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Posted Thursday September 05, 2013, About: Can the Broncos rewrite NFL history?
Denver? Really? You're kidding, right? I don't think so... it will be a mediocre year at best. And live in Denver.
Posted Wednesday July 31, 2013, About: Peter Dawson defends gender inequality at British Open
I am a woman, an avid golfer and probably the only woman I know that sees no problem with men only clubs. When Agusta broke down and admitted Rice and Moore, it took away the mystique for me and made it seem like "just another club". Augsusta was special. Now, it isn't anymore. (ok ladies, let me have it!)
Posted Wednesday November 07, 2012, About: R&A, PGA surveying Euros about possible belly-putter ban
That's what SHE said!
Posted Wednesday November 07, 2012, About: R&A, PGA surveying Euros about possible belly-putter ban
That's what SHE said.
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: Ernie Els' caddie out for tests on leg
Everytine I come in here to look at the stories on this site, there is nothing relating to the tournaments played the previous weekend. Is this site ONLY for stories pertaining to golf but NOT the tournmaments themselves??? We had a FED EX champion crowned, several tournaments going on and the Ryder Cup coming up next weekend. What's with this site. I keep saying I won't come back but I do from time to time hoping that they've improved this site... It still sucks.
Posted Monday September 24, 2012, About: Schaub: 'I just lost a little piece of my ear'
It was a clean hit by the Bronco player. When Schaub hit the deck, his helment came off and ripped his ear. Broncos stink. They couldn't hit him hard enough to make it come off.
Posted Tuesday August 28, 2012, About: Ian Poulter rips Bethpage Black's greens
I'm tired of hearing people complain about the courses they have to play. It is what it is. You aren't the only one who has to play it. They all do... suck it up and play. Sounds like sour grapes to me.
Posted Thursday December 29, 2011, About: Desperation in Denver?
Dang, I'm surprised that they made it THIS far considering how they started. Tebow brought them back from, what was it?, one and four? Anyhoo.... Denver fans should be excited that they've even got a shot at a first round playoff spot. I don't look for them to go any further then the first round though. If they win, hey, that's great, if not then they did better than most people thought they would. Tim isn't the "Saviour" but you can't say he doesn't try. He motivated that group. If the offensive play calling woudn't require him to make those long 3rd down throws then maybe he wouldn't have the interceptions. Whatever, it's been an entertaining season.
Posted Thursday December 29, 2011, About: Desperation in Denver?
Wow. That's mean. But it IS correct! Ha.
Posted Monday November 14, 2011, About: Divorce behind Casey's slump?
We have all these fantastic golf tournaments going on and all you can write about is whether or not divorce is affecting Casey's play. Pathetic.
Posted Thursday February 03, 2011, About: Trump promises not to evict Scots
He has all that money and he can't do a thing with his hair? He is a bag of wind. I think the Scots need to send him packing. He has a lot of nerve but i guess if you have as much money as he does, you can act like and ahole and get away with it.
Posted Monday October 25, 2010, About: Is President Bush worthy of Hall of Fame?
No way should he be inducted into the Golf HOF. It's purely a Kiss **** move, just like jonisagolfan stated.
Posted Thursday October 21, 2010, About: Anthony Kim 'loose cannon' in Vegas
I heard this moring that AK is NOt going to show up for the Timberlake's tourney. Bad thumb again.

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