I have no doubt that the Celtics and Lakers will once again meet in the finals. Because Boston has a solid rotation, they are my favorites in the east.

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