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Posted Tuesday March 13, 2012, About: Williams on target to become a $50M man
To the Houston Texans: PAY THE MAN!!! (nuff said)
Posted Saturday September 24, 2011, About: Esiason: NFL should investigate Cowboys doctors
Never been a Romo fan, but after last week, I will shut my mouth till he pulls another idiot stunt that loses a game. My wife is a Respiratory Therapist and says that if it was a very small puncture, it can heal in just a couple of days. Just think about getting poked by a thorn and in a couple of days your skin has healed over. Wrap them ribs with an ace bandage and get after it. A little Thoradol will help mask the pain.
Posted Monday September 05, 2011, About: Has Denver seen the last of Tebow in 2011?
This is exactly why the NFL needs a farm system like MLB. Tebow could get some playing time to develop instead of ridind the bench and getting bummed out.
Posted Sunday September 04, 2011, About: Pickens blames Texas for Big 12 chaos
Pickens donated a bunch to OSu, but he failed to come through with a donation he pledged to West Texas A&M University and then asked that his name be removed from the WTAMU School of Business just before he was to be informed that his name was going to be removed for failure to honor his pledge of a donation. He was also ran off from the position of Chairman of the Board of regents of WTAMU by students angered by his mismanagement of the University. The man is a snake. He also dropped his plans to build a record windfarm in the Texas Panhandle when the area disagreed with his plans to pipe scarce water from the area to downstate Texas. OSu needs to beware of this wolf in sheeps clothing.
Posted Friday August 26, 2011, About: Being on time still a work in progress for Dez
To heck with a watch. The young man needs to hire a 7 foot tall, 500 pound reminder that can kick his tail until he grows the heck up.
Posted Sunday August 07, 2011, About: Did Parcells leave pals hanging in Miami?
What else can be said. You spoke the truth. I am angry about what he and JJ did to my Cowboys. Legend in his own mind is exactly Bill Parcells.
Posted Wednesday August 03, 2011, About: The kicker? Garrett downplays Jones' idea
A Steelers fan, a Cowboys fan and a Redskin fan are climbing a mountain, and arguing about who loves their team the most. The Steeler's fan insist that he is the most loyal. "This is for Pittsburgh !" He yells and jumps off the mountain. Not to be outdone, the Cowboys fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells, "This is for Dallas" and pushes the Redskin fan off the mountain.
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: Blankenship: State's best QB is at Tulsa
Kitna is King. Long live Kitna. We don't have a good backup is right. Romo and Mcjoke McGhee suck. Long live Kitna!!!
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: Blankenship: State's best QB is at Tulsa
"The question poised" ? Really? Poised? Where do you get these writers? Must come from Oklahoma high schools. The correct word is posed, not poised. Might want to think about hiring a Texan to proof read.
Posted Tuesday August 02, 2011, About: Moss will be back
BAZINGA! Right on the money! Moss will be called and he will get a better deal than Haynesworth ever dreamed of getting from the Pats. Waiting for Jerry Jones to make the announcement that Dez Bryant fell on his saggin' pants and has ended his career with a booty injury.
Posted Friday July 22, 2011, About: Owners tried to pull a fast one
Are you an employee of the owners? Need you to clarify your post. Seems to me this is entirely about the owners changinging the agreement made with the palyers reps after the fact and then trying to sneak it past the players. D Smith and his team seem to have caught it before it was too late. I think he earned his pay.
Posted Friday February 11, 2011, About: Bradford 'a little bit frustrated' to learn new offense
Bradford will be ok. I am also excited that Colt McCoy will get to show how much some teams blew it by passing on him. Everybody better be prepared for the Browns and the Rams. These are not going to be like bye weeks any more.
Posted Tuesday February 01, 2011, About: Big Ben wants to be a role model
What Ray Lewis did and what Big Ben has been accused of ar worlds apart. Lewis pled guilty to obstruction to avoid the murder charge which would have stuck. Big Ben was taken advantage of by gold diggers. Yes, he put himself in some bad situations, but no charges were ever even filed.
Posted Tuesday January 25, 2011, About: Herschel Walker attempting NFL comeback?
Walker will kick all of your tails! He could probably be a third down and goal line playmaker. You bunch of young punks. Get out of my way!
Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: Pouncey on Super Bowl: I'm playing
A second degree sprained MCL. Not a big deal for people like Favre and Big Ben.
Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: Pouncey on Super Bowl: I'm playing
Pouncey is a great kid. Hope he stays healthy for years, and this coming from a Cowboys fan.
Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: Source: Manning issued contract proposal
Bunch of Big Ben haters. Put Big Ben with the Colts and he would will them to the Super Bowl. Ben was taken advantage of by some gold diggers and you people turn on him. Put yourself in his place, young, rich, cluless, and you would be in the same position, and I am not talking missionary.
Posted Monday January 24, 2011, About: Palmer seeking trade to West Coast?
I want to be traded too, but the wife is holding firm.
Posted Thursday January 20, 2011, About: Taylor willing to 'lay out' good friend Holmes
How about this: The Steelers could be playing a Super Bowl in the Cowboys house and the Cowboys have hired Buddy Ryan's son. I cannot believe how the world has turned upside down. I have heard that the Earth's poles are shifting, but...
Posted Tuesday January 18, 2011, About: Browns interview another former NFL coach
coouple, lol.
Posted Tuesday January 18, 2011, About: Browns interview another former NFL coach
As a defensive coordinator? If you consider helping get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl a coouple of times bombing, well I gues you are right.
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