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I couldn't have said it better. I will concede that Beckett has been issue-laden lately but you're foolish if you're going to cast an opinion on that trade only taking Beckett circa 2011 & 2012 into account. If you were paying attention, you know that Hanley Ramirez was no choir boy coming up and has had his 'moments' with the Marlins, too. The bottom line here is that this trade was win/win for both clubs. If you're going to bang on this trade, you might as well go all the way and dump on Nomar for Cabrerra and Mientkiewicz. The Sox gave up the most talent in that deal but nobody could possibly argue with the outcome.
Zdeno Chara slapshot to the 'nether regions'.
Posted Tuesday April 24, 2012, About: NHL Mock Draft
Waiting for the last arguments but the statement (and corresponding godawful mental image) that "If Leafs got Galchenyuk, I would definitely drop a load in my own pants and scream like a liitle girl" has me leaning farther left than a Fox News political perspective.
Well said. This TD is flawed from the start. I won't even get into left's list....
Posted Tuesday April 03, 2012, About: Best mullets in sports.. all time..
Barry Melrose.
Posted Tuesday March 27, 2012, About: Guys that need to go..
Forget left or right - this post gets my vote.
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: What team would be best for Tebow?
^ *on*
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: What team would be best for Tebow?
I posted it no a different TD but it's even more applicable here....

I can't wait until the first time Sanchez has one of his signature 3 INT games.
Actually it was a 4th, a 6th and all hope of having any locker room harmony for the remainder of this decade.

Can't wait for the first time Sanchez has one of his patented 3 INT afternoons....
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: The Eagles win in a landslide.
And with this acquisition, does this significantly change the Eagles draft board? Nearly every 'expert' mock I have seen has them taking Luke Kuechly at #15, which (before this trade, anyway) makes sense except for the fact that Andy Reid has a nearly inexplicable aversion to drafting LBs in the early rounds, let alone in round 1. Do the Eagles break with tradition and draft Kuechly (or any top LB) at #15 to pair with Ryans or does this trade mean that Big Red can go back to what he does best.... drafting yet another lineman in the first round?
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: The Eagles win in a landslide.
Right is taking a good approach by attacking the "clear cut/landslide/country mile" aspect from left. The Eagles did surprisingly well in obtaining Ryans but this was a good trade for both sides. Looking forward to rounds 2 & 3 in this one.
3. The US female national soccer team, plays against one of the top male college teams..
Everyone loves a battle of the sexes..
And with USA consitently getting to the semis and finals of the WC.. It is a decent product.
There is one way, and ONLY one way, that this would be considered decent and/or exciting to Americans....

SHIRTS vs. SKINS. (I'm sure you can figure out which way would draw better ratings.)
Posted Sunday October 02, 2011, About: The White Sox should hire Terry Francona.
Argos has the right idea but I don't see him with the White Sox. I do, however, think he would be the right man to replace Tito in Boston. He clearly has the pedigree as a player so he will have the player's respect and, after a career with the Cubs, nothing in Boston will intimidate or overwhelm him. And he has managed his **** off paying his dues in the minors, generating success at all stops. He just needs to be given the opportunity and the team that gives it to him will be very pleased and rewarded.
Posted Sunday July 31, 2011, About: Predict the Schedule: Denver Broncos
Either 2-14 or 4-12 puts them sqarely in the mix for the Andrew Luck Sweepstakes. I don't know that 4-12 will be quite bad enough to lock it up, though.
Posted Friday June 03, 2011, About: Afroman - Because I Got High
This exactly. While Bias was the far more tragic story, he was never a pro athlete and therefore never had a career (at least by my definition). I went back and forth as both sides made outstanding arguments but in the end I have to base my vote on the topic at hand. Howe made the pros and had a career, Bias didn't. GoNets, if the topic was Best Player to P*ss Away His God-Given Talent Due to Illegal Drug Use, my vote would have gone your way.

High praise to both sides for a well-thought-out and enjoyable read. I hope this is not the last time you two decide to throw down against one another.
Posted Wednesday April 27, 2011, About: The NHL playoffs>NBA "playoffs"
First off, an argument here is an opinion but I am not going to have that debate right now. As I pointed out previously, I have not voted. I am waiting for all of the arguments to be made. I respect that right gets your vote because he made an argument but, in my opinion, simply making an argument is not enough. The argument has to have merit to gain my vote and the first two rounds did not include anything that made me want to vote in that direction. That said, I was not impressed by left claiming not to care about the outcome so I remain undecided.
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: The NHL playoffs>NBA "playoffs"
Biased much? Absolutely. My personal opinion is that the NHL playoffs are far superior to any other sport where multiple series are invovled (i.e. not the NFL) in terms of both sheer excitement as well as the overall on the field (ice, whatever) product.

That said, you might have noted that I said I was leaning left, not voting left. At least not yet. In my opinion your first two arguments did nothing to prove your point, so I am waiting to see what you come up with next. If it's good, if it makes me see your point (even if I do not necessarily agree iwth it), then you'll get my vote. If it's garbage, then left gets the nod. I am nothing if not open-minded. All you have to do is make me believe. But as it stands now, left has the lead with the Samuel Clemens tactic which, paraphrased for FN, states that it is far better to post nothing and have people consider you an idiot than to post crappola and remove all doubt. I look forward to your last argument.
Posted Tuesday April 26, 2011, About: The NHL playoffs>NBA "playoffs"
Leaning left. Right's entire second argument is too easily countered. Popularity is not relevant to the product on the ice/floor. Just because there are not many hockey fans in the 'hood does not mean that the NBA playoffs are better. As guns already pointed out (and as common sense would tell the 'laymen'), yes, it is easier to follow an NBA game because it is slow. But while it might be tough to pick up where the puck is, the speed of an NHL game simply adds a level of excitement that the NBA cannot hope to match. And the storylines point is ridiculous. ("Up and coming teams"? Really???) Every NHL series has a storyline just like every NBA series does. Cripes, if you're going to point out "up and coming teams" then my stepson's lacrosse games have a storyline. Better step your game up, Roni, or you will lose to no argument.
Posted Tuesday January 11, 2011, About: Marshawn Lynch was an excellent trade for the Seahawks
The word "excellent" is my sticking point. I agree that a starter-caliber RB for a 4 & 5 is a pretty solid deal. In this case I think it was addition by subtraction for the Bills and, while it helped Seattle, I cannot look at Lynch's contribution and call this an excellent trade trade for them. Solid, shrewd, very good.... but not excellent. DJ leans on the "9 losses by 15+ points" as a factor in his numbers, and it is, but (in my opinion) if this was an excellent trade and he was a steal for a 4 & 5, the Seahawks would have been able to lean on him more earlier in games to keep from falling so far behind. Good arguments by both sides but I've got to go with Grip on this one.

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