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Posted Tuesday August 09, 2011, About: Winning fans is last on Orton's list
I believe in Tim Tebow. Make fun of the guy all you want. It's really not even funny. What exactly has Kyle Orton won that we're saying he's so far above and away better than Tebow? Last time I looked he hasn't won crap.

Calling out the fans is the dumbest thing a player can do. If Denver starts 0-2 or even 0-1 for that matter, people are going to call for his head and rightfully so.

Everybody rags on Tebow and I feel it's unwarranted. I say that if Kyle Orton doesn't care about the fan base {the people that pay his salary} than I say you to go to Tebow and let his era begin.
Posted Thursday June 16, 2011, About: Jeter headed down selfish path
I'm not exactly sure how we went from Derek Jeter to potatoes and Charles Barkley...but in any event...

As a Yankee fan i will stay loyal to Jeter and his wishes till the very end. Derek is a true yankee who has played his whole career with the yanks and has done an incredible job being the face of the most important sports franchise in the world for about 15 years.

Alot of younger players could learn from Jeter's level of class and the fact that to this day, whenever he hits a ground ball on IF or a fly ball to the OF, he busts his **** down the line simply because he is that kind of hustle player.

Jeter SHOULD be in the lineup until he doesnt want to be anymore.
Posted Thursday May 05, 2011, About: Scout: 'Almost sad' to watch Jeter
Jeter is hitting .250, his teammate Jorge Posada is hitting .161. Why all the news about Jeter?
Posted Thursday April 21, 2011, About: SDSU coach to Boise: Dump the Smurf Turf
If you dont want to look, tough coconuts. Why should they have to change their field? Nobody is stopping anybody else from customizing their field exactly like they want to.
Posted Wednesday March 23, 2011, About: Is 'Bones' Jones too cocky?
GSP will hand him his ass.
Posted Wednesday March 16, 2011, About: Would Yanks trade for King Felix?
This would obviously cement CC and King Felix as the best 1/2 combo in baseball...take that Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee!
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Signs point to Tebow working as Week 1 backup
Tebow will get in the game because if he doesn't, the boatload of people who bought his jersey are going to rebel.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Saban takes shot at Boise State?
Nick Saban can take shots all he wants {he can wait in line, I'm sure many others want to also} but if he honestly believes that his team is SO superior that Boise State cannot beat them in a potential NC game, he has another thing coming. Tell him to focus on Penn State this weekend.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Martz feeding Cutler to Lions?
I'm not going to call them to go to the playoffs, but I'll bet the Lions will be the most improved team from 2009 to 2010. They've added legitamte talent on offense and defense and if nothing else, i think they'll get off to a win against the human interception.
Posted Friday September 10, 2010, About: Martz feeding Cutler to Lions?
I'm not calling playoffs...playoffs? Yes Jim Mora, playoffs lol { I couldn't resist} but i'll bet on the Lions as the most improved team from 2009 to 2010 and i think they will get off to a win against the Bears.
Posted Saturday September 04, 2010, About: Should Yankees drop Jeter?
Lol this is stupid. Jeter will come around like he always does.
Posted Wednesday September 01, 2010, About: The Usain Bolt of baseball?
I'm not ready to crown this guy with the cy young award or anything...but I've seen him pitch and I have NEVER seen a fastball with the kind of electricity that his fastball has. If the Reds were really smart I think they would make him a closer. His arm motion seems effortless but I don't think he can make 200 innings a year at 103 mph.
Posted Wednesday September 01, 2010, About: Will slumping Jeter want A-Rod money?
There really aren't many words to cover Derek Jeter. The all time yankee hit leader, consumate professional, clutch performer in the post season, 5 time champion and was an important piece of every team. For Yankee fans like me {age 21} that didnt really get to see Don Mattingly play {or the greats that came before him} Derek Jeter IS the yankees to this generation and he deserves to cash in after this season. I don't believe he's done yet. Players go in and out of slumps multiple times in a season. Derek will bounce back in the post season...he always does.
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Boise State AD: Program 'could crumble'
Oregons mighty rushing attack was held to 31 yards on opening night last year. I think we're ready lol
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Iguodala: Durant will outscore Kareem
While it is definitely a stretch to see this happening, Durant is my favorite player in the NBA {after the Lejerk and the Heat saga of this summer} right now so I'm pulling for him.
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Boise State AD: Program 'could crumble'
I am a Boise fan and I am excited for this season. College basketball broke through last season...a "mid major" played for the championship and the game was one of the better national title games in recent memory. It's only a matter of time until a mid major plays for the college football national championship. I dont care who plays in what conference. Boise State is in the top 5 to start the season so they need only worry about the teams in front of them. People need to see {and they will Monday night against VT} that this Boise team is not a novelty or a flash in the pan as one fool referred to them as. They've won every big game they've had to win and I don't see this one being any different. A VT defense returning 4 starters...that's almost laughable. Kellen Moore is going to cut them up all night.
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Should Leinart worry? Yes, about being cut
Tough break for him. Some team will take a chance on him though...I mean c'mon, somebody signed Pacman Jones right?
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Tebow moves up depth chart
How good he is going to be right away...I don't think it's relevant...based on his jersey sales, the fact that people were showing up at the Broncos training complex hours in advance just to catch a glimpse at this guy. If the Broncos start 0-1 or 0-2, people are going to call for him to start. He is easily the most anticipated player of this draft and I think it's refreshing to see a guy like him...I don't think you're going to see him in contract disputes over 11 million instead of 10 million anytime soon...I'm rooting for the guy.
Posted Tuesday August 31, 2010, About: Greed is good for CJ2K?
There seems to be a sad reoccuring theme soon as anybody plays well enough that they "outplay" their contract all they want is more. These guys make millions, lived privileged lifestyles to begin with. People liked Chris Johnson last year because he was a smaller guy at a tough position whose salary didnt look like my social security's sad that he's just going to become another overpaid crybaby that the everyone will grow to hate.
Posted Monday August 30, 2010, About: The 'most important man' in NYC sports?
If you are not a Knicks fan and haven't seen Danilo Gallinari play, you really shouldn't comment on this. Danillo is 6'10 225 so he has a good build. He is a remarkable 3 point shooter. I watched the game on TV this year that he and Carmelo Anthony were jawing for the entire 3rd quarter and they traded basket after basket...I haven't heard Madison Square Garden come alive the way it did and rally behind a player like that since the old days of Ewing and John Starks. The Knicks won that game and he dropped like 35 points. He is extremely young, just turned 22 years old, and has all the upside in the world. He might not be a superstar at this point, but he definitely can be an important piece to a contending or even championship team.
Posted Friday August 27, 2010, About: Rodgers off to best NFL start ever
P.S. Not to take a shot at you here but if you put ANY stock in the pre season you are insane.

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