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Posted Wednesday April 27, 2011, About: Granger rips Noah's dirty game
Looking at the replay, Noah was on the other side of the circle when McRoberts appeared to charge at him and Noah put up his arms in apparent self-defense and his forearm and elbow slid up McRoberts arm and into his face. This didn't appear to be an intentional elbow, more Noah responding to McRoberts aggressive posture and given the hard fouls on Rose throughout the series, you can't blame Noah for expecting aggressive play from the Pacers. McRoberts has only himself to blame for losing control in what was obviously a physical series fomented as much by the Pacers strategy as by anything the Bulls did.
Posted Thursday April 21, 2011, About: Crack in player solidarity forms?
This is the real world infringing on our fantasies. We escape to these games, but the damn business aspects have intruded in a big way and this is not different than the shenanigans that go on in businesses across the globe. Bottom line, when the games on on, I'l watch and forget about all the other garbage, and the owners know that.
Posted Monday April 11, 2011, About: Weight: Officiating bias against Isles exists
Having been a ref (not hockey), I know how difficult it is to see everything on the field of play, and hockey must be one of the most difficult of all because of the speed of play. While we have the luxury of watching from a distance, either from the ice or on tv, where we can see the plays develop, referees are in the middle of play and don't have the same perspective.
That being said, I noticed some comment about wanting the Hawks in the playoffs, but watching their games throughout the year, I would be hard-pressed to say there was much favoritism for the defending Stanley Cup champions.
On the whole, my take is that the league office undercuts their own rules enforcement protocols and the refs are left guessing from game to game how to call the games.
Posted Tuesday March 29, 2011, About: Rose as MVP doesn't add up
Lotta comments, but it comes down to the cast of players surrounding the MVP candidates, and the fact is that there is no superstar on the Bulls team including Rose, he hasn't paid his dues yet for that status. Rose is, however, based on his play this year, a worthy candidate for MVP, and more so than Kobe or Lebron or the rest of the candidates. Rose is the linchpin for the team on offense and despite what people think of his defense, his speed is also a linchpin for the defense as well. What he has done and what he has in common with the most recent MVP on the Bulls is his will to win, basically dragging the rest of his team to wins when in the period from the last MVP to Rose's arrival the team would fade and lose. Maybe it's just seeing it close up in Chicago that we can appreciate it more than those who have their own superstars just don't see, but Rose's performance this year is a classic case of a single player 's will to win bringing along the rest of his team
Posted Tuesday December 28, 2010, About: Bears, Super Bowl no longer absurd combo
What does all this have to do with the Bears possibly being in the Super Bowl again? (Not that I think that their being in the playoffs isn't a fluke of the universe, but at least stay on topic).
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: LeBron: Why am I a target?
That's what happens when everyone fawns over you for your athletic skills, you don't learn about real life and understand that no one egocentric spoiled idiots. Lots of people watched, I even tuned in for a few minutes hoping he'd stay in Cleveland. but it was curiosity, and Lebron James doesn't seem to understand that he is not the center of the universe and acting like he is reduces him to a caricature of a sports star. Can't wait until his skills erode and he realizes how truly gifted he is, maybe he will finally get a little humility.
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Vikings staff coming down on Berrian?
Berrien was an unreliable reciever in Chicago and the same in Minnesota. He could get behind the coverage on occasion to make a spectacular play, but there weren't enough of the ordinary plays to be a star receiver, the Vikes need more from their receiving corps than Berrien can give them.
Posted Tuesday July 13, 2010, About: Is Cutler really a franchise QB?
At worst, he's an in-betweenie, not quite a franchise player and not just an average quarterback. Last season was not a good indicator because it was his first year in Chicago and the OC was Ron Turner. If anyone has watched the Bears over the Turner's two turns as OC, the play calling has been solid, but nothing special, and he has always been slow to bring in plays that suit the skills of his quarterbacl, never trusting, apparently, to the O-lines ability to play a different style in support of the quarterback as evidenced by the similarity of play-calling between last year and when Orton and Grossman were the Bears quarterbacks. Only at the end of last season did he apparently listen to his critics and give Cutler more roll-outs and other plays that were to his strength (it didn't help that Forte did have a good year, though Turner's penchant for calling plays that required Forte to hit gaps that never materialized didn't help either). Bottom line: Cutler has a crazy man as his OC this year in Martz, but Martz is seen as an OC that will make the best use of Cutler's skill set. We can only hope, as one thing that Lovie's teams have in common with Da Coach's is the strong defense and passable offense, and with Lovie's defense on a long downhill slide, the only hope for this team is a Martz/Cutler offense that shoots out the lights. All praise to Air Coryell!

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