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Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Did Detroit owner meddle in firing Mo Cheeks?
Let's not overlook the fact that Mo Cheeks is a terrible coach.
Posted Friday April 19, 2013, About: Greinke's second thoughts on Quentin's charge
Quentin currently gets hit more than any guy in the Majors because he hangs out over the inner half of the plate, and that's why he gets hit. If he wants to do that, then he needs to just take his base and ****.
Posted Saturday December 01, 2012, About: Jim Tressel is a betting favorite for Vols head coach
Tressel is a fraud. He hasn't been able to run a clean program as head coach, and suddenly that will change? Doubtful. He's a cheat hiding behind a sweater vest and a pompous fan base.
Posted Friday September 07, 2012, About: Is 2,000 yards within Megatron's reach?
2000 yards is a whole heck of a lot. It is possible though. Every team the Lions played last year focused on Calvin because he was their only real threat. He saw double and triple teams every single week, even during the bye. Dude is 6'5", 245 lbs, and is very, very fast. There is no one man in football that can cover him, so it will be business as usual for the Stafford to Calvin connection.
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: Kings aren't moving Cousins
I know at least one Pistons fan who doesn't want Cousins, me. I read an article in the Detroit Free Press talking about how we were monitoring the situation closely, and I was hoping and preying it wasn't going to happen. Let him be another teams problem, the Pistons have enough of their own.
Posted Wednesday December 08, 2010, About: Pistons sale again stalled
They are missing the two key pieces almost every good team has, a PG that actually plays like a PG, and a low post presence. Stuckey will score because he is that type of player, reminds me a lot of Stackhouse. Good to the basket, decent jumper, and when he tries to can run the offense... but he'd rather have the ball in his hands and shoot, and he isn't good enough to do that and have us win games. We have no interior in the paint on offense and Big Ben is still good, but he's all alone out there defensively. I love Joe D, but the signing of Charlie V, and Ben Gordon may ultimately send him packing.
Posted Wednesday December 01, 2010, About: Even Albert Belle hopes for civic civility
Who really cares about the NBA anymore? These guys have inflated ego's. Of the four major sports, the NBA by far puts out the weakest product. Between these guys getting pampered in life, their childish antics on the court, and the poor officiating.... who cares. The league made this a star's league, thanks Michael! This league is about marketing, selling jerseys, and about the big market teams succeeding. Who is surprised that through Stern, the owners are asking for more money? Put out a better product and people will pay the money to see it.
Posted Tuesday August 10, 2010, About: Suburbs not ready to let Ilitch walk with Pistons
The following is courtesy of Wikipedia:
Ilitch Holdings, Inc. was established in 1999 to provide all companies owned by Mike Ilitch and Marian Ilitch with professional and technical services. The couple's privately held businesses include Little Caesars Pizza, the NHL Detroit Red Wings, the MLB Detroit Tigers, MotorCity Casino, Olympia Entertainment, Olympia Development, Blue Line Foodservice Distribution, CCM Merger Inc., Champion Foods, Uptown Entertainment, IH Gaming (Detroit Entertainment LLC), Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fund raising Program, and a variety of venues within these entities. Ilitch Holdings subsidiaries manage Detroit's Fox Theater, City Theater (Detroit), Comerica Park, and the Joe Louis Arena.
Posted Tuesday August 10, 2010, About: Suburbs not ready to let Ilitch walk with Pistons
An NBA ref, who was a customer of mine at a bank, told me once that most of the officials didn't like going to 'Detroit' to do games because the Palace is an hour from Metro Airport. It's in a nice location if you live north of Detroit, but those who live south of the city have quite a drive. I am directly west of Detroit and it's 33 miles for me according to Mapquest. Where as I can be at Comerica/Ford Field in 15-20 minutes. Ilitch owns so much downtown already that it makes sense for him to move the Pistons back to Detroit. He makes a small fortune on parking alone, surrounding CoPa/Ford Field.
Posted Monday August 09, 2010, About: Aging A-Rod a concern for Yankees
Funny how in the same statement you say grow the F up, and then use the same excuse as so many kids who get caught doing something wrong... "everyone else was doing it so I did too." It's an excuse, and he gets more attention for his cheating because he is setting big-time records. If Brady Anderson just became the youngest ever to hit 600 home runs, we'd be bashing him here instead of A-Rod. The fraud makes hundreds of millions during his career, on the backs of hard working people who take their families to see a ball game, and the only people who care to defend him are the fans of his current team. I wonder if Yankee's fans would sing his praises if he didn't wear pinstripes??
Posted Sunday August 08, 2010, About: Aging A-Rod a concern for Yankees
Umm wouldn't being hypocritical in this situation mean that we 'losers' were also taking steroids to better our performance while playing MLB, but didn't confess to it?? Defend him all you want Yankees fans, everyone besides you is well aware of the truth of the matter. Some day all of these cheaters will be purged from the record books, I just hope it happens sooner rather than later.
Posted Saturday July 10, 2010, About: Yankees: Mariners pulled fast one
Clearly Seattle's management are the true winners here. They are out of the playoff race, and got rid of a very valuable pitcher who was gone at the end of the year, for players they wanted. They got an offer from New York, they liked it enough to ask for medical information on some players and decided that the Yankees would have to sweeten the pot if they wanted Lee. The Mariners, after NY said no to adding Nunez to the deal, then went back to Texas and got a player the Rangers didn't originally want to give up, because they realized it was now or never.
Unethical? Probably if you're a Yankees fan it feels that way, but what's really unethical I ask? Maybe the active home run leader, A-Roid, talking to kids about not taking steroids...
He made a king's ransom on our dime -make no mistake that we, the fans, fill the stadiums- and will go down in history as one of the greatest power hitters of all-time. Not only is that unethical, it's a joke that's not even laughable, and only the tip of the ice berg. Yankees management doesn't care though, he said he was sorry and all is forgiven right? So on behalf of the Seattle organization, of which I have no affiliation, let me say that they are very sorry. Do you forgive them Yankee nation? Or will we have to wait and see if it matters first?
Posted Saturday July 10, 2010, About: Yankees: Mariners pulled fast one
Let's also bring up the fact that when you read the whole story from the Post, the Yankees said no to an offer that would have included Eduardo Nunez. Seattle asked, the Yankees said no. Texas then comes in and offers a player -Justin Smoak- whom the Mariners coveted all along. No one feels bad for the Yankees or their fans... sorry to break it to all of you Yankees lovers, but it's the truth. They can get in line like everyone else and buy what's left on the shelves. Everyone knows they will end up getting at least one sweet player, they do it every ****n' year
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: T.O. blames ESPN, media for unemployment
Daunte Culpepper and the Sacramento Mountain Lions might give you a couple bucks to drop passes for them, but no 'real' NFL team cares what you used to be able to do on the field TO. The fact is you are like bell-bottoms... cool to have a while back, now everyone just points and laughs when they see you. You're a fox in a hen-house. You're a bull in a china shop. Every owner in the League has his ten foot pole out making sure you stay at least that far away from his team. No doubt he called the radio station for the interview, not the other way around.

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