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Posted Sunday June 30, 2013, About: NFL teams reviewing their player 'vetting' process
I believe the background security service that our NSA used may have some extra time on their hands; just following a tip from some failed NSA checks
Posted Sunday May 26, 2013, About: NFLPA investigating Jay-Z's involvement with Geno Smith
the twin of Markie Mark
Do you know why the pope resigned---He heard there was an opening at Penn State.
Posted Tuesday March 26, 2013, About: FGCU looking for donations to keep Enfield
is this dude a twin for Lance

or a clone of Dickie Smothers .jpg
Posted Monday March 18, 2013, About: Josh Cribbs visits Cardinals, takes physical
...according to Mary Kay? i thought she drove pink Cadillac???s, with window sticker s elf promoting and sold cosmetics; then again all of this is just 'make-up the stuff as you go along' anyway.
Posted Thursday November 08, 2012, About: Matt Hasselbeck fined for horse collar tackle
put him on the otherside of the ball, at least HE didn't allow the score, the Titan D saw to that.
Posted Friday June 08, 2012, About: Ochocinco lacked football IQ of compatriots
85 was not his Wonderlic scores, they were 8.5
Posted Thursday May 31, 2012, About: Eagles thrill-seeker plans to run with the bulls
will Babin have to partake in the rookie cowbine for the Pamplona draft?
Posted Tuesday May 08, 2012, About: Mota's agent blames cough medicine, vows appeal
Clenbuterol with overuse can led to steroidal side effects in the equine species
Posted Friday January 20, 2012, About: Dolphins down to two ... and a fallback
a fallback can only compete on the fall equinox.
Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: Mallett making progress with Pats
and drink just silver bullets
Posted Saturday November 26, 2011, About: Did Lions push Suh's about-face?
apologizing for his on the field behavior or was he apologizing for the lame non-excuse of ???regaining his balance????
Posted Sunday November 13, 2011, About: Moss hoping Patriots call
that Underwear league needs a hasbeen
Posted Sunday October 30, 2011, About: Childress rising among head coach candidates
Childress would need a new hat in South Beach. he'd likely be arrested once or twice till they figured he wasn't a drug mule.
Posted Tuesday August 30, 2011, About: Don't count out Clausen just yet
JC still acts and plays like a high schooler from Westlake Village. note to JC: football is a team sport, drop the ego, forget about your high school press clippings and for CXXXst-sake quit whinning.
Posted Tuesday August 30, 2011, About: Gholston bounced out of NFL?
Vernon Ghoul'sSon will disappear from professitonal sports to appear on DWTS
Posted Monday August 08, 2011, About: Ryan blames himself for weak Cowboys D
With 10 of 11 starters back from last year, coordinator Rob Ryan is expected to be the biggest difference maker.

well maybe he should bring back the one starter from last year that isn't slated to return and let the other ten dudes get the heck out of town. or Let Coach RR be the difference maker by suiting up
Posted Wednesday July 06, 2011, About: Dallas set for July 29 practice at Alamodome
Jones has been in the loop too long. He doesn't know Jack Manure
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2011, About: Jason Taylor retiring from NFL for TV?
Don???t think Steven Spielberg or George Lucas or Quentin Farentino have this guy on speed dial. Maybe the Playboy channel has his number and not his phone number.
Posted Thursday June 23, 2011, About: McNabb opens NICU, practices in Philly
Blue Bomber CFL opens in a few weeks, he can be the star all over again
Posted Tuesday June 21, 2011, About: Kraft the NFL's MVP this week
Kraft is likely the sharpest tool in the Chicago NFL toolbox
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