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Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Why Amaro can't yet part with Manuel
Injuries are a convenient excuse but whether it's now or after this season ends, it's time to move on and change the voice in the clubhouse. The Phillies don't have Ryne Sandberg on the coaching staff just for show.
Posted Friday July 05, 2013, About: Hernandez's pal flips
Three simple words....

Snitches get stitches.
Posted Thursday January 31, 2013, About: Reed dreams of playing for Belichick, sartorial icon
So could Reed, who is scheduled to be a free agent this offseason, see himself playing for Belichick some day? "Yeah, oh yeah, man, I could definitely play for coach Belichick," Reed responded.

Ummm.... YES, PLEASE.
Posted Tuesday December 04, 2012, About: Steven Jackson says Rams will never back down
"Teams are going to respect the St. Louis Rams now when they see us on the schedule". This comment was brought to you by a player entering his last month in a Rams uniform.

And with a 4-0-1 record in division and a 1-6 record against everyone else, I think it's safe to say that the respect outside of the NFC West is likely to be lacking for just a little while longer.
Posted Monday November 19, 2012, About: Vick will start if cleared
I defy you to name one QB coming out of college this year for whom you would use a high first round pick comfortably. There is not a pro-ready QB in the bunch. Leave it to the Eagles to suck out loud in a year with a horrendous draft class on the horizon.
Posted Monday October 01, 2012, About: Bard: 'I'll come back next year and dominate'
Bard plans to spend as much time as possible deer hunting before he picks up a baseball again in December.

Searching eBay for any headgear with deer antlers that I can send to Bobby Valentine....
Posted Tuesday September 25, 2012, About: Jets shaken after Revis news
Actually he will probably point to the way the team folded like a cheap tent after he was put on IR as the basis for his next money-grab holdout.
Posted Tuesday September 18, 2012, About: Replacement players?
Yeah, replacement players.... because this entire situation isn't ridiculous enough. Why not suit up my men's league team? I'm sure that we could draw 19,000 per game for 40 home games at an average NHL ticket price. I mean, come on.... who WOULDN'T want to see that??
Posted Wednesday September 12, 2012, About: Valentine pleads case to stay in Boston
"Valentine pleads case to stay in Boston"

Please allow me to take the opposing side of this debate.

"GET THE F*(K OUT!!!! Just leave your things - we'll have them Fed Ex'd to you."
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Developer desperate to bring Isles to Brooklyn
For PBR drafts, I would instantly become a fan of the Nets, Islanders and any other crappy team they put in that building.
Posted Friday August 03, 2012, About: Lowe's next stop ... Boston?
Simple solution.... deal Beckett to Cleveland for Lowe. It opens the roster and rotation spot as well as being addition by subtraction.
Posted Friday July 27, 2012, About: Report: Addai 'quit' on Pats conditioning test
Proof positive that the NFL Draft is a crapshoot. I recall the Patriots being very interested in Addai as the 2006 draft approached. With the 21st pick they instead selected Laurence Maroney, making him the 2nd running back taken that year - nine picks ahead of Addai. (Reggie Bush was 1st off the board.) Maroney has 2500 career rushing yards - Addai has 4400. Both are essentially out of the league. In between Maroney and Addai, Carolina took DeAngelo Williams at #27 and some undersized guy with the initials MJD fell all the way to #60.
Posted Friday July 27, 2012, About: Valentine on the hot seat
I propose that the Sox offer Valentine and Beckett to ESPN for Tito. They can even throw in a monetary sweetener to pick up part of Beckett's remaining contract. Or all of it. Whatever it takes, as long as it gets them out of town.
Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012, About: Patriots gambling on motivated Welker?
Yeah, because they clearly would have made it all the way to the Super Bowl without the 122 catches and 9 TDs he had during the season. But you're right.... drop one pass in the big game and he should have been cut before getting on the bus out of the stadium. Moron.
Posted Thursday July 12, 2012, About: Security extremely tight at Jets West
Isn't that the same theory used on every bridge that crosses the Delaware river??
Posted Thursday July 12, 2012, About: Security extremely tight at Jets West
They are working on their offensive package for week 3. Sanchez just didn't want the public to get an advance look at him leaving the field with his helmet in hand and head down while Timmy runs on the field. Rumor has it that they even piped in the crowd noise - deafening boos followed by cheers that could be heard three counties away.
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: War of words escalates between Yankees and Red Sox
"... clearly tired of the frequent criticism leveled at him by Mark Teixeira about his propensity for pitching inside and hitting batters, fired back late Saturday, saying that the Yankees first baseman was prejudiced against Latinos and that he had threatened to hit him with a bat."

Hey Tex, if you think Padilla is wild when he comes inside with a baseball, just wait until he's on the mound with a bat!!
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Oher, Sean Tuohy Jr. closer still in Baltimore
"Yep.... and it shoots just fine all the other days, too."
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Welker, Pats millions apart
Really? ? He had enough numbers over a couple of seasons with lousy Dolphin teams (remember??) that the Patriots dealt for him. Belicheck himself said they had no answer for Welker and he killed the Patriots for two years. The trade to bring him in was the ultimate example of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em". For all those who say it's all about Brady and Welker has no leverage, think about this.... if at some point he's no longer a Patriot, I can guarantee that he'll be in a green jersey within 48 hours. Just give him his years and get it over with.
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Erie County exec plays hardball with Bills
That was simply outstanding. My cap is officially tipped to you.
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Ortiz says he could play first in the NL
Batting glove - yes.
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