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Posted Monday March 11, 2013, About: Will Steinbrenners push for Alfonso Soriano?
People forget that Soriano was a constant 40-40 threat when he was with the Yankees. Then he became the first and only player to go 40-40-40 (40HR, 40 doubles, 40 SB) when he was with the Nationals. That was the year he had a realistic shot at 50-50. You cannot fault the Cubs for giving him a big contract. Obviously the injury slowed him down. But he will not have any trouble hitting at least 30 HR. I recall Ted Williams once said Soriano had the quickest hand/wrist he has seen. That quality wouldn't deteriorate much at his current age. It will not surprise me if Soriano hits 40 HR for the Yankees.

Yankees need some right handed hitters anyway. He'd be a great fit in the lineup. Although I'd prefer having him in the left field instead of the rumor to make him play right field. He does not have a strong arm to handle right field.

As with the ARoid comparison, let me ask you who has a better chance of hitting 30HR in a full healthy season? Aroid or Soriano?

Soriano is too skinny to be on PEDs.
Posted Wednesday January 30, 2013, About: Is A-Rod's career over?
People forgot that he or Boras was so greedy to opt out of Ranger's contract. Instead of Rangers paying most of the money, resigning him cost Yankees a lot of money so he could earn just a little bit more.
Posted Sunday September 02, 2012, About: Should Mets trade David Wright and R.A. Dickey?
I'm not sure I want to trade R.A. Dickey. Although he's 38, he's relying on knuckballs and I don't see what's going to stop him from pitching into his mid 40's. They should keep Johan Santana too because he looks like he just need another year to be back to his old form. The only bad contract they signed was with Jason Bay. Mets were tied in first place at one point this year before they fell apart after All-Stars. I think they can be a contender if they just have the money to add a few more players.
Posted Friday August 31, 2012, About: Knicks set to unveil new uniforms
Knicks should have signed Lin if they really wanted to sell more jerseys. Imagine what would happen if Lin excels in Houston and Knicks are no better than they were last year. I won't be surprised if there are people wearing Lin's Rocket jersey every game if Knicks is doing terrible.
Posted Wednesday August 22, 2012, About: Swisher seeking 'Jayson Werth money'
I agree. There is no signs that he's going to return to his MVP form. You might be looking at 25HR a year average for the remaining of his career, barring any injuries. That's pretty generous because I don't think he will hit 40HR again.
Posted Wednesday August 22, 2012, About: Swisher seeking 'Jayson Werth money'
Werth is arguably a better player with more speed, power, and better arm. But Swisher seems to be more durable and has done pretty well for the Yankees. Still, nobody should expect Werth contract for Swisher. They have Robinson Cano to lock in. As is they already overpaid Arod and Jeter. But as I said many years ago, Yankees should have let Arod walk when he declined the option. Look what you get out of Arod after Yankees resigned him? As crazy as it may sound, I'd try a little bit hard to keep Swisher than I would with Arod.
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: Clemens could pitch in the bigs by September
It's more likely that he will join his buddy Jose Canseco than Andy Pettite.
Posted Monday August 20, 2012, About: Dodgers might have eyes for Santana
If this were before all-star break then Dodgers might have gone for it. At the time Santana still holds a low 3 ERA. But one can look ahead beyond this season. If Santana gets some of his velocity back next year, Dodgers will have the best 1-2 punch in MLB.
Posted Monday August 20, 2012, About: Will Mets offer Johan Santana to Dodgers?
You're talking about a starting pitcher who has one of the lowest career ERA among active players. If he gets his velocity back (which he probably will), he'll be an ace for any team. Remember he was quite effective up to the no-hitter having low 3 ERA. Fatigue must be a factor here recovering from surgery.
Posted Monday August 13, 2012, About: Big questions facing Mets management
It's a shame considering they were the 10,000:1 odds to win the World Series this year befoe the season started.
Posted Monday July 16, 2012, About: Dempster has 10 suitors
Damn, NY Mets not interested?
Posted Tuesday July 10, 2012, About: Bautista urges Jays to acquire pitchers
I got an idea. Trade Jose Bautista for some pitchers.
Posted Monday July 09, 2012, About: Lincecum talks about hitting 'rock bottom'
Dead arm syndrome is pretty difficult to recover from.
Posted Friday July 06, 2012, About: Why Kidd won't improve Knicks' backcourt
That's a pretty racist statement about Lin. If Lin is not NBA material, then half of the league isn't either.
Posted Tuesday June 05, 2012, About: Soriano open to being traded to contender
People forget that Cubs signed him after he became the first (and only) player to hit at least 40 homers, 40 doubles, and steal 40 bases. That was nearly impossible to do if you think about it (third base difficult to steal on, and no stealing necessary on those 46 homers he hit that year), and on a crappy team no less (Washington Nationals). Cubs' mistake was signing him for that long. Soriano was at fault too because he lied about his age. I won't be surprised if he's actually 41 right now.

With that said, some team could use a hitter like him. He's still capable of hitting 25-30 HR even in decline. And if his knees get better he can be more than DH in American league. But no teams will pay for the money he's owed. If Cubs want to get rid of him, they'll need to cover most of the contract to make it happen.
Most of the pitchers on that list will require Tommy John sooner or later.
Posted Monday April 23, 2012, About: Will Cubs make up with Sosa?
He and Mark Macguire are the same breed in cheating baseball. The only difference was Mark refused to talk about the past which gives me the option to tell the truth later, and Sammy had to stick his original story about roids.
Posted Tuesday April 17, 2012, About: 4,000 in play for Jeter
Too early to say. But he is in much better condition than Pete Rose at same age though.
Posted Friday April 13, 2012, About: New Cubs ace pitching for his future
I thought he'd be a good fit for the Yankees. Even before the injury to Pineda, I'd prefer Garza over Pineda.
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: D'Antoni wanted to flip 'Melo for D-Will
I agree with 1 and 3. But if you recall during the short-lived Linsanity craze Lin was making over 10 turnovers on average, as high as 14 in the win against Mavs. I agree with you that you can't win consistently with 10 turnovers from one player. But with Melo back, they were losing tons of games, some of which Lin didn't make more than 5 turnovers. The biggest problem is defense. Without Melo they substitute a scrub that can at least play average defense. They can prevent some of those turnovers into points. With Melo back, it's like a team of 4 players trying to play defense. Every turnover gets turned into free points. In addition if you play crappy defense throughout the entire game, you're going to be behind anyway. It doesn't matter if you're losing and making zero turnovers.

I don't mind if they throw Lin into the deal with Melo to get DWill. If NJ can get Howard then they can have a very strong team with Lin/Howard/Melo. But trading away Lin may not be good PR. I was thinking the Knicks can pay some of Melo's salary to sweeten the deal. These are all just speculations. We only know these facts: NJ wanted Melo last year, and NJ will eventually lose DWill. My guess is if Knicks presents this swap deal, NJ will at least counter instead of flatly reject any deal. But Dolan doesn't even want to try.
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: Suddenly staying? Howard blames bad advice for 'circus'
Come on, be realistic. Dwight is gone after the contract ends.

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