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Posted Monday November 12, 2012, About: Alex Smith has a concussion
Yes the tie irked me. But it was not what irritated me the most about this game. The Niners defense played poorly. Very poorly. But also, hats off to Jeff Fisher and crew. They prepared and executed well. The Niners overlooked the fact that the Rams had a bye week last week as well. Both teams had plenty of time to prepare. And the Rams won that battle. But what hurt us the most was the play calling once Akers got into "field goal range in OT." The play calling was to not turn the ball over. Rather than go down and score a TD. Akers is not the Akers of last year. He has already missed "gimmes" this year and proved it once again this game. Poor execution by the Niners, excellent execution by the Rams.
Posted Thursday November 01, 2012, About: Whisenhunt delivers harsh message to Cards
So you're telling us the Cardinals "are who we thought they were?" But the Niners didn't let em off the hook.
Posted Wednesday October 31, 2012, About: Jacobs was a healthy scratch
Too many "against." Dually noted.
Posted Wednesday October 31, 2012, About: Jacobs was a healthy scratch
I look for em to be used against the next game against the Rams. To get em started, and to keep Gore fresh for the Monday night showdown against Da Bears.
Posted Tuesday August 21, 2012, About: Former MVP nearing return
I can't wait until his return. Since Dusty is a master at throwing crazy/stupid lineups out there, why not put him at leadoff? The reason the Reds have been successful is because everyone other than the leadoff hitter has stepped up. And thats excluding Bruce. Try filling the void at leadoff while you have the room to play around. It's not like Votto was a RBI machine anyway, only becuase guys were never on while he came to the plate. Pretty sure another great Reds hitter batted leadoff for a majority of his career back in the day. I would like to see this happen, but I wouldn't bet on it : o
Posted Sunday August 05, 2012, About: Red Sox contingent pushing for Ellsbury's exit
They can give em Arroyo back, but no Cueto haha. I was screaming for the Reds to deal Bailey while he was red hot, and now the last couple of starts have been a blast to the past. It will be really interesting to see how Bailey finishes this season. This has been his best year so far, but he has already passed his career high for number of innings in a single season.
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Dramatically different Jacobs?
I mean Jacobs is the next Deon......no Gore. Brain fart.
Posted Saturday August 04, 2012, About: Dramatically different Jacobs?
Sounds like he's preparing for the possibility for an injury to Gore. I hope this doesn't happen, but there is always this possibility considering the type of back Gore is. But then there's always that added motivation of being prepared to shove the rock down the throat of your former team. Either way, I just hope Gore is the new Deon and wins back to back Super Bowls with different teams. Go Niners.
Posted Sunday July 22, 2012, About: Reds eyeing two Phillies leadoff hitters
First of all.....I'm not saying putting Votto at leadoff is necessarily the best idea. And secondly, Votto is not the cleanup hitter in the Reds lineup. He bats third. Phillips is cleanup usually. And the reason I did make a suggestion about Votto as a leadoff is becuase that is basically what he is already. Look at the productivity of the guys who hit in front of him i.e. Stubbs and Cozart. These guys do not get on base enough. Just imagine what Votto's numbers would look like if he had guys on base in front of him. That is why he has so many walks. Nobody on when he comes to the plate. Votto basically is the leadoff hitter already. Batting in the first inning with no one on but with 2 outs.
Posted Saturday July 21, 2012, About: Reds eyeing two Phillies leadoff hitters
Very hard to find a good leadoff guy thats going to come in and make an immediate impact. Pierre and Victorino aren't the guys to get. And the Reds would have to give up too much to get a serious threat. Weather the storm until Votto returns. Pitching has been the strength all year and it will have to be during this time when the Reds have a soft schedule. And when he returns.......put Votto at leadoff. Best hitter in the game and best eyes in the game. As dumb as some of the lineups Dusty Baker has thrown out there I'm surprised he hasn't tried this one yet.
Posted Saturday July 21, 2012, About: Pirates scouting Cubs lefty
One year ago today the Pirates were in first place in the NL Central. Nice try tho.
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: Sox already considering major move?
I got some Reds gear he can borrow ; )
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: Sox already considering major move?
Well the Red Sox got rid of the Bambino Curse........now you have a new one......the LBJ Curse. LOL. As long as they are linked with Lebron they will not win a championship.
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: Sox already considering major move?
This is why they play 162 games a year folks. Geeeeeeeeesh. They'll come around. Its April......not August.
Posted Thursday April 07, 2011, About: Sox already considering major move?
You can't put the blame on "THE BIG SWEAT"
Posted Thursday January 13, 2011, About: Big Z now in three-man race for Opening Day
The best thing that could happen is that Big Z has a meltdown.......Dude is a freak and the Cubs need someone like that to light a fire under their ****......Zambrano's meltdown was the best thing that happened to him last year. It's a shame he got punished for having such a desire to win. I'd be pissed too if I had to play with a bunch of over paid silly lala's who didn't care WHEN they lost.
Posted Tuesday August 17, 2010, About: Manny on the move?
Only one of the greatest postseason hitters of all time.........GET EM!

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