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Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Devin Gardner: I'm still Michigan's No. 1 QB
Gardner took a step back this season so a little competition is probably good for him -- and always good to give the second stringer some meaningful practice with the first team. I look for a bounce back year for the maize & blue, as long as they put their best rb on the field...they stuck with Touissant far too long last season and it hurt them.
Posted Tuesday February 18, 2014, About: Zetterberg left to ponder, What's next?
Who knows -- maybe get a small procedure or adjustment back in the states and he's back at it in time for the playoffs...he's right to come back -- orthopedics in Russia probably not up to US or Swedish standards...might even still use hammer and sickle doused in Vodka for antiseptic.
Posted Wednesday February 12, 2014, About: Darker side to Harden's game
Man, I used to love hoops and the NBA especially, but can hardly watch anymore. Yeah, 'it ain't like when I was a kid...blah blah'. I know, but seriously it isn't. So many selfish chuckers in the league and just bad team play all around its hard to care. The last team I cared about was the '98 Bulls...star power, great bench, great strategy and unselfish play -- even MJ, arguably the greatest all-time. I like Lebron, Wade, Durant, Nowitski, Chandler, a couple others, but mostly not many others. Self-absorbed chuckers like Iverson and Kobe turned the league into garage ball and now Melo, Westbrook, and Harden are simply carrying on their work. Sad.
Posted Tuesday December 03, 2013, About: Tomlin facing fine, loss of pick
The Rooney Rule has nothing to do with firing a coach, if you're an idiot and can't somehow fathom that it would be awkward and difficult at best, and faced with misguided screams of rage and hypocrisy at worst, for the Rooney who created the rule (the same guy who runs the Steelers) to fire a black coach.

We Steelers and Ravens fans have seen a lot of "smug" from Tomlin over the past 6-7 years, so we don't write it off or explain it away so glibly as you do my friend -- seems like a lot of wishful thinking on your part.
Posted Tuesday December 03, 2013, About: Tomlin facing fine, loss of pick
Go ahead and grasp it for me.
Posted Tuesday December 03, 2013, About: Tomlin facing fine, loss of pick
Cowher has got to be tired of listening to Boomer Essaison (sp?) and Shannon Sharpe drone on forever...bring back the Chin! C'mon Coach, your team and city need you!?
Posted Tuesday December 03, 2013, About: Tomlin facing fine, loss of pick
Long time Steeler fan -- cannot stand Tomlin...arrogant **** who keeps shedding talent and coaches and the team gets worse and worse. Chased Bruce Arians out, who designed are best offense ever...big Ben had 4k yards, two 1k receivers, 1k rb; chased Mendenhall and Wallace out, our most talented offensive playmakers -- granted, inconsistent -- drafted or signed weak backup QBs so we suffered badly when Ben missed games...had an irrational love for Byron Leftwich and Dennis Dixon, who both freaking blew...and Charlie Batch, who was pretty good but constantly hurt. He got away with the tough guy shtick when he was winning, but now it wears quite thin indeed with a losing record over the past two seasons, and wasting Ben in his prime still. Sorry Mikey, this cheesy schoolboy stunt has put you over the top -- he needed to get sh#t canned anyway and this gives Rooney all that he needs...of course the Rooney Rule, which requires a black candidate to be seriously considered for all head coaching jobs no matter any other circumstances, has painted him into a corner on firing this punk...but he needs to man up and do it anyway.
Posted Sunday October 27, 2013, About: Buccaneers believe Josh Freeman leaked Adderall use
If I was the Vikes, I'd make a serious play for Cousins from DC and draft another value QB in the 3rd-4th round as a backup, jettison both Ponder and Freeman, and use their top two picks -- which will be quite high it looks -- for some serious beef on the line to protect them.
Posted Sunday October 27, 2013, About: Buccaneers believe Josh Freeman leaked Adderall use
Who cares -- Schiano is a punk --was at Rutgers as well -- but Freeman was pretty ordinary, at best, so its a win-win for both of them. Move on...if I was Ponder, I'd be dusting off my resume asap. Either way, Vikings picking a top QB next year so Freeman shouldn't get too cocky, as if he had reason.
Posted Thursday September 26, 2013, About: Leyland moved to tears (again)
Great manager, class act, winner. He cries when he wins league championships after a brutal 162 game schedule; you guys making fun of him cry when you burn your hot pocket or your girlfriend doesn't text you back in three minutes. Don't be jealous beee-yatches.
Posted Monday July 15, 2013, About: RB controversy in store at Michigan
I like Gardner at QB but I really liked him at WR -- Michigan's coaches were quoted as saying he was basically unstoppable when running routes for Denard...who unfortunately had a highly unreliable deep ball...oh well. Would have been nice if Threet had stayed and been able to chuck it to both Denard and Gardner the last two years...that would have been a show to watch. Gardner should be real good but afraid he's gonna take some serious shots and he isn't real big.
Posted Friday July 12, 2013, About: 'Irate' J.R. rips Kovalchuk
Not possible. JR can be dopey at times but largely is in the ballpark -- Milbury is just an angry, jealous drunk masquerading as a professional analyst.

