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Posted Thursday April 25, 2013, About: Will the Cowboys live and die by the second round?
Yeah, right - that's really going to happen. The Cowboys (that is, Jerry Jones) have been so successful in the draft the last many years. JJ is essentially a huckster whose idea of being a GM is the football version of "Let's make a Deal'. Making deals and getting his face-lift in the media is more important than doing the work to get a good draft and build a winning team.He's the NFL's answer to Donald Trump, only without the charm. Boycott the Cowboys until JJ hires a real GM.
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Jerry anxiously awaiting Wednesday's decision
Jerry Jones - the man who would be king. It's almost draft time - so of course the GM is completely focussed on getting the NCAA to play in his stadium, not in figuring out who to draft, how to actually get an O-line, etc. Jones likes to think that he's the consummate football guy, but actually, he's just the consummate salesman. He's more interested in getting his name and picture (face lift and all) in the media than actually winning. Boycott the Cowboys until he hires a real GM.
Posted Tuesday April 23, 2013, About: Dallas Cowboys need help from NFL Draft
Unfortunately, the Cowboys' most pressing need can't be met in the draft or free agency. They desperately need a real GM - someone who at least has a clue and an interest in winning, not just getting his name and picture (face lift and all) in the media. Boycott the Cowboys until Jerry Jones hires a real GM.
Posted Friday March 15, 2013, About: Urlacher in Dallas?
Jerry Jones strikes again! Urlacher has 14 years in the league and is injury-prone. His ability to help the Cowboys even in the short run is doubtful. But --- signing him will get lots of headlines and get JJ's picture plastered all over the Internet yet again, which is, afterall, JJ's main reason for doing anything. We need to boycott the Cowboys' games until Jones quits and gets a real GM who won't do silly things just for the sake of publicity.
Posted Wednesday February 27, 2013, About: Jones: Ryan's defense was too complicated
It's time for all Cowboys fans to boycott the Cowboys to send Jones a message. The problem wasn't Rob Ryan. He was a symptom. Plainly put, Jones has no long-term (or even short-term) plan for the team. Look at all the turmoil in coaching staff and players. Jones, instead of having a plan to build a winner, just lurches from one situation to another, basing his decisions on what will get his name in the media (e.g., Terrell Owens), make him money, or frequently 'on what seems like a good idea at the time'. The classic example is his comment on Romo being good at playing behind a bad O-Line, clearly indicating that he has no plan or even desire to upgrade it to even mediocrity. Jones is the worst GM in the league by far and would have been fired years ago if he didn't own the team. The fans need to boycott the team until he quits and gets a real GM.
It's time to boycott the Cowboys until JJ gets a real GM. If jones was a real 'football guy' he would realize that in order to have a winning offense you need at least an adequate or average offensive line, not the make-shift collection that they have now. The problem is that signing good linemen isn't as flashy and newsworthy as other positions, so JJ wouldn't get his picture in the media. It's bad enough that he doesn't care about building the offensive line, but to come out and publically say he's going to just blow it off and let Romo take the pounding shows really shows his stunning combination of arrogance and utter incompetence.
Posted Monday February 25, 2013, About: Jerry Jones turns up heat on Jason Garrett
Boycott the Cowboys until Jones gets a real GM. Of course everybody blames Jerry Jones. It's ultimately his responsibility and his fault. He's the GM (and president and CEO and owner, as he frequently reminds everyone, especially the coach) who makes all the decisions about everything, including personnel. And he has put together players and coaches that have won one playoff game in 16 years. Who else would you blame for the never-ending series of ineffective sock-puppets as coaches and the woeful history of botched draft choices and trades (e.g., Roy Williams). Dallas will never win as long as JJ insists on being in charge.
Posted Thursday February 21, 2013, About: Cowboys want to 'reward' Romo
Romo is a very good quarterback who would do much better if he played for a real football team, not a rich guy's ego toy. Tony deserves the extra money for having to play for the Jerry Jones Cowboys. If Jerry and Stevie really cared about Romo they'd get him an O-Line. But then, they did need a $2 million bus.
Posted Wednesday February 13, 2013, About: Cowboys want Romo extension
There's a Plan A?
