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Posted Sunday December 30, 2012, About: Don Fehr, Gary Bettman playing chicken on deadline?
Comments about Bettman are always so ludicrous. He's the owners puppet, his mouth doesn't move unless one of them is telling him what to do. He's also grown the game to 3.3 billion, the annual players salary has gone from 334k a yr to 2.4 mill a year under his watch. He's made some major screwups but he's grown the game. Only problem is the players got ridiculously greedy with what they are suddenly making and need to realize this is for their best interests.
Posted Monday December 10, 2012, About: NHL owners ready to shun Hainsey?
Hainsey is making 4.5 plus million a year, he had zero goals last year, was beaten like a rented mule nightly. He doesn't deserve another NHL contract, nothing to do with his PA job, he is one of the most overpaid players in the league. He should be asking them to sign asap. Guy should be a little pissed at losing 4.5 million a year and will never see it again.
Posted Sunday December 09, 2012, About: NHL closer to deal than Gary Bettman is letting on?
cancelled games to be announced on Monday. They should probably dig a little deeper!

And bettman is the owners puppet, yell at the owners lol. I don't like him either but the anger is so misplaced its unreal. Dont' shoot the messenger!
Posted Monday November 26, 2012, About: Immediate free agency for all NHL players?
Would be awesome, Phoenix, Florida, Columbus, etc would all fold players out of jobs. This would be great for the league if it wanted to go back to 8-10 team league.
Posted Saturday November 24, 2012, About: Jim Harbaugh has not named starting quarterback
He might be the QB of the future, but it's hard to argue how Smith has perfomed under Harbaugh...19-5 I think is the number wins/loses. They're also going into a very hostile environment in the Sueprdome agaist a very hot SAints team. not exactly the best time to give Kaeps his 2nd start if Smith is healthy. Kaeps cooled off a lot in the 2nd half last week, and the Saints have a little bit of film on him now too. If Smith is healthy he's gotta be the guy. He showed against the Saints last year in the playoffs that he can run and gun to if you let him.
Posted Friday November 23, 2012, About: O'Neill takes Bettman bashing to new low
I'm not a Bettman fan, but really the hatred towards him is laughable. It's like being pissed at the foreman or your manager for the owner saying how to run things. Don't shoot the messenger
Posted Tuesday November 20, 2012, About: Niners' guaranteed QB controversy
Smith has played very well since Harbs came in. Kaeps had a tremendous first game, which bolds well, but if Smith is healthy he should start next week
Posted Tuesday November 13, 2012, About: Is Bettman getting greedy?
C'mon man, Bettman isn't getting fired, his bosses just resigned him and gave him a raise. there may be the odd owner who's against what he's doing, but the majority want what he's doing, or else he'd be negotiating more. We villify Bettman for ruining the game but facts are its the owners who tell him what they want and he's just the frontman. NHLPA isn't negotiating, they keep throwing the same proposal at the owners as they have from day 1 essentially. No way the owners aka BILLIONAIRES and the bosses are going to let their employess tell them what to do.
Posted Friday November 02, 2012, About: Surprising defender of Bettman
the 30 owners employee Bettman to the tune of as said 8 mill per. If they really thought he was doing a bad job he'd be gone. Speaks to the fact that as much as some teams cry poor, overall the NHL must be doing ok or else they'd turf the munchkin
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: The eight hardliners keeping hockey on ice
ya NHLPA wouldn't like losing what 250 plus jobs? NBC would be a little pissed too.
Posted Tuesday October 30, 2012, About: Bettman leaving most owners in the dark?
LIkely not as that would go against what he wants. He showcases the Cros and Ovie for the public, but it's the guys whos paycheques that are "only" a mill or less that are the ones who are going to start freaking out. Those guys need their paycheques just like the rest of us
Posted Saturday October 27, 2012, About: Suter: Owners trying to go back on their word
Owners said they'd make whole on all contracts signed didn't they? So how is that going back on their words? Just wondering?
Posted Wednesday October 24, 2012, About: Are owners getting desperate?
Yawn, owners desperate? Why? they have other businesses lining their bank accounts, and only 1/3rd of the teams made money so why would they be in a rush to lose more money on hockey? Players will cave and get a worse deal. People like to talk about the potential money they'll lose with the owners proposal. Here's how to really view it, you're going to lose your whole salary this year, plus end up with a 50/50 deal anyways. Why waste a year for what you're going to settle for anyways. Wish I had millions I could throw away for no reason!
Posted Tuesday September 25, 2012, About: Toews: Owners may 'drive it into the ground'
Poor Toews, how will survive on only 7 million a year instead of 8 or 9....boohoohoo
Posted Wednesday July 25, 2012, About: Kane vulnerable to offer sheet
Jets have offered Kane 6 yrs at 29 million. It's a good deal for both sides.
Posted Sunday May 13, 2012, About: Johnston hopes concussion suits aren't just for money
It's always about the money, everything else is just talk
Posted Saturday November 12, 2011, About: Honeymoon over in Winnipeg
The 15k includes the luxury boxes. They aren't on top of the total attendance, it's included in it. Also not every box holds 16 anymore as they chopped a few in half to create more.

I still think the booing was more at the refs than the home team. If they play the way they did Thursday, and then again tonight, I will be booing them on Monday night though!
Posted Friday November 11, 2011, About: Honeymoon over in Winnipeg
Wow shows that they have no clue on here, the booing was at the pathetic referring, not at the home team! I was there, no one has even come close to booing the team......yet!
Posted Saturday August 06, 2011, About: Fake Jets gear already hitting market
The logo is great, only people I"ve heard bash it were people who only wanted the old Logo and nothing else, of course they want JUmp played when the team comes out, and Selanne, Ducky and Steen to return. Move on peeps. Embrace the future
Posted Saturday May 07, 2011, About: Glendale buying more time for Coyotes?
I think the Deal to keep the Yotes in Glendale is because their is zero chance the Thrashers are staying in ATL and Bettman has to have the Yotes stay in Phx so he can move the Thrashers to WPG
Posted Saturday November 20, 2010, About: Scandal cost Tiger $35M-plus
really, why don't you ask Micheal Vick how most people view him now as he's lighting it up? How about his airness who had numerous affairs as well? check out Kobe's status too, how about Charlie Sheen who's whole life is pretty much a trainwreck. If/When tiger starts winning againg the $$$$$ will start flowing from sponsors, it's about being a winner and companies want to be associated with it.

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