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Posted Friday February 03, 2012, About: Miles takes a shot at Kiel
Oh, its ok when Miles and Saban over recruit and players already on scholarship get booted from the program in one way or another. What comes around goes around, Les.
Posted Friday December 02, 2011, About: Rodgers airs beef with another Lions DL
Rodgers must be on the Roger Goodell bandwagon to change the league from the National Football League to the National Flagfootball League. What a bunch of cry-babies. Aaron, put your purse away and play without crying so much.
Posted Monday October 17, 2011, About: Spartans draw scrutiny for rough play
Clearly, MSU was the superior team on Saturday. They played on defense like a buch of animals. One dirty play after another. Not buying the "passion and love for the game" story. Dirty play is dirty play.
Posted Wednesday August 31, 2011, About: Female kicker tries out for Virginia Tech
Let the buyer beware. Unless she will get special consideration regarding blocking and tackling. Throwing the whole sexist argument out of the equation, women participating in an agressive sport such as football, where the players continue to get bigger, faster and stronger..... Well, this is one of the worst ideas in the long, sad history of bad ideas.
Posted Friday July 15, 2011, About: Webb sparks Favre talk: 'He can still sling it'
Another Farve (Favre) rumor for a possible return. What a surprise!
Posted Wednesday April 20, 2011, About: Pistons vets worry about legacy
Unfortunately, the down fall of the Pistons began on draft day in 2003 when they squandered the #2 pick on Darko Milicic. With Le Bron going #1 to Cleveland, the could've taken Carmelo, D Wade, Chris Bosh just to name a few. They blew their opportunity at something much better. The wheels really came off the wagon when they traded Chauncey Billups and Antonio Mc Dyess to Denver for Alan Iverson. That was to say at the very least a disaster. All that's left in the ashes is Prince and Wallace. Rip Hamilton has turned into a mal-content and needs to exit as soon as possible. What remains is Austin Daye who looks like a decent player, after that, nothing more than subs and scrubs. Finally, as much as I admire Joe Dumars, he and John Kuester have got to go. Karen Davidson, who proved a completely disinterested, cancerous owner is finally gone. She got all of Mr.s D's fortune, but didn't inherit his passion for the team. unfortunately, that's all she seems care about. I can only hope the new owner truly cares for this team and cleans this dirty house. Tayshaun can always look back on his time with the Pistons and be proud of his accomplishments.
Posted Monday January 10, 2011, About: Miles speculation heats up
As a bleeder of Maize N Blue, I want Dave Brandon to stop screwing around already. The Michigan program has some very severe problems that have to be corrected. Unfortunately, these problems, i.e., defense, special teams and even the offense will take quite a while to correct. There will be no overnight cure for Michigan's ills. They have to start somewhere and that's recruiting. I for one am hopeful that they don't get Les Miles, or some of the other names being bantered about. Brady Hoke I think would be a great choice. He's been on their coaching staff in the past (which includes time spent here during their National Championship year). He's had success where ever he's been. 2011 looks like another painful 3-9 season as they transition back (hopefully) to the Michigan pedigree of a Pro-style offense. I have faith that Brady Hoke could turn this program back around to national prominence. Nobody knew who Bo Schembechler was in 1969.
Posted Thursday January 06, 2011, About: Ochocinco: Lewis threw me under the bus
Wow, and to think I gave this team of dysfunctional characters a shot to finish 7-9. They made the Detroit Lions look pretty damn good.
Posted Friday November 26, 2010, About: Prince's stock sunk?
Are you sure you didn't mean the 360 pound Prince (of the buffet) Fielder?? I think he was 260 pounds when his father played in Detroit. The only thing that will get smaller about Prince is his stats.
Posted Wednesday October 13, 2010, About: Yankees to make offer Lee can't refuse?
Here's an idea. Let the Yankees get all the players they want, they will anyway. Since they can far out-spend every team in the league, just eliminate the playoffs and crown them World Series Champions every year from here on. This way we can all focus our attention on football. Of course we may not have football (NFL) next season.
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Ordonez tells teammates he wants to return
Providing Magg's injury heals properly, the Tigers must resign him. For anybody in their right mind, do you want (utility, poor fielding) Ryan Rayburn hitting third, or do you want Magglio? Not too hard to do the math on this one. The Tigers line up without Magglio is pretty weak, especially when you consider Cabrera received 31 intentional walks. The Tigers also need a bona-fide hitter in the #5 slot which will reduce Cabrera's intentional walks. Then the Tigers can contend, at least for the Central Division.
Posted Friday August 27, 2010, About: Fehr vs. Bettman?
Two of the most devisive figures in sports are about to square off and there will be nothing left of the league in the end. Bettman who thought he could make the NHL into the NBA on ice and Dehr, the destroyer of the national pastime, seems sureal. It will be interesting to see the final outcome. I guess the NHL will drop to #16 of the sports world behind synchronized square dancing.
Posted Friday August 20, 2010, About: UT's Cooper takes parting shot at Kiffin
Beware USC! You think you had problems before Kiffen, wait until he brings the program down to Michigan's level under Rich Rodriguez. The first warning sign with this guy should've been the ugly exit from the Raiders.
Posted Friday July 09, 2010, About: T.O. blames ESPN, media for unemployment
T.O., first of all, why don't you take a long, hard look in the mirror my friend. You have nobody to blame but your self! I appreciate your hard work and great talent, however there are countless people out there, myself included that despise your "show-boating", your arrogance and your bad attitude. Believe it or not, people will remember you only for your aforementioned detractors rather than your great ability and on the field performance. Barry Bonds still had something left in the tank, but his detractors...... Well, need I say more?
Posted Friday July 02, 2010, About: Kardashian dating another NFL star
Will ALL of the Kardasians please GO AWAY!!!!! We are all ready to hurl at the mention of your name. Please, GO AWAY and take the rest of the reality nobodies with you!!!!

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