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Posted Saturday October 09, 2010, About: Steve Francis arrested at LAX
Francis sucks....this is the same cry baby that was drafted by the VANCOUVER Grizzles and demanded to be traded because "it rained too much" And now look at one wants him and instead of playing in North America he has to go to EUROPE now!!! I guess Vancouver doesnt seem that bad now huh??? hahah u deserve it you selfish piece of crap.
Posted Friday October 08, 2010, About: Bynum to platoon?
You guys are morons. I was just exaggerating and making a point that he CANT play a lot of consecutive games because he gets injured every other day. OH WAIT....are you nerds gonna tell me to "get my stats straight" because he doesnt get injured "every other day" too???.....have some common sense to know when someone is just making a point and making fun of a CONSTANTLY INJURED player.

Now lets read what you wrote....."BYNUM WHEN HEALTHY IS A TOP FIVE CENTER" hahahaha. 2 issues with that statement buddy...

#1 BYNUM IS NOT HEALTHY AND NEVER HAS BEEN SINCE ENTERING THE LEAGUE!!!!!!...In order for FRAGILE BYNUM to be healthy, he needs to play for at least 95% of the season!!...hell, ill give you the benefit of the doubt....ill say hes healthy when he plays 80% of the season!!!! (AND THATS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AS WE CAN TELL)

#2....DID U REALLY SAY "WHEN HES HEALTHY" HES NOT you goof! Thats like saying "WHEN SHAQ IS 30LBS LIGHTER HE IS THE TOP 5 CENTER IN THE LEAGUE" or "WHEN ODEN IS HEALTHY HES THE TOP CENTER" Dont ever try to use fairy tale stats based purely on your OPINIONS. When youre talking about stats dont say "WHEN". If he just got injured for the 1st time your statement would make sense...but hes constantly injured and never has been healthy. HECK, IF BYNUM IS A FOOT TALLER HE WOULD BE THE #1 CENTER IN THE LEGUE....look, im talking like you now!!!

You also said Hes the reason to the Lakers success?? And without Bynum the lakers would of not won a championship??? are you kidding me? BYNUM?? Like I dont even have to debate that....ur dumb statement says enough.
Posted Thursday October 07, 2010, About: Bynum to platoon?
This guy is a piece of junk! Its like buying a new car thats a lemon!!! At least he was smart enough to make millions and millions! I just dont understand how ppl think hes good.....come on, you have to play more than 20 games a year to be good. Werent the Lakers trying to trade him for Chris Bosh last season??????????? haha T.O isnt that stupid (like memphis with Gasol)
Posted Tuesday October 05, 2010, About: Raptors need Bargnani to fill leadership role
Oh man do the Raptors suck! They'll def be fighting for the 8th seed. Bargnani is good but not great. Since Bosh is gone I wonder if he has the balls to up his game now......he really does play like Dirk but he needs more confidence and to touch the ball more. The Raptors sure do love the European guys....I guess thats because Toronto is the most multicultural city in the world.
Posted Monday October 04, 2010, About: Bynum out until December?
OMG!! Bynum is injured and not going to play for a couple of months?!?!?!?!!? who would of thought!!! This guy sucks!!! Im a Lakers fan but lets be honest.....this loser is constantly injured and the Lakers are fine without him! Hes in the same category as Greg Oden.....these 2 fragile players get attention because one is on the Lakers and one is the #1 player. Bynum will never be an outstanding player....maybe he can one day become an average player! And all you ppl think that hes important are morons! How can a player who can only play 20 consecutive games be "importnant" to the Lakers success?!?!?!?!?! Greg Oden and Bynum are fragile liek yo momma's cheap china!!!!!
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Most NBA teams have pitched Denver on Melo
it would be siiiick if he goes to the knicks or bulls!!!!!
Posted Friday September 24, 2010, About: Bynum chose World Cup over rehab?
BYNUM IS GARBAGE!! Im a lakers fan as well but anyone that says this guy is good must be high on crack and LSD!! He isnt even an average player.....this piece of **** hasnt played 20 consecutive games in his NBA career!!!! But somehow you ppl think he had a major contribution to the lakers success!! GIVE ME A BREAK!!! If you havent realized the lakers have PHIL JACKSON and KOBE!! And whats this crap about everyone going off about "not rushing"????? The guy didnt have **** to do this summer so he could of gotten the surgery and been ready for the season! ALL you loser BYNUM fans need to figure out that hes FRAGILE like yo momma's china!!! BYNUM and ODEN are tied in the NBA for being the biggest ****!!!!!!!
Posted Wednesday September 22, 2010, About: Mavs to go easier on Dirk
I dont know about you guys but it safe to bet that Dallas will be out in the first round....(as usual).
Posted Wednesday September 22, 2010, About: Jackson on Heat: It takes more than talent
When Phil Jackson better listen chumps. This man is the greatest coach in the history of professional sports. All you losers that are talking smack need to win 11 rings in order to have a point or disagree with his statement.
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Williams thought of quitting after The Decision
This guy is a loser....just obsessed with LBJ....move on you loser....your man crush left you, CHUMP!
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Mavs' Terry wants his title back
I get your point but theres a thin line between having your eyes on a championship and having your eyes on personal achievments. He needs to be hungry for a championship in order to get a championship....its that simple. Getting personal awards/achievments isnt always in the best interest of a TEAM either....but since its Dallas it doesnt hurt them...they need all the help they can get since theyll probably get whooped in the 1st round again
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Mavs' Terry wants his title back
Terry is more concerned about personal awards rather than a CHAMPIONSHIP......what a moron. But i guess if youre on the Mavericks thats all you can hope for!!!!
Posted Tuesday September 21, 2010, About: Williams thought of quitting after The Decision
MO WILLIAMS is a loser.........why doesnt he just marry LBJ and end it???? The guy doesnt shut up about his man crush!!! Maybe if he actually helped LBJ on the CAVS then his BF would of stayed!
Posted Wednesday September 15, 2010, About: Francis eyeing China, too?
The Raptors do suck....but the NBA in T.O will be fine....its a HUGE city and the most visible multicultural city in the world......any sport would succeed there...they actually do have every sport there except the NFL.....theyll set an attendance record for the UFC event too. Vancouver on the otherhand is a crazy die hard hockey city.....i dont see the NBA surviving there least British Columbia produced Steve Nash though!
Posted Wednesday September 15, 2010, About: Oden doubtful for season's start?
i guess youre right in a way but both these players should be almost a last choice for anyone (unless you pay them the minimum or something)......Oden gets attention because hes the #1 pick and Bynum gets attention because hes on the Lakers. And I wouldnt say "Bynum is WAY better than Oden"....i would rather say "Bynums injuries arent as extensive as Odens".....both these losers havent even proved theyre average players yet either.
Posted Wednesday September 15, 2010, About: Francis eyeing China, too?
HAHA STEVE FRANCIS....another selfish player!!!

