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Posted Thursday March 21, 2013, About: Irsay locked on a receiver
Brutal, you are losing games because of your O Line and Defense....receivers are a dime a dozen moron.
Posted Thursday January 10, 2013, About: Griffin return much closer to a year?
Don't rush him back, you have a solid back up who is good enough to keep you at or above .500. Think long term Washington for a change and don't clear him unless at least three doctors sign off on the stability and strength of his knee.
Posted Wednesday January 09, 2013, About: Cowher plans to coach, Jets on radar?
Rather see him in Dallas...can picture it now, Romo throws his third pick of the game and as he comes off the field with that stupid grin on his face, Cowher rips him a new ^%$ sending Romo crying like a little %$#$% to the bench.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
LOL Can't do any worse then they've been doing!
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
Not sure this is so much about Tebow as it is the Jets sucking ^%$^ and still insisting they can win doing exactly the same things they have been doing.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
Just my point....are the Jets winning throwing with Sanchez? No. Were the Bronco's before they switched to Tebow and the run. No.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
He's has a 50% completion record, almost as many picks as TD's and when they won, they were a run first team. Ground and pound.
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
Yeah, all that in his first year in the league. Sanchez, with a better team has done what exactly?
Posted Wednesday November 14, 2012, About: Jets teammates rip 'terrible' Tebow
Brutal. You can't win, haven't been winning and lets go after the only guy on the team not calling people out. Not to mention, Tebow is willing to do ANYTHING to help the Jets win and has actually proven he can win if the system is a fit. People may not like Tebow, but he's a leader and won at every level when given the chance. Maybe his game is not suited to the NFL, however even last year its been proven that if you stick to what he knows best and can do best, you will win.
Posted Thursday December 08, 2011, About: Giants-Cowboys war of words in full swing
Can't see Sandusky lasting in prison too long, not even the inmates want to live with such a POS. Especially one pleading innocent...maybe he'll kill himself out on bail, would be the smart play for him.
Posted Thursday December 08, 2011, About: Prepare for a Darvish bidding war
Dice K won almost 50 games; as horrid as it may sound when you compare him to some of the other big contract pitchers in the American League, he isn't any different than most of the American born players. Let's face it, in the American League pitching is a losing proposition for most...the actual percentage of clubs that see value from a signing is in the bottom 5%. The only real signing where the money out was money in, Sabathia...who is worth his weight in gold (needless to say, that's a ton).
Posted Thursday November 10, 2011, About: Marbury rips Jordan as a 'sellout'
Why would anyone care what Marbury has to say...he was an average player, paid superstar money and led his team(s) to nothing. 36 million for Jordan in his final year...yeah, what about his being the best player in the league for years and playing out his crappy contract and not complaining even once, because he was honoring the deal?! Marbury has no class, no clue and no support from anyone with a 6th grade education. Jordan is no longer a player and his ownership stake makes him very aware of both sides of the argument. Just because he disagrees with the players position in this instance, does not make him a sellout. He's already wealthier than most could ever dream and he's not trying to screw anyone over, but he certainly isn't going to just bend over either on a CBA that is a terrible deal for the league and its owners. The stars will always make their money on and off the court, even those that don't deserve it. I say they go the NFL route with the only guaranteed money is the signing bonus, after that you better perform or you're going to get released. Be nice to see a league where players are playing for their paychecks and not just off one halfway decent year.
Posted Monday November 07, 2011, About: Jordan brand ready for backlash?
Wow, for a Bulls fan you don't know much about Jordan or his contracts. It was not until the end of his career did the Bulls finally make the greatest player in the league and in the history of the game the highest paid player. He played out his crappy contract even when he could have sat out and held out for a much bigger contract. Instead he said nothing, played it out and then negotiated a better deal at the end.
Posted Thursday November 03, 2011, About: Forte: Bears are OK grinding me into a pulp
He needs to play out the year and leave. Seriously, why reward the franchise for hanging you out there in your contract year? The way this has been handled is pathetic...Forte is one misstep away from being released if he's injured and the Bears know it and are playing it out till the bitter end. If he resigns with the Bears I will lose all respect for him. He needs to go to a team that respects its players and rewards them for their dedication on and off the field. Brutal.
Posted Monday October 24, 2011, About: Meyer a Miami candidate? Not yet
I'm not even a Fish fan, but you want to see what bad coaching can do to a team and how the right coach can turn a franchise around...look no further than the 49er's. They have the same sorry, sad bunch of losers they had the past few seasons and a QB every 49er fan wanted out since the day they drafted him and sure enough, the right coach, confidence and game preparation mixed with in game adjustments and you have a nice turn around. Sparano lost this team a year and a half ago, they haven't won since early December 2010 and that will continue into November after they lose to the Giants next Sunday. A coaching change is not only needed, its required at this point.
Posted Thursday October 13, 2011, About: Tomlin hangs up on reporters
Its perfect...who cares what happened three years ago, the game being played is this weekend. He has better things to do than sit and listen to dead air.
Posted Tuesday October 11, 2011, About: Urlacher rips Bears defense
The Bears defense is awful; can't stop the run and giving up way to many big plays. Their offensive line looks just as bad and Cutler is again spending most of his time running for his life. The Bears dropped some key passes last night that could have kept the chains moving and Hester is not shaping up to be the big time threat receiving as they had hoped. Always next year Bears fans, you're going nowhere this year.
Posted Wednesday October 05, 2011, About: Henne's season may be over
Even if Miami drafted Luck...he probably would refuse to sign. What QB wants to start his career with a perpetual loser like the Dolphins?!
Posted Monday October 03, 2011, About: Did Romo snub Jones on Sunday?
Romo was Jerry's golden boy and signing...he's far to much of an egomaniac to admit the mistake to signing Romo to a long term deal when he hasn't proven he can win under pressure. Together they will return the Cowboy's back to obscurity unless someone can convince JJ to cut bait and move on.
Posted Thursday September 15, 2011, About: Former teammates pile on Ochocinco
Yeah, lets see the Bengal's record at the end of the year and just exactly how much better they are without him...
Posted Wednesday September 14, 2011, About: Former Cowboys star rips Dez
Way to speak out against a kid who is in his second year, coming off multiple injuries last year with no mini camp. Look at the Miami defense on Monday night, sucking wind in the fourth quarter and unable to even deal with the heat and elements. Wasn't it supposed to be THEIR advantage playing in that heat?! Bryant wasn't the only one cramping up this weekend and speaking as he did, did nothing but show he wants some of the attention. Go back to the nursing home buddy, your time was up decades ago.

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