Posted Wednesday January 23, 2013, About: Jerry Jones strips Jason Garrett of play-calling duties
Cowboy fans - boycott Cowboys home games! Are you tired of JJ's ineptitude and egotism? Sick of his unique combination of arrogance and incompetence? He's just emasculated another coach, in anticipation of firing him and bringing in yet another spineless sock puppet who's primary qualification will be a willingness to make sure JJ gets his name and (scary) picture in the media. Garrett now has no authority or credibility with anyone, least of all the players. The only way to get JJ to bring in a real GM and a real coach is to show him that the fans are mad as hell and aren't going to take it. Maybe he'll get the message if he sees 50,000 empty seats in Cowboys Stadium on national tv every Sunday. The 'Boys are his toy to play with, but we don't have to pay him to be dumped on.
Posted Monday January 21, 2013, About: Did personality conflicts lead to Rob Ryan's firing?
Boycott Cowboys' home games - send JJ a real message from the fans! It's hard to say why Ryan was fired. His defenses didn't perform as they should have, but underachieving coaches have not bothered Jones before. On the other hand, not being a submissive sock puppet who would not detract from the media attention Jones is so clearly addicted to would indeed be grounds for firing. The fans need to tell JJ that we're sick of his ineptitude and that we're not going to pay for him to feed his ego.
Posted Thursday January 17, 2013, About: John Garrett out in Dallas?
Cowboys Fans: boycott the Jerry Jones Cowboys! Once again, Jerry is being Jerry and completely subverting his coach. As usual, the players know that Garrett (and the other coaches) are just Jones' sock puppets, with no real authority. As long as Jerry gets his name in the media and gets to appear to be acting like a GM, he doesn't care what the outcome is. The fans need to boycott all the Cowboys' games until Jerry fires himself and gets a real GM who knows something about football.
Posted Monday January 07, 2013, About: Jerry Jones: Change is coming
I meant, getting his name in the media in a negative way. Sorry.
Posted Monday January 07, 2013, About: Jerry Jones: Change is coming
Cowboys fans need to boycott the team if they want any improvement! And I mean a total boycott of anything that makes Jerry a dime. And then publicize it, to embarass him. Let's face it - Jones will continue to be Jones as long as we let him. He has to 'talk to people outside the organization' to find out what to do? He's the GM, he should know what to do. Imagine if the GM of the Giants told the owners that he had to talk to people outside the organization? He'd be talking to them - about a job. Jones has had 15+ years to make a winner as GM and has flopped. And he's still blaming everyone else. He'll only stop if the fans show the equivalent of tough love. Maybe if he's not making any money, getting his name in the media in a positive way, and having tv show 50,000 empty seats in the stadium he'll get the message and get a real GM and a real coach (not another Jones sock puppet). So - boycott the Cowboys.
Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: Could Mike Holmgren end up with the Dallas Cowboys?
Don't let him draft? How could he possibly be worse than Jerry Jones?
Posted Thursday September 27, 2012, About: Cowboys' O-line given ultimatum
"This calls for a totally stupid and futile gesture to be made by somebody". (Otter, 1978) And Jerry Jones is just the guy to to it, since his speciality is totally stupid and futile gestures.
Posted Monday August 13, 2012, About: Jets looking for WR, but not Johnson
They should sign him. He would make a great addition to the Rex's Traveling Freak Show (aka - the Jets). I also heard that the reason that the Jets aren't back on "Hard Knocks" is that the producers thought that a reality show should have at least a shred of reality.
Posted Wednesday August 08, 2012, About: Rex blasts Jets after more fights
I don't really care that much about the NY Traveling Freak Show (aka the Jets), but could you please please please find a different picture of Rex?
Posted Wednesday August 01, 2012, About: Amid cheerleaders and skydivers, Jerry jabs at Giants
$200 a piece - where you sitting - in the parking lot?
Posted Wednesday August 01, 2012, About: Amid cheerleaders and skydivers, Jerry jabs at Giants
Ah, it's football season again: teams on the field, cheerleaders, quarterback controversies, Jerry Jones making a jackass of himself. Of course, it doesn't have to be football season for JJ to do that. Jerry, if you can't field a decent team with some 4th quarter guts, please at least just shut up so we can enjoy our misery in peace.
Posted Monday June 11, 2012, About: Vick working overtime in Philly
Working like a dog, huh?
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