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Posted Thursday December 30, 2010, About: Embarrassing loss will fuel Huskies in rematch
Don't blame you. It is always harder for a team to beat you twice in a year. But I still think it is one of the worst pairings ever since BYU won the championship against a 6-5 Mich team.
Posted Sunday December 26, 2010, About: JoePa retiring after Outback Bowl?
Weather he stays or goes he is and always will be a legend to the game. Am I crazy about him? No. Do I think he is a great coach? Yes. What he has shown is you can always be a good program even on the down years, and at his age he has had a few, but I admire the guy for hanging with his program, his school, and most of all his athletes. His is more than an icon. I think he has only done good things for CFB.
Posted Thursday November 11, 2010, About: Brown gives staff an 'F,' will review in offseason
JRM I know it's a tough year for ya. Remember you got next year and they still have a chance to salvage the year, and man I'm sorry but B. Ball ain't nothing but a filler sport for me till next season even if Neb was winning ( now that's a dream ) I would still find myself thinking about the next season.
This has got to be a rough year for ya your Horns are letting you down, and not to rub it in but man your Cowboys are really stinkin it up even more so than the Horns and those guys are the pros. Any way hang in there and believe in Mack he'll bring them back.
Posted Thursday November 11, 2010, About: Brown gives staff an 'F,' will review in offseason
I very much agree with you. Mack has had some great QBs. But you left one thing out those guys were great leaders too and that's what I think the main problem is. The defense is pretty good but on the field way to much. Thought Gilbert was going to step up to the leadership role at Neb but he lost it. I still think Mack is a great coach and I still think he can turn it around. Wow I never thought I would be cheering for Texas in a Big 12 match up but man do I want them to beat Okie St. Don't want to play them again in championship.
Posted Thursday November 11, 2010, About: Brown gives staff an 'F,' will review in offseason
About their record and them falling from grace they aren't the first team this has happened to. At least Mack is shouldering the blame. But wow do I agree with you about the players on the field. There is no leader on the field. Every game that I've watched since Neb Gilbert has taken a step back, he came to Neb and lead his team to victory. Now it's like the whole team is hanging their heads and they are always second guessing themselves. Mack is a great coach but the sideline is as close he can get to being on the field.
Posted Wednesday November 10, 2010, About: Only timing kept Gilbert from being pulled
He has his job cut out for him. But I still say it's not Mack's fault. The key problem is you have so many young players at key positions and when you get discouraged it is hard to get a kid to stop second guessing himself. It will just take that one game to get some confidence back. The scary thing is is now they are spoilers and if I were Okie St I would be worried 1 because Mack is looking for that game where he can get his kids to leave it all on the field 2 I would hate going up against Texas as a spoiler with Mack Brown at the helm no matter how poorly they have been playing.
Posted Tuesday November 09, 2010, About: Boise State's title hopes over?
That has to be one of the best statements that I've read in a long time. The only problem with that is there are so many money grubbing schools out there it's going to be a while. They are more worried about the bottom dollar instead of the integrity of the game. As long as they keep operating the same way those teams like Boise will have a complaint. But I would like to see what they could do in a tougher conference.
Posted Sunday November 07, 2010, About: Notre Dame AD's role under scrutiny?
Worked for Bear Bryant I think his record speaks for it self. No matter how you look at it the school, and the staff are responsible for what happens to their kids, and the last time I checked the head coach is a major part of that staff. I know it was one of those terrible things that no one wants to happen, but let's face it Kelly was in charge and he is going go take some heat for this.
Posted Sunday November 07, 2010, About: Should Mack Brown have played Colt's brother at QB?
Firing Mack Brown would be the biggest mistake TX could make let alone the recruits he would lose just because they are going there because Mack Brown is the coach there. So many times I have seen this in the NCAA a team has one bad year they are ready to fire the coach at the drop of a hat when it is just as simple as they are having a bad year. They have so many young players at key positions. I say they keep Mack Brown and finish the year on an up note and he'll be reloaded nest year.
Posted Wednesday November 03, 2010, About: The NCAA's most disappointing team?
JRM don't worry, this happens to every team out there. They are having a bad year you better hope Mack makes it quite clear that not only this season is riding on these next 4 games but next season too. Come on admit it you are spoiled, just like every other fan who's team has produced the wins like Texas. Went through the same thing in the Osborne era. I still think they have a lot of talent and could end on a good note, now it's all up to Mack to get them ready and he's one coach that I would love having in my corner when the chips are down. Oh I forgot, this is CFB and the great thing about the game is there is always next year and my money is on Mack Brown
Posted Thursday October 28, 2010, About: Kelly, Irish overwhelmed?
Sorry got my years mixed up OU and Neb were the only ones.