Kovy should have done this before the draft to give the Devils options to make deals or draft differently -- its a bush league move...play at least one more year or demand a trade to give them some flexibility, and then retire after they can plan a little for it. Loser move, sorry.
Posted Monday July 01, 2013, About: Jarvis Jones could start at outside linebacker
Not too worried about our linebackers though losing Harrison hurts -- more concerned about the D-line and Troy P's health. If we can get something out of Heyward and Hood, that'd be nice...and as usual, if Troy is on the field, we're immediately better. Looking for a bounce back year from Woodley and continued great stuff from Timmons.
Posted Sunday June 09, 2013, About: Lemieux may order Bylsma fired
No one got destroyed here big mouth -- only game 2 wasn't close. Games 1,3,4 about as tight as two teams can play...simply, Boston had a red-hot goalie who they road...not uncommon in the playoffs. Penguins probably had more shots and hits than Boston but the Bruins converted when they had to while the Pens caught serious iron all series. Boston played well and deserved to win but I'd take your gloat down a few notches and count your blessings -- and hope Rask is still playing that well vs. Chicago or it could be a long series for you guys instead.
Posted Thursday June 06, 2013, About: Eagles rooting for Foles or Barkley
Vick's first year with Philly was his only good year for his entire career -- no other year with a passer rating above 85 and a career rate of 80. Pretty shabby numbers for a guy who is such a threat to run and generally throws a lot of short passes anyway. He's had two straight average, injury filled years with no playoffs so why on earth would you pay $7M large for that? Foles looked impressive to me last year, far more advanced than most rookies -- he looked like a more mobile version of Carson Palmer, when Palmer was good. Barkley hasn't got 'A' stuff but could be a useful backup. I'd trade Vick for a 2nd rounder to someone like Oakland or Jacksonville and sit back and count all the money saved...and bad headlines avoided.
Posted Friday March 29, 2013, About: Oladipo shocks his H.S. coach with stardom
Dude gets better, film at 11.

In honor of the Big East as we know it going away, trying to come up with classic lineup for the all Big East all time team -- no Depaul, Marquette, Louisville, etc. johnny-come-latelys please. Two teams: First: Patrick Ewing - Center - Georgetown; Derrick Coleman - Forward - Syracuse; Emeka Okafor - Forward - UConn; Ray Allen - Guard - UConn; Sherman Douglas - Guard - Syracuse. Second: Alonzo Mourning - Center - Georgetown; Charles Smith - Forward - Pitt; Chris Mullin - Forward - St. John's; Allen Iverson - Guard - Georgetown; Dana Barros - Guard - Boston College.

Yeah, I know, leaving your favorite player out from Providence/Seton Hall/Villanova/Wherever. Lots of great players over three decades plus of basketball so its hard to come up with just ten, but have at it. Long list of honorable mentions might include Caron Butler, Walter Berry, Pearl Washington, Dikembe Mutumbo, John Bagley, Ronny Seikaly, etc.
Posted Saturday February 23, 2013, About: Report: 49ers want to trade Alex Smith
Did anyone watch the Denver-Pittsburgh playoff game of 2011? I'm a Steelers fan and Tebow lit us up with his throwing -- yeah, our defense was a little unhealthy at that point but he was spot on with nearly all of his throws and rang up over 300 yards on one of the best defenses -- in his first ever playoff game and about 8th or 9th start ever!?

I'm no Tebow lover but dang, give the dude a legit starting shot and see what he can do -- why all the hate...just 'cause he's overtly religious? Its not like he's calling for Shariah (sp?) Law and the overthrow of Christendom -- no pun intended on overthrow.

Wilson is a legit QB, running or otherwise, and will likely make it without having to run all the time. RG3 and Kaepernick -- both tall and lanky types and NFL safeties and LBs do more damage long haul than 215lb backers from TCU or Utah. Pat White was a helluva college QB and he got knocked the F cold by Ike Taylor one game and promptly quit football -- I think he's pursuing baseball, wisely. Vick has just been pummelled for 3-4 years now and its not 'cause his line stinks, its because he over-exposes himself to these monsters that play on defense now.
Posted Thursday February 14, 2013, About: Palmer a part-timer in Oakland?
Palmer is a good but not great QB...far down the list of Raiders' needs. Oakland's been a tar pit since Gruden left so this year is just accumulation of a decade worth of dumb. Either get some hogs on the line to protect him and a steady wr target or blow the team up and start over. If I was them, I'd sign Smith for whatever SF wants and then draft O-linemen with their remaining 5-6 picks.
Posted Saturday January 26, 2013, About: Elway: Tebow could thrive if ...
Good research, if its accurate. Steelers fan and not a big Tebow fan, but he won me over last year when he beat us in the playoffs -- played great and passed the ball very well...not just the last pass either. He may not be the next Johny U. or Elway but the dude is a winner as far as I can tell. I'd take him as a back up for Big Ben for sure but certain he could be a starter for about 4-5 teams in the league at least. By the by, when drinking, go for the Greek omelette to sop up the booze -- its delish!!
Posted Sunday January 13, 2013, About: Family of slain victims still not ready to forgive Ray Lewis
Just peps me up some'pin' tuurrificcc -- like, 'how can I make the world a better place today?!!!'
Posted Sunday January 13, 2013, About: Family of slain victims still not ready to forgive Ray Lewis
He's a great guy! You can tell by that terrific little dance he does -- so jaunty and sporting!!!
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