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Posted Wednesday December 28, 2011, About: Lester's NFL furture riding on title game
Deep Creek:

Jarrett Lee is the 2nd leading passer in quarterback efficiency, and if he throws deep on the Bama Secondary to Ruben Randle or Beckham Bama fans will see how well Lee can throw.

Now I can't say the same for Jefferson, but I doubt they will ask him to throw deep too much.

It's not a good idea to pop off and disrespect your opponents, especially after they have already defeated you once this year. LSU does not lose in the Dome.
Posted Friday August 12, 2011, About: Davis' scream haunting
This is apparently a very serious injury in light of the fact he this is his third ankle injury. Since he just came back last year after having surgery makes this all the worse for Davis.

It is a real shame and I feel for him as he had big hopes this year and probably is the most gifted and talented runner in the SEC, but I think the Hogs will be in good shape with their returning Backs.

I am not a Hog fan, but I think they will certainly have plenty of talent to fill in for Davis.

I feel real bad for Kniles Davis and I wish him the best in his future.
Posted Friday August 12, 2011, About: Davis' scream haunting
That is sure a sad thing for Kniles and his hopes for this year. It sounds very serious and the fact that he has had two other ankle injuries plus surgery last year, makes this injury all the more hard to him to recover.

Hopefully, Davis will be able to return, but it sounds like the Hogs will still have some good talent coming in to fill the void.

I am no Hog fan, but I still hate to see a great player like Davis go through a devastating injury like this.

Best wishes to Kniles Davis.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Does Haden spell trouble for Kiffin at USC?
Kiffin needs to grow up since he is playing with the big boys. He is at least making big boy money so he needs to act like it. Pat Haden is a very intelligent and upright guy and I think another big flap by Kiffin may spell dome for him. I predict it will happen since Kiffin can't seem to contol his mouth or his actions.

I think everyone is sort of sick of his childish and inconsiderate ways are getting on everybody's nerves. With all of the trouble that USC has these days, they sure could have made a better decision for a coach to lead them. He has really had zero success anywhere he has been yet.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Beebe not to mess with Texas-OU matchup
Beebe is putting all of his marbles in the Texas / Oklahoma relationship while he is ignoring Texas A&M . I would say that A&M will bolt to the SEC within a year if he keeps messing with his promise to pay them $ 20 Million a year. That was awfully optimistic plan for him to make a deal like that and now he is trying to soft peddle his deal with A&M.

If he can't make the money deals work for OU and UT then that may be a deal breaker and they will bolt to another conference. UT especially wants to make it's money and they don't like A&M leaving for a more lucrative for sure deal with the SEC.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Brown leaves Vols ... via text
Brown found out he is not SEC material. One year in the SEC and he is ready to transfer to somewhere he can be a big time star. He was just an average back in the SEC and knew it.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Kiffin a new man?
Kiffin can't stay out of trouble he is a magnet for trouble and controversy. He is like Murphy' s Law.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Stanford's Harbaugh: We despise satisfaction
This guy is a rising star. If LSU has to look for a coach I think he would be a great one. If Michigan comes in the picture we are 1-0 against Michigan. Nothing like the Southern eating and living.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Masoli would make Ole Miss, at least, a spoiler

You don't even have the guts to say where you are from nor who you school or conference is.
Are you ashamed of you school or your home town?

But, then you just sit there and throw stupid ignorant shots at the SEC when you have no knowledge of what you say. You just a pathetic sick loser that is enormously jealous of the SEC for it's dominance. You talk priorities, but you are sure here on a sports board downing teams and conferences for having success that you wish you had while you hint the SEC does not have scholastics.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Masoli would make Ole Miss, at least, a spoiler

You are talking some low unfounded stuff about the SEC. I suspect your team has had your
A-- whipped by an SEC school and your jealousy is showing and your team is from a loser conference.

Name one School in the SEC that has been convicted of cheating. Now let's look at USC from the Pac 10 or Maurice Clarette of OSU and a few others.
Posted Friday July 30, 2010, About: Masoli would make Ole Miss, at least, a spoiler
Nutt is desparate, and apparently character is not one of his requirements for his players. He is going to be a Walkon rather than a scholarship so they can look good. But, this guy is a thief and has been caught twice plus he was caught with Marijuana. Once for stealing as a juvenile and once stealing from a fraternity house.

I think it says bad things about a coach and it sets a bad example to allow a guy on his team that was a starter and then kicked off by a coach from a BCS school for being a thief and drug user.

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