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Posted Sunday August 12, 2012, About: Dwight Superman Howard walking like Quasimodo
As posted in FanNation:

The complication(s) lie(s) in:
Exhibit A: Howard is still injured and back injuries are always complicated. Ask:

*Exhibit B: Steve Nash who has battled constant back issues over the last two seasons. Also, let's not forget that his defense is suspect in spite of his brilliance.

*Exhibit C: Gasol is still Gasol, though I do expect him to be more consistent now that he doesn't have to do "much" of the heavy lifting down low. (Providing that Howard is in the lineup.)

*Exhibit D: MWP is still Ron Artest and hasn't lived up to his billing.

*Exhibit E: Kobe is still (and will be) Kobe. (A blessing and a curse.) He's just a year older with extra mileage on his wheels.

Like a used car, the complications are there in spite of the reassurances and the sticker price.

[Addendum] Let's not forget that Jamison's stats were put up on a bad team and you know what they say about guys putting up great numbers on a bad team. Especially a guy who, in spite of his numbers, never really was "the guy" on any team he's played with.
Posted Tuesday July 17, 2012, About: The Presumptuous Mr. Dolan and the Ridiculous Stephen A.
You said it all Michael. How quickly Knicks fans forget. I've always said that the Knicks were lukewarm towards Jeremy Lin. Mike Woodson's seemingly "not so much" endorsements of him as their starter were always tempered by the continuing talks of getting Chris Paul even after he'd already signed with the Clippers. To talks of Raymond Felton and the Argentinian Point Guard they were talking about signing. It is my greatest hope that Jeremy Lin walks right out of the Knicks front door on his own terms. As a member of my family says, when someone does something stupid and reaps the just desserts of such stupidity, "They (the Knicks) shoveled *cjit* and then fell in it."
Posted Wednesday April 25, 2012, About: Darrelle Revis is a nauseating money grubber
This guy knows that opponents are less and less impressed with him lately. I guess he figures to strike while the reputation is still *warm*. He should be informed that the boat has sailed and we see the product left behind for what it is.
Posted Wednesday April 25, 2012, About: Darrelle Revis is a nauseating money grubber
Exactly! I remember him talking smack in regards to Tebow and then when he's face to face with him, he whiffs with a lame-a55 arm tackle (attempt). If I'm with Jets management, I'd put together a highlight reel of all his hits and misses. Then I'd ask, "How much would you pay for that?"

I'm totally sick of these athletes and their sense of entitlement for doing nothing more than what they're supposed to do. How much is enough?
Posted Tuesday April 24, 2012, About: Floyd says Obama would escort him to ring against Pac
What's not to hate about this guy?
Posted Friday February 17, 2012, About: Jermey Lin's a hero and Floyd Mayweather's a worthless bigot
*chuckles* Thanks Chief and no... I'm just a sports fan/aficionado.
Posted Thursday February 16, 2012, About: Jermey Lin's a hero and Floyd Mayweather's a worthless bigot
Hello Colin! You hit the nail on the head buddy!

I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would say something, patently stupid about this. To this I say, "Au contraire Floyd"... Not many players are doing what Jeremy is doing "every night". Sure, we don't know how long he'll continue on this tear, but what other guard in the league is presently producing, at this level? Sure other guards can do this... On a good day... And if they were, wouldn't the inevitable comparisons find their way to sports wires? My question is, "Why must race always be a factor in questions about "why"?" Maybe this is simply a case of "skill set meets opportunity". Or maybe it's simply a case of a man working diligently at his craft and is reaping the rewards of said work. Isn't this something we preach to each other and our children? As I recall, this same subject was broached by Isiah Thomas in regards to Larry Bird. Turns out, the guy was just that good and no other player, not named Earvin Johnson (regardless of race) was doing what he did night in and night out. More importantly, I don't recall Magic Johnson suffering from a lack of exposure on account of Larry Bird's success. So... Yes, the somewhat insular nature of the Asian community does foster loyalty to their heroes and those who achieve beyond expectation. There's nothing wrong with that, but to say that Jeremy Lin's race is reason why he's enjoying his new found celebrity is patently stupid, short-sighted and bigoted.

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