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Posted Friday September 14, 2012, About: Is Jay Cutler good for the Bears?
If he comes out and plays like he did agains the Colts (1-12 to start the game) and Packers he shuld have two to three weeks max before Campbell comes in.
Posted Sunday July 08, 2012, About: DJ asked for it III
I feel like both will miss it but the Saints have a better chance at making it. Right now I see the division winners as the Packers, 49ers, Falcons, and Cowboys. The teams fighting for the wildcard spots will be the Bears, Lions, Saints, and Eagles.

On the other side I see the Bills, Steelers, Chargers, and Texans. The teams fighting will be the Ravens, Pats, Broncos, and Bengals.
Posted Thursday June 21, 2012, About: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will dramatically improve in 2012
What was your prediction for the Bucs last year Gruden? Did you see them getting blown out in almost every game like they did last year?
Posted Saturday April 21, 2012, About: soccer vs nfl
Or Romo doesn't suck
As a Cowboys fan you are more biased in favor of Romo then the other fans are against him. Just saying.
Romo does not have any memorable moments. He is remembered last year for fumbling at the Jets one yard line. He is remember for throwing away a 24 point second half lead by throwing 2 pick 6's and another pick. He is remembers for puting up 21 combined points in the last two weeks when the playoffs were on the lline.

Romo puts up nice stats but when the big moment comes he chokes and he chokes hard.
Posted Sunday March 11, 2012, About: The best leaders in sports..
Jason Varitek? I don't know about you but I think good leaders should prevent their teams from playing each game drunk.
Well I did predict a 49ers win. Now if the Texans, Pats, and Pack win I will be 4-0 this week.
Yah I think you are screwed.
Now only 12 points in 4 minutes.
You're going to need a 19 point final 7 and a half minutes.
Saints on the road vs NFC West teams the last few years:

This year:
@ Rams(2-14): Lost 31-21. Win ended Rams 0-6 start.

Last year:
@ Seahawks(7-9): Lost 41-36. In the middle of a 4-8 stretch.
@ Cardinals(5-11): Lost 30-20. Only win in 9 game stretch.
@ 49ers(7-9): Won 25-22. Was in the middle of 49ers 0-5 start.

Two years ago:
@ St. Louis(1-15): Won 28-23. One of only 4 games that the Rams did not win or lose by more than 7 points.

So the Saints traveling to the NFC West teams home field the last 3 years are 2-3 and facing the teams when they are really bad. This 49ers team is easily the best NFCW team they have played the last 3 years.
They have played 5 top 16 teams. 3 of them were top 10.

1 of the 3 top 16 defenses the Saints played were top 10.
Posted Thursday January 05, 2012, About: Rank the QBs in the playoffs, excluding brees, rodgers + brady!
Because everyone knows Rodgers is the best so no point adding him. If we include Brees and Brady then this will just turn into a Brees vs Brady TD.
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: NFC playoff Power Rankings
That was a road game for the Packer where they are quite a bit worse.
Posted Tuesday January 03, 2012, About: NFL Playoff Prediction
I could see it with Bens injury and Mendehall being out but only if Harrison takes out Tebow.
Posted Monday January 02, 2012, About: NFC playoff Power Rankings
Posted Monday January 02, 2012, About: NFL Playoff Prediction
If they face the Steelers first they will lose. The other 3 teams(Bengals, Texans, and Broncos) are not that great.
Posted Sunday January 01, 2012, About: Make a Crazy 2012 Prediction and Defend it
In 2 starts Flynn almost beat a 14-2 team at their house where they are almost impossible to beat and a 10-6 playoff team. In these two starts FLynn threw 9 TDs and 2 picks. Cardinals have Fitzgerald who is better than Nelson. Jones and Driver are descent recievers. FInley is a good TE.

Kolb in 7 starts with the Eagles threw 7 TDs and 7 picks. He was all talk. Flynn has shown he can put up big numbers.
Posted Sunday January 01, 2012, About: Make a Crazy 2012 Prediction and Defend it
Or any team
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