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Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014, About: Dolan: 'Isiah is a basketball genius!'
Coming from a basketball idiot.
Posted Tuesday March 11, 2014, About: Former Pats QB (not named Mallett) on Texans radar
Who knows how much "truth" there is to any of these rumors-Cassel was ridiculous, squashed in less than 24 hours, and I guess every QB NE ever had is a "possibility". Still think a good, young QB will be available at the first pick of round 2 for O'Brien to develop.
Posted Tuesday August 13, 2013, About: Ryan takes a shot at Cowboys
I wonder if his dad would have called it an "improvement" to go from wherever Rob thought they would have been without him to 25th best.
Posted Wednesday July 03, 2013, About: Best defensive player ever, or just for now?
So, you can't say anyone "could" be the greatest, without bringing everybody out of the woodwork. Not any inaccuracy in Cushing's statement with that word in it, people.
Posted Wednesday July 03, 2013, About: Dwight, LeBron and 'Melo in L.A.?
Dirk is a shooter and a scorer; he'll need the ball to be effective. Harden has been the man in Houston(one season), but he played well in OKC in a team concept, and the other Rocket players are young and adaptable. Howard hasn't been asking to be the man, he wants an offense that gives him more looks than the Lakers did, and a team that can compete for championships. If more than one guy can't have the ball, it just ain't gonna happen.
Posted Wednesday July 03, 2013, About: Dwight, LeBron and 'Melo in L.A.?
So, Kobe will play for the vets' minimum? He and Melo on the same team-that alone is ludicrous.
Posted Tuesday June 25, 2013, About: Jazz to let Al Jefferson walk?
Perfect addition for the Rockets instead of Howard, and they will more likely be able to keep some current players and add additional depth.
Posted Friday May 31, 2013, About: Houston hatches plan to chase Howard
With Dirk, that would be 3 max salaries, and, as is being pointed out already regarding the Heat's future, that's a tough arrangement under the luxury cap. Rockets are young, and already in the playoff mix. Would rather see them go for a 4, maybe Millsap or Jefferon, and forget about the DH headache.
Posted Friday December 14, 2012, About: Brees turns up heat on Goodell
"We as players hold ourselves to very strict code of conduct on and off the field" The facts, Mr. Brees, show otherwise. Your union stance diatribes on this subject are disappointing, as you are just as interested in acheiving an "certain outcome" as the NFL. and just as willing to ignore that the "strict code of conduct" was hardly followed by your own teammates and coaches at the very least, and we need not go into those instances from other teams.
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Petition asks Obama to remove Jerry Jones
The Raiders had to wait for Al to kick the bucket before they could start trying to fix that mess, and it looks like Dallas is in the same boat. You own the team, you have the right to run it however you want to, including delusional belief that you can evaluate talent, or that you want to be the center of attention, to the point of firing successful coaches.
Posted Friday July 20, 2012, About: Stoudemire: Wasted 2012-13 without title
Thrilled to get Felton? Always brings his A game? What planet are you living on, Amare? Felton has NEVER shown an A game. He is a bust, but in the "pass it to Melo and watch" system, he may do ok.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: One Cowboy WR is faster, quicker and stronger
And getting arrested quicker.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: Houston mocked for Lin offer
Oh, Daily News, Carmelo is some kind of salary expert, now? Warm up a GM seat for him someday, I guess. The rules and the playing field have changed, and we all might as well get used to it. No team will lose financially due to Lin's marketability; Melo, J.R. Smith and the Daily News just can't stand that Lin wasn't crawling on his knees to the Knicks, even though they didn't raise a peep(or an offer) until the Rockets came calling. Match it, or just ****.
Posted Saturday July 14, 2012, About: Rockets' Lin offer irks Knicks
Exactly-Lin is worth it in marketing alone. He will be big in Houston as well, Yao was immensely popular, and the Rockets get it. Thanks, and good luck with Felton.
Posted Thursday March 29, 2012, About: Will Haney help unlock Tiger riddle?
Why do we need "a better understanding of Woods"? And the place to get it is a guy who knows his coaching career is finished, so he writes and promotes the hell out of a "tell all" book. What stinks about it, and kills its credibility, is Haney wants credit for Tiger's successes, but no responsibility for his failures. Sorry, Independent, I thank Haney for nothing.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Did Manning pick the wrong horse?
Not talking about taking it away, but that hardly makes him a great passer. And the greats seldom blow a wide open play like that. The first 2 years of Steve Young's career was in the USFL, and then he rode the bench at SF until Montana was gone. Steve Young is not only a better passer that Tebow will ever be, but he was just a talented a runner, too.
Posted Wednesday March 21, 2012, About: Did Manning pick the wrong horse?
Every team courting him had the money, that had nothing to do with it, period. Posters in here that think that are kidding themselves. Teams knew what money was going to be needed before the circus came to town. Any QB on an NFL roster could make that pass to a wide open receiver against the Steelers, and, if they couldn't, they shouldn't be in the league. The play call was the big thing. I wish Tebow well as he moves on, but I just don't see him as a full time NFL quarterback. There are definitely roles for him in this league.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Trump mad at Scots again
From his ridiculous and idiotic TV show, to his waste of time foray in politics, "the Donald" is "the definition" of meglomaniac. He really believes that people outside of his financial doings care what he thinks. Can't wait for the big wake-up call one of these days.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Lee weighs heavy on Astros rebuild
Regardless, after this season, he walks, or lumbers right out the door to the next overpaid job.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Seahawks won't hand Flynn the job
Yes, he will, Pete, and you know it.
Posted Tuesday March 20, 2012, About: Did Manning pick the wrong horse?
The Broncos and the Titans and the 49ers all had 90 million dollars, that was inconsequential to his decision. He was going to get paid and eveerybody who was after him was prepared to do that. Amazing lack of insight by WSJ(maybe they should stay out of sports). If Tebow could pass consistently and successfully, they wouldn't have ever gone after Manning, besides, as everyone else has pointed out, those receivers might have gained a few more yards.

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