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Posted Thursday April 17, 2014, About: Adelman's final game?
I think injuries and his wife's health really threw a wrench to Rick's last 2 years of coaching. he may be the brightest coach not to win or go to the finals. Win or lose, a thorough-bred professional. Hats off to a wonderful career Rick. Time to focus on health and family.

Minny can now focus on finding Love's replacement.
Posted Thursday April 17, 2014, About: J.R. Smith calls Anthony's return
Dolan needs to follow the Bucks strategy and SELL this team. Only then there's some hope for the Knick fans....until then..enjoy the JR show :-)
Posted Sunday April 13, 2014, About: Lakers reportedly interested in re-signing Jodie Meeks
Someone will overpay him for sure.
Posted Sunday April 13, 2014, About: Rajon Rondo warned for flopping
Unless flopping is made into a foul or a FT for the other team type thing, all these warnings are meaningless. Either get serious about it, or just leave it alone. Half measures don't help!
Posted Sunday April 13, 2014, About: Suns' Goran Dragic hopes to return vs. Mavs
Dragic proved that he's an elite PG this season. Can he translate one great season into a career? That's his challenge. But playoffs or not, this guy should get consideration for MIP.
Posted Sunday April 13, 2014, About: Report: Knicks interested in signing Lamar Odom
Yeah I was just wondering if the Knick nation actually realized that they are OUT!!!
Posted Sunday April 13, 2014, About: Kevin Durant studies Dirk Nowitzki to improve game
Not a bad source to "steal" from. Good for KD, constantly working to improve his game.
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: Duke star Parker arranging sophomore housing
NEVER a dumb move to do what his heart says, rather than fall into the fans/media hype and clamor.
The guy seems to be enjoying college and college ball, let him do his thing. NBA will be there for him.
Injury is not in anyone's hands, you can't base your entire future on something freak happening. I do concede for sportsmen it might mean millions, but he should just do what his heart says. College years comes once ones!
Posted Thursday April 10, 2014, About: LeBron conceding MVP?
KD's numbers are winning his team few additional games down the stretch, than Jame's numbers despite which it appears that the Heat are slipping.
Advantage KD for MVP. I wouldn't still write off Heat for the ring though. James/Wade know when to step it up! So does Ray Ray.
Posted Monday April 07, 2014, About: Stoudemire pans teammate's record-setting outing
Isn't that the same thing we've heard every offseason for the past decade? smh..
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Josh Smith: Pistons' problems 'not all my fault'
You're right my bro. We got nothing to smile.
So we'll smile at the Pistons with a "I told ya so".
There may be some smiles if we hold off Knicks for the playoffs :-)
Posted Sunday April 06, 2014, About: Lamar Odom meets with Phil Jackson
Khloe might be a better player than Lamar right about now!
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Ersan Ilyasova reportedly wants out of Milwaukee
Feel sorry for Bucks fans. Totally clueless management.
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Did Detroit owner meddle in firing Mo Cheeks?

That ONE move to get Rasheed was by default!!!. He was the ONLY scoring big available in the market, and ATL wanted to dump him ASAP.

Dumbmars got TOO much credit for that one ring, and nothing negative for a LONG till until very recently.
From his body of work, his ring was a blip, and he's really a disaster of a GM.
Posted Sunday February 16, 2014, About: Carmelo Anthony willing to take less money from Knicks
I think he's just throwing in statements so he won't have a PR disaster.

Ultimately he'll say, "I want to win, Knicks didn't show me a roadmap to get there, so I'm leaving".

Bottomline - he wants to leave. Which IMO is good for both.
Posted Saturday February 15, 2014, About: Danny Ainge open to trade deadline deals
I think if Celtics play their cards right, someone like Kevin Love might be their prize. I mean Love, Rondo, Green, Sullinger and a decent Center (Perkins? LOL) would put them top 3 in the East easily. For that they'll need to get rid of Wallace's stupid contract somehow. Rest of the deals end after this season I think (Bass, Hump etc)
Posted Friday February 14, 2014, About: Knicks open to trading Shumpert, Hardaway?
Shump is a decent player, but over rated in the sense, he is very inconsistent. He does have upside and young but doubt he'll seriously fetch an all-star caliber player in return.
Hardaway jr is intriguing. A contender needing a shooter might give back something in value for NY.
Posted Friday February 14, 2014, About: Suns may have to match max contract for Eric Bledsoe
Restricted FA is GREAT for PHX. Let the market decide his value and then match it. NO ONE will offer him max $
Posted Wednesday February 12, 2014, About: Spurs open to trading Kawhi Leonard
Why not? Spurs have been drumming up KL for years as if he's a top 5 player in this league. The dude is so inconsistent, hurt a LOT and very immature. Talent means nothing if you can't put it together. He's like marvin Williams.

Buyer beware
Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014, About: Camby expects return within a month
He'll still end up playing more than Oden this season.
Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014, About: Lakers thoroughly exploring Pau Gasol trade
What makes you think any one in their right mind would give back a "substantial haul" for a worn out Pau?
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