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Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Falcons only NFC team that can clinch in Week 13
Big deal... I am still not sold on the Falcons. Ryan's been an MVP candidate this season but, you throw 5 int's against the Cards without a TD pass and it gets people thinking... can he be the QB of a playoff WINNING team? San Fran will win the NFC... better defense, better offense and an all around better team than the Falcons.
Posted Tuesday November 27, 2012, About: Four AFC teams can clinch playoffs spots this week
San Francisco-New England Super Bowl is looking really good right now! Best team in the AFC right now has to be New England... they can score from anywhere with anyone. And once Gronk comes back? Could be unbeatable. Can't see Houston or Baltimore stopping the Pats right now.
Posted Wednesday July 04, 2012, About: The snag keeping Nash from New York
The snag seems to be, as it was back at the deadline, CBJ wanting the 'franchise' from other teams... in being young stars and prospects. He isn't backing down... can't really blame him but this has dragged on for months. Getting ridiculous.
Posted Wednesday July 04, 2012, About: Parise and Suter a package deal?
Detroit needed Suter to replace Lidstrom... didn't think he'd go there. Every time he'd touch the puck with the Wings, someone would compare him to Lidstrom unfairly. It was too much pressure so he went to Minnesota. Parise though, I get that he wanted to head home but, that contract (both actually) are insane. What happens in a few years when they want out...? Undealable! But isn't that what NHL Free Agenct has become? Getting millions, NTC's and screwing everyone out of the best players at the same time?
Posted Tuesday May 08, 2012, About: Offseason of uncertainty begins with Suter
Washington's problem, at least til this off season, is that their goalies have been good enough to get them to the playoffs, but no further than the first round. San Jose... traditional 'choke artists' starting with Thornton and Marleau. plus their goaltending needs serious upgrading this off season. As for VCR... who knows what happened to the two time reigning Presidents trophy, last years Stanley Cup finalist? Maybe Los Angeles really is the best in the west...?
Posted Monday April 16, 2012, About: Why the Dodgers won't spend huge
After two or three seasons of finishing second to Arizona or San Francisco..., maybe even the Rockies, will make this new group start to spend Fielder or Pujols sized contracts. Los Angeles has a really good team out there (I don't follow due to being a Jays fan) but this team can do some damage if they make the playoffs. Just staying the course and resigning your FA's to 5 plus year deals may not work if you falter down the stretch.
Posted Friday April 13, 2012, About: Rangers courting closers' controversy
So the Rangers problem right now is that they have 2 closers? Wow... a lot of teams don't even have one right now!
Posted Wednesday March 28, 2012, About: Bad luck becoming a way of life for No. 1 pick
Boston lucked out by getting Seguin..., thanks Burke! Hall's been having a bad streak but he's only human... everyone has gotten hurt at one time or another and out for an extended period. Next season, he'll be back at 100% and ready to propel the Oilers to... 25th place!
Posted Saturday March 24, 2012, About: Will leaner Zambrano be better for Marlins?
If Zambrano could throw a fastball like a water cooler...?
Posted Saturday March 24, 2012, About: Will Kessel stay in Toronto?
I like Reimer, don't get me wrong but, even if he was healthy all year and was the number one guy, this team would still be clawing at eighth place. They've been 'one piece away' for a long time and the pieces Burke gets, don't work. Lupul's a good player and should be the comeback player for the league (Jagr aside) but still, he got all of his points, or most of them, with Kessel on his line. In Anaheim he played with Getz, Ryan, Perry and co. and still wasn't this good (why else would Anaheim deal him?) This team is hot and cold and hopefully within the next year or two, they become what all us Leaf fans want them to be... serious contenders!
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Will Kessel stay in Toronto?
And is it any wonder that future FA's like Parise and others DON'T want to come here? Nice job Burkie... think I'll go follow the Pens until a real contender is on the ice at ACC.
Posted Friday March 23, 2012, About: Will Kessel stay in Toronto?
My deal with Kessel is that he gets 30-35 goals then he just... doesn't do anything. It seems that after he gets to a certain number, his play falls off and he doesn't care about anything else? Being a Leaf fan for so many years, I am missing the heart that Gilmour, Sundin, Clark and others had... there's no heart on this team right now! Too many players just play for their contracts... winning doesn't really matter when you're playing teams in the bottom ten. Blow this thing up, start over at the draft and try to get free agents who actually care about bringing a Cup to Toronto!
Posted Thursday March 22, 2012, About: Sens won't tip hand on Anderson return
Bye bye... it's been fun watching the Leafs try to tank.
Posted Thursday March 15, 2012, About: Shockey wants a Big Blue encore
Actually kind of find it funny that guys who got cut or released from a team that wins a title want to come back. If you played at the level you are capable of, you wouldn't have gotten cut in the first place from the championship team! Just... go away Shockey, NYG doesn't need you to repeat.
Posted Wednesday March 14, 2012, About: Rival GMs irked by Radulov loophole
Especially the GM of whatever team gets Nashville in the first round... and right now it's Detroit.
Posted Wednesday March 14, 2012, About: Rival GMs irked by Radulov loophole
Especially the GM of whatever team gets Nashville in the first round... and right now it's Detroit.
Posted Wednesday March 14, 2012, About: Rival GMs irked by Radulov loophole
I read somewhere that even if Radulov plays ONE game for the Preds... it equals his final year and burns off the rest. He'd be a UFA after the playoffs. And the only GM's PO'd about this are in the same division. Would other GM's get irked if Yashin decides to come back to LI this season? I doubt it. Go Preds!
Posted Thursday March 08, 2012, About: Wayne eyes reunion with Manning in Miami
Anyone expecting Manning to win the Dolphins a SuperBowl at 36, coming off a major injury, isn't thinking straight. Did the Chiefs win the SB when they got Montana? Did either the Jets or Vikings win with Favre? Manning's going to a team where he has a legit shot at not only the SB, but a playoff spot! I think Arizona's getting him... Manning to Fitzgerald would be gold in 'Zona!
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Wilson's days appear to be numbered
Thanks Canuck.
Posted Friday March 02, 2012, About: Wilson's days appear to be numbered
I'll take the 22nd if it's still available.
Posted Tuesday February 21, 2012, About: Avs' Giguere on the block?
You can take Quincey's name off the list..., Tampa got him for Downie.

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