Did anyone know he was drafted by the VANCOUVER GRIZZLiES in the 90s and started crying and demanded to be traded because "it rained too much in British Columbia"!!!!Like the guy was a damn rookie who didnt play 1 game and started talking **** and making demands!!!...he never put on a Grizzly Jersey!

And now he has no choice but to go to CHINA?!?!?! He gets what he deserves after that fiasco when he got drafted by Vanouver!! What a loser and selfish player!! look at the chump...beggers cant be choosers. YOU SUCK FRANCIS!!!
Posted Tuesday September 14, 2010, About: Oden doubtful for season's start?
wow youre saying the Lakers truely needed Bynum to win the last championship??????? now ive heard everything. Bynum and Oden are in the same "constantly injured" category thats why theyre always in the same conversation.

"Dont hate on your guy"? "Dont trash because your guy is hurt"? lol u can refer to both players with those comments!

They both suck because u can combine their "games played" and it still doesnt add up to a full season played for 1 player....thats pathetic!!!
Posted Tuesday September 14, 2010, About: Oden doubtful for season's start?
BYNUM??? Really?!?!? "Fragile Bynum" is useless.....IF "Fragile Bynum" wasnt on the would have no affect watsoever on that Championship team....the Lakers would NOT be hurting without him.

Fragile Bynum only gets attention because he's on the Lakers....has the guy even played 20 straight games in the NBA?!?!?!?! And for some reason ppl think hes great....I'd say hes just below an average player. If he was on the Clippers do you think ppl would even talk about him? Kobe was right about Bynum.

Lets talk about Fragile Bynum once he plays a full season....hell, lets talk about Bynum once he plays 40 straight games!!!!!
Posted Tuesday September 14, 2010, About: Did Portland ignore advice to take Durant?
I hope you're not saying "Fragile Bynum" is an outstanding player too....if he wasn't on the lakers no one would even be talking about the constantly injured fool......has he even played 20 straight games in the NBA????
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: Iverson to play in China?
I think he should join the raptors.....that way he can be a "go 2 guy"
Posted Monday September 13, 2010, About: Did Portland ignore advice to take Durant?
WHY DO PPL THINK ODEN IS OR WILL BE GOOD???????? Hes done....hasnt played in like 4 years!! And realistically he hasnt even played in the NBA!!!! There shouldnt be comments like "he will be good" anymore!! its not like hes a rookie and missed 1 season and is going to come back stronger and better than before.........its safe to say hes washed up!! It harder for big players to come back from injury than smaller players too.........please!!! NO MORE COMMENTS ABOUT ODEN BEING GOOD!! IT ISNT ANYTHING BECAUSE HES DONE NOTHING!!!!

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