Posted Thursday October 28, 2010, About: Kelly, Irish overwhelmed?
Neb was the only Big 12 team that won their bowl game. I'm glad they have a new AD and wish them the best. But you have to know not being in a conference is killing them schedule wise and recruitment wise. See I remember when year after year ND was always in the picture and I must say they played a tough schedule and still you would be lucky to see them with 2 loses, and to this day I think they got robbed out of a championship when they played Colorado in the Orange Bowl. But CFB was so different then now it's geared more towards conference play and I'm telling you those days won't return till they join a conference.
Posted Thursday October 28, 2010, About: Kelly, Irish overwhelmed?
I'll give you that it was a soft year for Neb but it was a lot better than the last five years, and ya ND could easily go 8-4. I think you are missing my point I am not questioning the fact that ND is on the rise and yes they could be a good team, but their schedule shoots themselves in the foot with there schedule. Oh and take a look at Neb schedule for next year, I agree the Big 12 north is lacking still is. But we are in a conference that does have storied teams and that's where ND should be. Let me ask you this, if you were a team going into conference games would you want to play ND for a warm up game. I believe Kelly could be a fine coach but the only way he will get the recruits he needs is if ND gets into a conference, and that's the only way they will return to the level they once were.
Posted Wednesday October 27, 2010, About: Kelly, Irish overwhelmed?
I am with you on that, and there are several teams out there who need to jump conferences to prove they have the sand to stand up to a tough conference schedule i.e. Boise and TCU. But I can see big changes in CFB in the next 5 years, and if ND doesn't jump into a conference so we will never see them at the level they once were I don't care who they have coaching.
Posted Tuesday October 26, 2010, About: Kelly, Irish overwhelmed?
I admire your support for your team, and I agree with you you don't know if it's a bad hire till the 4th season if you don't see any improvement by then then you can start hammering him. See I never have thought it has been the coaching. But I'm sorry man this is freekin ND and it has been so long since they have been in the picture. Don't bother me but you the fan how many 8 or 9 game win seasons? I know I'm from Neb so you will forever. I can't see a change no matter who's coaching untill they get off Independent Island because with the soft schedule they play 8 or 9 wins just doesn't impress me.
Posted Tuesday October 26, 2010, About: Kelly, Irish overwhelmed?
I agree with you 100%. It's just that this is the way the school does all the time it seems like their AD never lets a system get established. I will say this till I die ND has put it self out there on an island and they just can't find away back to the power it once was and will continue to till they join a conference but they refuse to do that because they don't want to share the money with any other school. Boy ND how's that workin out for ya.
Posted Tuesday October 26, 2010, About: Kelly, Irish overwhelmed?
When will they be back? They haven't been in the picture in almost 30 years and if they ever want to be in it they are going to have to join a conference other wise they will continue to struggle. I'm not going to question Kelly he is building a program and it is not his or the last coach's fault. It's not any coaches fault when all they have went after are quick fixes and they have never worked. Now that the BCS is here ND soft schedule just won't do the trick, their piggy back on the sports writers are gone. They have placed themselves above others because of the TV power they bring and now they are finding out that TV time don't win championships.
Posted Monday October 25, 2010, About: Mack Brown blames Horns' attitude
Pretty much agree with you on most of what you said. But the real reason Neb wants equal split on money is mostly to build the conference back to where it started at one of the toughest conferences ever put together. Equal shares to all schools builds programs in which case it will build a much stronger conference. If you have a string conference you don't have to worry about your OOC games. But as far as TX crashing and burning hope it don't happen I think Mack Brown is a great coach and a class act. Those years you mentioned when the schools had a down time, there are teams that are good but don't live up to their hype. I'm sorry that the Big 12 is gone but as long as Texas plans on just building one program the conference will fall to the Big 2 Little 8. Because those other schools can't afford 5 million a year
Posted Wednesday October 20, 2010, About: Pelini blaming home cooking for loss?
You are so right while I talked about Gilbert forgot to give props to the O line. Thought Bo should have spied the QB more it almost looked like he played nickle all the way. Oh well Texas was just up for the game. Hope we can beat Okie St Saturday.
Posted Tuesday October 19, 2010, About: Pelini blaming home cooking for loss?
We have great DB some of the best in the country. But I thought they were out coached cause great DB can,t stop the run for you and Gilbert played a great game. When Bo made this statement it was to be in a humorous manner. He knows what he has to do on the field.
Posted Tuesday October 12, 2010, About: Texas giving itself a free ride in down season?
I agree with you 100% every team goes through this. TX is a very young team and you have Mac Brown and he is a great coach. Just glad we got them in Lincoln cause it's one of those games where they want to prove they aren't that bad and Neb want's to show that the polls are more than fluff.
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